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  1. Cat333Pokémon
    January 2, 2018 10:05:38 AM
    2018? I'm still catching up with 2014.
  2. TurtwigX
    December 31, 2017 08:15:15 PM
    Greetings from the future! 2018 looks good so far!
  3. Cat333Pokémon
    December 26, 2017 09:04:14 AM
    Thank you!
  4. TurtwigX
    December 26, 2017 06:27:00 AM
    This is the absolute last chance I get to wish you happy birthday on here.

    This is sad.

    But today should be happy for you, so


    Enjoy being 27, the end of 2017, and I hope 2018 is like magic for you
  5. Cat333Pokémon
    December 1, 2017 12:18:39 PM
  6. TurtwigX
    December 1, 2017 12:52:12 AM
    Let us dance this final dance, hmm, old chap?
  7. Cat333Pokémon
    December 25, 2016 08:35:19 PM
  8. TurtwigX
    December 25, 2016 08:09:34 PM
    Hey hey hey! Happiest of birthdays to you, Scotty~<3
  9. Cat333Pokémon
    November 25, 2016 12:48:21 AM
    Indeed I did. I spent it with my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces.
  10. TurtwigX
    November 24, 2016 01:31:09 PM
    Hope you're having a happy Thanksgiving~!! <3
  11. TurtwigX
    August 24, 2016 08:28:40 AM
    Whoop whoop, I'm no longer a silly teen~ Thanks bud, love ya~<3
  12. Cat333Pokémon
    August 23, 2016 09:51:23 PM
    Happy score day!
  13. TurtwigX
    June 17, 2016 05:49:07 PM
    I think that'd be good for you. Go for it!
  14. Cat333Pokémon
    June 16, 2016 11:51:04 PM
    I should properly compile all my MP3s into an album. I've been redoing Floatzel.Net, so maybe a better music page is in order.
  15. TurtwigX
    June 16, 2016 06:16:37 PM
    I'm almost done with my birthday songs project~! One more song and I'll actually have completed a full album
  16. Cat333Pokémon
    May 28, 2016 10:57:31 PM
    I'd love to resume learning the language, but the kanji and verbs are quite daunting, let alone some of the weird idioms and longer sentence structures.

    Thanks! And good luck.
  17. TurtwigX
    May 28, 2016 06:57:28 PM
    I see, I've got all that. I think I'll be good, I had to sorta break my grammar rules already to learn Italian, so breaking it the second time will be easy. I'm flexible, the hardest part will be grasping the kanji and general vocab issues. I think this'll be fun!
    ...Still, I find it odd there's わ and は with them being pronounced the same but under different contexts. Then again, English is no better with some of their crazy "e before i but not really" type rules.

    As always, you're the greatest~!
  18. Cat333Pokémon
    May 28, 2016 06:09:47 PM
    Animal names are written either with katakana or kanji, and exclusively kanji in formal documents.

    The grammar is bizarre for an English-speaker; subjects of the sentence typically have particles after them. A basic sentence form: "Xは Yです." The subject is X, and Y describes it. The "に" particle is an object of location or time, like English "to". "で" can also describe a location or time, but it's akin to English "at". "の" indicates possession.

    Your translations are correct. And no, you're not a masochist. Japanese is a useful language.

    Just remember not to type "wa" or "o" with the wrong hiragana character. It's a common IME mistake.
  19. TurtwigX
    May 28, 2016 04:14:44 PM
    I'm so glad I have you~

    First, let's see: Aman-san wa genki desu ka? Kyou wa doyoubi desu. Zoroaku ga suki desu. Neko mo suki desu. (Aman, how are you? Today is Saturday. I like Zoroark [no surprise.] I also like cats.)

    Now for the questions; Are animal names just written with katakana? How does this grammar work exactly? How much of all of that did I get wrong? And finally, but really am I a masochist?

    Thank you for the keyboard tip! Now I can finally live out my dreams of typing anime titles in full Japanese I just have to figure out how this works.
  20. Cat333Pokémon
    May 28, 2016 07:32:18 AM
    アマンさんは、げんきですか?きょうは、どようびです。ゾロアークがすきです。ネコもすきです 。

    The respective kanji words are: 元気、今日、土曜日、好き、猫

    Also, when learning a new language, don't use translation software. Use a dictionary for far greater accuracy. This one in particular is amazing for Japanese: For grammar, use tutorials, as translators almost always fumble up on that.

