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This club is dedicated to the phenomenal Irem 1993 brawler, where you play as robotic ninjas on a mission to retrive stolen golden baseball gear, all while anthro baseballs try to kill you. The music is also insane (thank you AIAI), but that's part of the reason why some of us love it. If you love this rare gem too, join the club! Epic arcade beat em' up is epic.
5 0
For fans of the Megaman.EXE/Megaman Battle Network/Megaman NT Warrior series.
7 0
You like game songs better than the songs like Dreams of An Absolution over Never say never
19 0
Got a passion for building? Tweaking with physics? Playing in a vast, limitless sandbox? Or do you just like to be an unstoppable god, nuking armies upon armies of zombies and Combine? Whichever you are, join in and Gmod with us!
3 2
Join the group if you like Capcom games.
11 0
I.... grew up on sonic the hedgehog since the Sega Genesis days. I know that as time went on, my favorite blue hedgehog went through much pain and much misfortune... however, I'm looking for the ones who regardless of the "What the h*** were you thinking, sega?" situations, still love themselves some Sonic The hedgehog. I want to gather up all the sonic fans and together let us show our favorite blue hedgehog some love!
45 2
Join if you used to play Road Rash when you were younger.
4 0
Join this group if you are looking forward for the release of the new Pokemon games, Black and White 2.
16 0
2 0
*Group created in advance* MKDS and MKWii have groups, Why not 7?
18 0
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