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West coast is the best coast!!!
2 0
Because Pennsylvania > Maryland
5 0
Please join only if you live in Canada. Here we discuss all things Canadian.
27 1
dawg join if u live in antarctica its like the best place evvrs xd
7 0
Join cause we have Legoland, Disneyland, LA Zoo, Universal Studios, better weather than EST people and... California > All the other States Oh, and we have gold too
8 0
For those who live in Europe.
4 0
日本語を話す人々はこのような社会的グループに参加してください!ケーキがありますよ~!あり がとう!
12 0
Only for people who were either born, or live in England.. Or Northern Ireland. Or Scotland. Or Wales.
12 0
Because Canada is the greatest country in the world. Except maybe for Japan.
11 0
For anybody who lives in Missouri.
5 0
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