    If you haven't, enable the Japanese IME (input method editor) in the keyboard settings in Windows. You can type like this "konnnichiha.ogenkidesuka?" and it'll turn into 「こんにちは。お元気ですか?」 (Yes, there are three N's. You want "ko n ni chi ha", not "ko ni chi wa" or "ko n i chi ha".)
  21. TurtwigX
    May 27, 2016 11:39:40 PM
    I'm teaching myself Japanese.
    I can recognize hiragana and read katakana.
    I know a handful of kanji.
    Am I a masochist?
  22. Cat333Pokémon
    April 17, 2016 10:50:31 AM
    Good luck
  23. TurtwigX
    April 17, 2016 10:45:15 AM
    I'm finally working on doing a Living Pokédex. It's a lot tougher than I thought it'd be, but I have every Kanto and Johto Pokémon nice and squared away. Only 4 more to go~!
  24. Cat333Pokémon
    February 27, 2016 10:03:02 AM
    Same to you.
  25. TurtwigX
    February 27, 2016 08:57:10 AM
    Happy Pokémon Day, Scotty! Here's to everything!
  26. TurtwigX
    January 28, 2016 08:56:00 AM
    I think I'm finally at that age where I can truly be embarrassed by my younger self.
    Still, I was so cute~
  27. Cat333Pokémon
    January 27, 2016 02:02:09 PM
    Heh, found a funny old comment of yours:
  28. Cat333Pokémon
    January 27, 2016 12:05:45 PM
    My remixes total only about three gigs. I actually haven't really held onto my FamiTracker WAVs (or even MP3s).
  29. TurtwigX
    January 27, 2016 09:19:26 AM
    High quality lossless audio is life-changing<3 Famitracker exports to WAV by default, but after I mix them I compress it to a more iTunes friendly file.
    But I'm running out of space like super fast. How do you store all of your music?
  30. Cat333Pokémon
    January 26, 2016 12:48:40 PM
    Hehe, good boy. I've exported (almost) all my songs as WAVs since I started doing them.
  31. TurtwigX
    January 26, 2016 07:19:53 AM
    I've finally seen the light. I'm starting to export all my songs as FLACs. I'm pretty sure somewhere in my psyche your influence had something to do with that.

    || Also, accurate.
  32. TurtwigX
    August 26, 2015 04:43:29 AM
    It must be some strange kind of magic! Thanks~!
  33. Cat333Pokémon
    August 24, 2015 06:58:42 AM
    Getting older every year? Is that how birthdays work now? Happy 19th!
  34. TurtwigX
    June 25, 2015 02:52:13 PM
    Oh yes. Yes you will.
  35. Cat333Pokémon
    June 25, 2015 12:37:49 PM
    We'll see.
  36. TurtwigX
    June 24, 2015 02:34:00 PM
    Oh trust me, that soundtrack sticks to you like glue. But you haven't heard the pinnacle until you've reached All That I Needed Was You and Fallin' Love.
    And it only sticks cause there aren't that many songs to go 'round
  37. Cat333Pokémon
    June 22, 2015 10:51:36 AM
    I will also comment that the music in Beginnings tends to get stuck in your head very easily.
  38. Cat333Pokémon
    June 15, 2015 10:51:34 AM
  39. TurtwigX
    June 14, 2015 07:23:49 PM
  40. TurtwigX
    June 9, 2015 01:09:25 PM
    It all depends on how I feel that day. Maybe I'll want to do a Super Meat Boy, maybe I'll go on to beat Portal 2. Maybe I'm gonna write my own games (which I'll have to do soon enough.) All in all I want something that will hold me up for the next 4-6 years and do what I demand of it.
    Today is Tuesday, what poor day to lose, eh?
  41. Cat333Pokémon
    June 9, 2015 11:55:23 AM
    Mostly was asking whether you were referring to demanding 3D gamesor simple 2D ones.

    But today is Tuesday. And you're welcome.
  42. TurtwigX
    June 9, 2015 11:14:38 AM
    ...Gamey games. Nothing much, it's just I for once felt like funneling money into my Steam account and I just got my GameCube controller to work with Portal so I felt it was time to get serious. But not as serious as that system.
    Well, all of what you've just said basically confirms that I know what I'm doing and that I've got it all covered. Thanks Scotty, love you, you're the best and all that~!
    I'll try not to drop it on Tuesdays
  43. Cat333Pokémon
    June 9, 2015 11:04:24 AM
    Ick, that's a bit much for that system. What kinds of games do you intend to play on it?

    Overheating actually can cause a hard drive to fail, although that's usually not what kills a laptop hard drive. Dropping the laptop will usually kill it first.

