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Presently Owned Technologies
Basically just a compilation of electronic stuff that I currently own and collect.
Copal MG-111 flip clock timer (1971). Here's a view of the clock that showcases the orange, neon-discharge lamp that continuously illuminates the...
Copal MG-111 flip clock timer (1971). I traded in a camera that I no longer needed for this interesting piece of tech. There are two non-polarized...
Super Simon (1979-1980). This game was recently purchased at a local charity-owned resale shop, where 95% of all purchases went to Hospice, while the...
Handspring Visor Deluxe, a PDA from 2000 running the Palm OS platform. Don't mind the tablecloth. XD 
I bought the PDA itself for $1 at Goodwill,...
Panasonic T325 electronic typewriter (1987). 
I received this from a client who no longer needed it (he had upgraded to a newer typewriter), and...
ASCIIWare Super Advantage joystick for Super NES. Works wonderfully as an improvised MAME arcade stick when used with a computer via a Super NES to...
Closeup of the Apple iBook G3. Since the headphone plug doubles as an audiovisual output, I consider the iBook to be an integral part of my video...
My Sega Dreamcast software collection.
Bottom shelf: NES's, PS1's, and a discolored Super NES that I use for parts.... Oh, and my 10-watt Yamaha guitar amp.
All my home consoles, lined up in chronological order, and congregated in the middle of my bedroom floor. X3
VHS tapes, Casio TV-2000, Wii Remotes, and NES Zapper
PS1 collection (on top of the PS2, GameCube, and Wii games)
Genesis, Wii, GameCube, and PS2 collection
Game Boy Collection. What's in that tin, you ask? My Pokemon cards, that's what. :-P
DS Collection
Closeup of Nintendo Wii. Please pardon the dust. XD
Closeup of PS2 and GameCube collection
PS2 and GameCube games, Nintendo Wii
NES games, GBA games, some of my classic Game Boy cartridges
DS and SNES collection, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance SP + Radica Game Changer. Also featured on the bottom-left corner: my two copies of Pokémon...
Console collection overview, bottom shelf. 
Yes, I did in fact create a 3-conductor extension cable by using a spare computer power cord and a...
Game collection overview
Super NES versions 1 and 2, Super R-Type (in SNES Model 1), Guitar Hero On Tour, and GameCube (with analog and digital AV outputs)
Guitar Hero On Tour, GameCube, Sony PlayStation (Model No. SCPH-7501, top), and World of Warcraft Battle Chest
Sony PlayStation 2 Slim (Model No. SCPH-70012), and a cassette drawer filled with audio cassettes and a handful of Sega Genesis/MegaDrive cartridges....

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