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This group is for everyone who has done, is doing, or will do a Nuzlocke Run!
15 0
Don't you love this kickass game? Great gameplay, great music, great visuals and great atmosphere! If your a fan of Sho Minamimoto or Underground Shibuya, then join this group. You know you wanna. :3
9 0
This is for all you VR peopke that have a respect for Burgh just a little bit
6 0
Join here if your the minority of people who hate hearing about Minecraft everyday.
23 0
Whether you are a Grizzled veteran or Mercenary. Whether you are for R.E.D, B.L.U or Spectator. Whether you play on PC or Mac...or even on a 360 or not at all.(You Schweinhunds) You are welcome! We share likings to our weapons, Styles, Sandvichs and Hats!
18 0
Red Neon Hacking Team!!
10 0
Join this Group if you are playing or interested in playing Minecraft, Pictures of your worlds and server worlds are very much welcome. There now exists a board. Please post here:
35 23
Join this group if you don't like to use PO when wifi battling. Whatever happened to good ole' DS wifi battles?
11 0
For people who can't afford it, get headaches from 3D effects, or just plain don't care about these newfangled techno-whozits the kids are playing nowadays.
8 0
The greatest dragon-centric PS1 game of all time!
20 0
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