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I'm gonna stash my old avys in here, so that I can easily access them if I ever use them again. Also this way, you can say what you think about them! Of course, all the ones I couldn't get aren't in here. For example, the Grass Starter avy isn't here.
The Leavanny GPotM Avatar.
Snover's Pokemon of the Month Avatar. 
Marakacchi's GPotM (Grass Pokemon of the Month) Avatar.
My Halloween avy. Kinda hard to see the Cacturne, though...I might retire this, but tell me if you want to keep this up!
Churine, Monmen, Erufuun, and Doredia avy. By far, one of my favorite avatar. But it's worn out its welcome, and now it's time to move on to...
Celebi and Shaymin's Petal Dance. Don't they just look so happy? :3 
(BTW, if you want this avy back, then put comments supporting it and I just...
The primitive GPFTW avy. 
For nostalgia purposes, someday, I might bring this back.

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