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June 5, 2010, 05:26:05 PM

Story: - Setting the mood

It is late Fall. The leaves slowly leave the safety of the tree branches just to get crunched under various feet below. The air turns crisp, as it gets colder. Days become shorter, while nights become longers. Food is harder to come by, although it litters the countryside. Snow is a factor in this: It reveals footprints and directions, but it also can pick up, blind you, even kill you. A howl pierces the air, signalling to you.

Can you trust it? Is it one of your own? Lurking through the forest is your enemy, an invading wolf pack. Sleek jet black monsters, creeping behind the trees, ambushing you, trying to make your territory their's. A clump of snow falls from the trees. Is it them? Or just an owl? You look left, you look right. Nothing. Or is it? A twig snaps. You turn to it, and get plowed to the ground by an invading wolf, killed the moment you touched the ground...

Your goal - Become the wolf and survive the winter.

NOTE: Age is going to be a little weird.
I'm making 20 the oldest a wolf can get.
My theory: I assume 80 is the average age a human lives to.
20 is four times less than that. So a 20 year old wolf is really 80.
15 yr old wolf = 60.
10 yr old wolf = 40.
5 yr old wolf = 20.

Nature of character-

We MAY OR MAY NOT be in the same pack.

Name- Howl
Age- 17
Gender- Male
Picture- CLICK (http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u254/Gothslovedark/a22d7108.jpg)
Nature of character- Very caring and protective for his pack, or what's left of it. A very "grandpa" character.
Rank- Alpha Male

Name- Blitz
Age- 8
Gender- Male
Picture- CLICK (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h218/oddfreak/kiba_wolf.jpg)
Nature of character- Attacks first and asks questions later. Very loyal but thickheaded.
Rank- Pack