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This is for ekirby fans onleh! Post your own eDolls as well. Or just chat about ekirby.
2 0
A group for those who have a hard time sleeping or refuse to go to bed earlier than normal.
42 0
Yo dawg I heard you liked groups, so I made a group about groups so you can group while you group.
25 0
AKA Nyan Cat. What happens when you mix a cute animal with a yummy treat. And make it poop rainbows. Quite possibly the meme that will define this generation.
26 0
Supporters of making an Animé Style Battling League here at Victory Road should join now and sign on the petition. We will convince the authority to give the people what they want. Fight the power! :P
15 0
Are you a Grammar Nazi? Join this group.
28 0
Golfers, duh.
4 0
Tyranny has been spreading rampant over the last few months. Join Vel, Leaftail, Victini Bot, and GPFTW in our conquest to defeat the evil forces and restore peace to the Road of Victory! Free brownies upon sign-up.
22 0
Cheesecake is amazing! The entire world will know of it's mighty power! Join our group, so that cheesecake, will rule supreme! >:3
16 0
Are you awesome? Join here if you truly are.
9 0
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