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Random Pictures That May Or May Not Have Anything To Do With One Another
Title says all. :P
IMG 20170902 153936
A really nice image or mega Gardevoir and her shiny counterpart I found on DeviantArt. I can't remember the artist unfortunately, but I really like...
Ahh...Reborn! can be such a random anime at times.
Another hilarious scene from Reborn!
Some interesting concept art of Sora from Kingdom Hearts. I like the chainsaw and lion-like design a lot actually.
The references are starting already! The Sonic Boom announcement just showed up a few days ago, too!
This is my lockscreen on my Toshiba Satellite with Windows 8 :P
Hmm...I have no idea how this is even possible. This contradicts every Pokedex entry! It's worse than Ash's Bulbasaur using Whirlwind...
This GIF of the Gastly evolution line is absolutely amazing.
Obvious description is obvious.
I think Brick stabbed a guy with a trident.

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