    And I will agree that adding a solid state drive (or a hybrid one) is one of the best ways to improve the performance of a system.
  44. TurtwigX
    June 9, 2015 10:47:50 AM
    Yeah, the first laptop I saw was this and while it was good it was pricey and I knew I'd be able to cut down on it. The only review I paid attention to really was that of overheating or of a failing hard drive, but I can take care of both. Plus, the SSHD is only $80, which is better than the $400 difference between the two laptops.
  45. Cat333Pokémon
    June 9, 2015 10:32:35 AM
    Specs-wise, it looks like a great machine (albeit a fairly slow hard drive, but you said you may replace that) with good value. If you review the ratings on Newegg, note that some of them are less-than-literate users or those who take a lot of stars off a rating because of trivial things like USB port locations.
  46. TurtwigX
    June 9, 2015 10:20:51 AM
    Hey, quick question. Does this laptop look like a good choice? A friend recommended one similar to me and I found this as a cheaper alternative, and I might throw in an SSHD later.
  47. Cat333Pokémon
    January 5, 2015 11:27:39 PM
    Congrats on that, then!
  48. TurtwigX
    January 4, 2015 07:26:25 PM
    Took me like 5 days to get the whole thing done. Lots of double tracking and redoing parts after I realized I didn't like them. But this made me realize that producing is a whole lot of fun. There are a lot more isolated drum tracks from the Rock Band game, I'm gonna see just how many Beatles songs I can do.
  49. TurtwigX
    January 4, 2015 07:24:22 PM
    The only track that wasn't mine were the drums. I got the Ringo isolated drum track and recorded over it with all the instruments I play. A little timestamp of where I am in my instrument collection, much more interesting than a picture.
  50. Cat333Pokémon
    January 4, 2015 06:31:19 PM
    Was that entirely recorded by you, track by track? Quite nice, I must say.
  51. TurtwigX
    January 4, 2015 07:26:06 AM
    Tell me how this is.
    I was gonna give you the YouTube link but you know I know you.
  52. Cat333Pokémon
    December 27, 2014 10:35:48 AM
    Probably not.
  53. TurtwigX
    December 26, 2014 11:00:48 PM
    Ah!... H-h-hey! You wouldn't do that to your only son, would you? *insert adorable persuade-y face*
  54. Cat333Pokémon
    December 26, 2014 05:37:50 PM
    You're fired
  55. TurtwigX
    December 26, 2014 04:08:00 PM
    Heehee~ Then I guess my job is done~
  56. Cat333Pokémon
    December 26, 2014 01:09:56 AM
    Yes, yes it does.
  57. TurtwigX
    December 26, 2014 12:25:10 AM
    Does it feel weird saying that? Does it make you feel OLD? I hope it does
  58. Cat333Pokémon
    December 25, 2014 11:39:46 PM
    Thanks~ You've learned well, son.
  59. TurtwigX
    December 25, 2014 11:07:17 PM
    Hey, I just so happen to be awake so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD~!
    In your honor I will annoy everyone I know with pictures of cats.
  60. Cat333Pokémon
    December 17, 2014 11:03:02 PM
    I don't have the game yet but might be getting it around the holidays.
  61. TurtwigX
    December 17, 2014 09:35:49 PM
    The game will work if you reset the system. Just don't try to change anything internally because there have been cases of bricked systems. You can play around with different characters and settings to see if there could be any specific "triggers."
  62. Cat333Pokémon
    December 17, 2014 01:33:56 PM
    Ah, I'm going to have to be careful next time I play the game.
  63. TurtwigX
    December 17, 2014 05:49:10 AM
    It's not an issue with Duck Hunt. It's the system memory error that's been closely associated with Smash Bros. It could either be fixed with a quick send to Nintendo or hopefully they can try patching it in a game or system update.

    For me, no characters have any issue to my knowledge. Me and my suitemates played practically every character (bar like 3) with no issues.
  64. Cat333Pokémon
    December 17, 2014 12:46:22 AM
    No problem, and hope it went over well.

    Also, what's the issue with Duck Hunt?
  65. TurtwigX
    December 16, 2014 11:42:36 PM
    Thank you so much, Scotty, you're the greatest~<3 First time operating on a computer and I actually didn't screw anything up! Good thing too, I only had one chance.
  66. Cat333Pokémon
    December 16, 2014 08:58:27 PM
    If you have the drive ready to install, you'll need to remove the screws for the hard drive cover from the bottom of the laptop. With some laptops, these are easy to find. With others, it's a little trickier. Once you do that, you'll need to remove the screws holding the drive itself into place, then you should be able to slide the drive sideways and pull it out. Reverse the steps after inserting the new one.
  67. TurtwigX
    December 16, 2014 07:36:17 PM
    There are quite a number of things but you are, in essence, an adorable person.

