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VR will eventually be shut down. So, if you see this group and have accepted this fact, feel free to join. Not that it matters.
2 0
For those who'd much rather Breed Pokemon then Battle them.
22 1
Where you can talk and share things about the new region Unova!
43 0
"I was an idiot back then"
23 0
For people on VR who aren't bronies.
33 0
This is a place for the people out there who feel left out from something, empty inside, have been rejected by the ever-changing rules of society, or just feel plain miserable. Those people can get together here and talk about their problems with others who may have gone through the very same thing.
46 3
For people who appear in VRIM and all conversation comes to a halt.
18 0
13-17 please. 18 and 19 are allowed. I just want to see how many teenagers there are
27 0
Join If you don't wanna become a moderator.
8 0
A group for anyone who misses lite :(
17 1
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