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Under my user-name I have *insert Pokémon here*. What is that and how does it change?

User ranks are represented by a Pokémon which is listed beneath one's username on each post. Ranks are not dependent on levels: rather, they are dependent on the number of posts one has made. That said, as both level and rank are respectively partially and fully dependent on posts made, there may be a correlation between a user's rank and level.

The ranks and post milestones necessary to achieve them are listed in the Rank thread.

Posts made on marked boards under the "Fun" category (including /b/uizel and the Game Corner) do not count toward ranks or levels.

Moderators and administrators will not have the name of their rank on their posts. However, a sprite of the corresponding Pokémon can still be seen.

How do I add text under all my posts? (Signatures)/How do I change my display image? (Avatar)

The text/images that you have appear under all of your posts is called your Signature and your display image is called your Avatar. You can add/modify your signature/avatar by going to your User Control Panel (upper left of the page). On the left side you will see options to change your profile, your signature, your avatar, your profile picture, your main account settings (e-mail and password), and more.

To include a single hosted image in your signature, use the signature picture upload feature, which is below the signature editor. Include [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] within your signature to show the image. To include VRAC pets within your signature, visit the My Pets page while logged in, tick the boxes next to the pets you want to include, and use the selector at the bottom to get the embed codes for pets for VR.

Why won't my YouTube video work? All I get is a white box.
To embed a YouTube video you use the text [youtube]IDNUMBER[/youtube] You only need the ID number, not the entire URL. The ID number follows after the For example if you wanted to use the video you would type

I made a post but now it isn't there. Where did it go?

If you see your post isn't there, that means it was deleted by an admin/mod. This was most likely due to it being off topic, you posted about something that you already said earlier in the thread, or there was content in your post we didn't find appropriate.

In rare cases, a message may disappear due to a bug in vBulletin or because of a rolled back database after a failure.

What is the Victory Road Gym League? How do I become a Gym Leader?

The Victory Road Gym League is a collection of competitively-minded users in a format much akin to the Pokémon games. Prospective users may challenge gym leaders in an attempt to obtain badges; ultimately, one may become a gym leader him/herself after completing the gym challenge. An official guide to the Victory Road Gym League can be found on the Gym League subforum. If you have further questions regarding the League, please contact one of the Victory Road Gym League moderators, listed in the above linked post.

A user can become a gym leader in one of three ways: by winning an offical Victory Road tournament and accepting an offer to replace an existing leader, by defeating all gym leaders and electing to replace an existing leader, or by applying for and winning a vacant gym position, if one is available. Note that there are only seventeen gyms (one for each elemental type) in the Victory Road Gym League.

Like in the Pokémon games, one is rewarded with a gym badge for defeating a gym leader. One's gym badges may be viewed in one's user profile, under awards. To master the League, one must obtain all seventeen gym badges.

Unlike in the Pokémon games, there is no Elite Four or Champion of the Victory Road Gym League, although such a system may be adopted in the future. Contact the Victory Road Gym League moderators for further information.

What is the site arcade? What features does it have?

Victory Road has a number of Flash-based games available for users to enjoy in the Victory Road Arcade. Available games can be browsed through a number of categories visible as tabs on the arcade home page.

To play a game, simply click its name. On the game's page, one can view the current "champion" of that game and the score one must beat to become champion. The champion of an arcade game is the user with the highest reported score in that game. Most games will give you an option to submit your score after the completion of that game, but some will automatically submit your score. If your score lies in the top ten reported for that game, you will be able to enter a comment for the high scores board: this comment must adhere to forum rules or it will be removed. Newer and higher scores will bump older and lower ones off the bottom of the high scores list.

Any user who is champion of an arcade game will have a trophy displayed under his or her username on any of his or her posts. You can roll your mouse over this trophy to have all games which the user is champion of listed in a ToolTip. As with awards and achievements, being the champion of an arcade game brings no material benefit aside from bragging rights.

We are not currently seeking designers for new arcade games, but if you are interested in submitting a Flash game to the arcade (which you fully hold the rights to), please contact an administrator. All submitted games should have a system of scoring and a score-submission feature capable of interfacing with PHP.

Why did the site just go down?
The backups run daily around 3 AM Pacific. During this time, the site may go offline for a few minutes. This is completely normal.

I have a question that isn't answered here, what should I do?
Your best bet would be to post a topic here with your question/problem. We have plenty of friendly members who would be more than willing to help out.

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