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Drawings 3.0
So, I payed off my student loan and suddenly, money. So I got a digital drawing pad! No more scanning and outlining for me! As an aside, I don't go for magical fantastic works of art here; I'm quite happy with simple sketches. I might color them if I feel gutsy.
This one's for Syra, the magic quilava with a thing for the fennekin family. He adopted a stick and everything!
I really should have added a gold $ necklace.
Mega Sylveon X 
May revisit this later; the wings are a bit off. Otherwise, I'm extremely happy with how this turned out. There's another bow and...
Mega Espeon Y 
I was at work one day doing the system administration thing, and then this popped into my mind. No, the ridiculously sized turban does...
Mega Espeon X 
You may have seen a similar-looking mega espeon out there on the web somewhere. If you think you did, that's probably because you did....
Not much to say here. My usual demeanor at work. Paws clasped together and everything.
Don't let the cheerful smile fool you: he's thinking of all the magical ways he could set you ablaze.

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