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Hello, fellow bronies! This is a group for serious Fluttershy fans. Post your fave Fluttershy moments and cute pictures as well! Enjoy the group, and have fun!
1 0
Also known as Shingeki No Kyojin! (SNK) This is a group for those who watch and/or read AoT/SNK! Rather you're a fan of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Bertholdt, Reiner, or any of the other amazing characters join! FOR HUMANITY.
4 0
Anime has always changed, but Tatsunoko always stays the same; Heroes in tight suits, racing, giant machines, and overall fun, whether adult or family oriented!
1 0
Join of you LOVE Lok!
8 0
4Kids doesn't understand Anime. Sure, I don't watch many Japanese Cartoons, but at LEAST if I were to create a dub, I'd aim to do it bloody freaking correctly. If you dispise the abomination named 4Kids, join now!
13 0
This Group is for VR people that have read some or not all of The Hunger Games books(i have currently read two) and are excited about the movie that is comming out
3 0
They be like, "Thurnis Thurnis, Thurnis, Thurnis, Thurnis! Why ya love to golf?" I say, "Becaaaaause."
1 0
Who's a Harry Potter fan like me?
6 0
"Or perhaps in Slytherin, You'll make your real friends, Those cunning folk use any means, To achieve their ends." Head of House: Severus Snape House ghost: The Bloody Baron
2 0
Fans of The Lion King this is your chance to be part of a group of members who love The Lion King!
12 0
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