    Now, can you instruct me on how to remove and install a hard drive to a laptop in under an hour?
  68. Cat333Pokémon
    December 14, 2014 08:50:50 PM
    Then what makes me adorable, hmm?
  69. TurtwigX
    December 14, 2014 08:16:00 PM
    Fooling yourself into thinking you're not adorable? Well then, yes.
  70. Cat333Pokémon
    December 14, 2014 08:05:16 PM
    I'm fooling myself?
  71. TurtwigX
    December 14, 2014 06:53:23 PM
    Deny it all you'd like, you're not fooling anyone.
  72. Cat333Pokémon
    December 14, 2014 04:56:59 PM
  73. TurtwigX
    December 14, 2014 04:25:07 PM
    Because you're obviously adorable.
  74. Cat333Pokémon
    December 13, 2014 06:51:55 PM
    I must see it?
  75. TurtwigX
    December 13, 2014 06:26:11 PM
    Hehe, you simply must see the answer.
  76. Cat333Pokémon
    December 11, 2014 05:20:44 PM
    You're on their side? How am I adorable?
  77. TurtwigX
    December 6, 2014 07:58:54 PM
    Oh please, you're totally adorable.
  78. Cat333Pokémon
    November 29, 2014 08:13:58 PM
    Good luck!
  79. TurtwigX
    November 29, 2014 08:00:28 PM
    If things turn out right I won't need the lodging anymore, but I'll try to visit when the time comes!
  80. Cat333Pokémon
    October 6, 2014 12:31:24 PM
    What do you have instead?
  81. TurtwigX
    October 6, 2014 04:33:52 AM
    That's good, don't drive yourself anymore nuts! I don't think you can afford it
    I can't say the same for me, though, my first semester is driving me crazy and I'm just now starting to keep up, but still falling behind. I'm probably just going to take a hit and do as well as I can this semester and give the next one 100%. I don't even have any comp sci, music, or Italian classes, literally everything I want to do :I
  82. Cat333Pokémon
    October 3, 2014 12:47:13 AM
    Mmm, bacon. Pretty well. I've been trying to survive my last semester without going nuts.
  83. TurtwigX
    October 2, 2014 09:03:41 PM
    Hey, it's been a while! How's life been shakin' your bacon?
  84. TurtwigX
    August 24, 2014 06:00:08 AM
  85. Cat333Pokémon
    August 24, 2014 01:03:46 AM
    Happy 18th, old buddy!
  86. Cat333Pokémon
    August 16, 2014 09:35:29 PM

    The only major tips I can share now are:
    - Do your homework on time. Homework and projects are sometimes a huge part of the grade.
    - Go to class for attendance. Learn which teachers take attendance, and hope early morning classes can be skipped. Don't stay up too late if they cannot.
    - Expect disgusting neighbors or those who abuse alcohol. If you don't get them, great. Just expect them.
    - Make lots of friends.
    - If you have a budget, stay within it. Food will quickly drain it.
  87. TurtwigX
    August 16, 2014 08:22:26 PM
  88. TurtwigX
    August 15, 2014 09:44:52 PM
    I have to finish writing a song, but I'm going to sleep now. Tomorrow morning is going to be huge.
  89. Cat333Pokémon
    August 15, 2014 03:04:48 PM
    I'll drop you some tips later tonight.
  90. TurtwigX
    August 15, 2014 05:38:07 AM
    Lol local you make me laugh
    CLEARLY distant. Going to Virginia.
  91. Cat333Pokémon
    August 15, 2014 02:10:12 AM
    Are you going to a local (living with parents) or distant (living in a dorm) college? I'm guessing the latter.
  92. TurtwigX
    August 15, 2014 12:06:51 AM
    And you, you've been in the game for a long time. Can I get a tip also for the new world to come?
  93. TurtwigX
    August 11, 2014 10:11:22 AM
    Don't worry, I'll just take it as a yes and smile away quietly now~
  94. Cat333Pokémon
    August 11, 2014 12:19:05 AM
    As of now, I would say yes if I have a place by then. However, this is obviously not confirmation as that's two years away.
  95. TurtwigX
    August 11, 2014 12:06:26 AM
    I'm too tired to think of a witty reply, so yes.
  96. Cat333Pokémon
    August 10, 2014 11:45:41 PM
    Are you asking to visit my place in 2016?
  97. TurtwigX
    August 10, 2014 11:15:26 PM
    Using my free lodging pass for winter or summer break 2016, room for two.
  98. Cat333Pokémon
    July 24, 2014 05:38:06 PM
    ...Mr. Grinch?
  99. TurtwigX
    July 24, 2014 03:27:37 PM
    Alrighty-o, thanks.
    Doesn't make me any less worried, though. You're a shifty one.
  100. Cat333Pokémon
    July 24, 2014 01:39:36 PM
    I won't mess with it, don't worry.

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