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Things I've Drawn.
A picture I drew for someone for Valentine's Day.
Eliana Chibi (Tales in Unova)
Tamani Chibi (from "Wings" by Aprilynne Pike)
Just something I drew a year or two ago.
Pichu with a ponytail 
That darker area at the upper part of the picture is an old Target coupon that's been printed on the other side of the paper.
Laurel Chibi Back View (from "Wings" by Aprilynne Pike)
Laurel Chibi (from "Wings" by Aprilynne Pike)
Jake Chibi (WOWE)
Oblivion Forme Magnus Chibi
Oathkeeper Destiny Chibi 
I tried to make it look like he was floating. Didn't quite work...
Roselia Chibi
Glaceon Chibi
Quilava Chibi
Umbreon chibi
Pink Lucario and Spiky Eared Pichu
Beldaran Chibi 
Maybe I'll use her for another RP.
Warrior Chibi
Chibi Gizamimi (When Our World Ends...)
Misty Chibi
Harry Potter Chibi
Dawn Chibi (My first full Chibi)

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