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Conversation Between Tarellethiel and GreenMan
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  1. GreenMan
    January 12, 2015 05:46:22 PM
    I think it's fascinating and wish my college offered a few lower level phycology courses that are more focused over what you learn in phy 101 course so I can really dig into it, sadly beyond 101 the rest focus on certain ethnic groups which dont interest me.
  2. Tarellethiel
    January 11, 2015 09:34:07 AM
    Do you have much interest in psychology?
  3. GreenMan
    January 9, 2015 07:28:28 PM
    Yep, taking a phycology course helps you see that, in my case I've had a varries group of people so odd is just normal for me. Dated a girl who was bi for 3 months never told my dad that she was but he didn't need to know haha.

    As for your cousin if there isn't much you can do try not to worry to much, I've tried the worrying about things you can't control. Tried it for 3 years with a girl I had feeling for more or less.

    Also your very welcome for the response I know how it can be to feel alienated, feeli it a bit with any women I have interest in and want to talk to haha.
  4. Tarellethiel
    January 8, 2015 02:44:48 PM
    Thanks for your response to my blog post. I have a lot of resources and friends now to help me cope, but it's my worry for my cousin that's bothering me.
    My opinion is that people are put into boxes out of fear of the unknown. Humans would rather hide away something new rather than explore it sometimes.

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