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The premier entertainment enterprise of the Kanto region, Rocket offers many exciting venues including the Rocket Game Corner located in Celadon City. Try your luck! You might just strike it big at the Playground for Grown-Ups. We have many locations stationed in major cities with many entry level employee positions with opportunities for advancement. Rocket leverages core skillsets and world-class synergy through teamwork to provide clients worldwide with robust, scalable, modern turnkey implementations of flexible, personalized cutting edge business opportunities. Ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our customers is an integral component of the experience that is uniquely Rocket. Rocket is committed to maintain a dynamic integrated quality and systematic system that drives business growth, meets the changing desires of customers, employees, business partners, corporate sponsors, and suppliers. We demonstrate integrity, respect and confidence with all of our vendors...
8 0
XKCD? Cyanide and Happiness? Wasted Talent? Questionable Content? If you read any webcomics (or even ALL the webcomics), then this is the place for you!
10 0
Please join if you have any sprites you might want to submit to Victory Road. We may be small, but one day, we might be designing the pokemon you will be capturing!
36 274
A group for spriters that sprite when they wanna sprite cuz they feel like spriting :3
34 20
For Firefox users.
6 0
Feel behind on technology? Is your DS the newest piece of technology you have? Is your car the newest piece of equipment you have? Are you amish? (Wait, if you're amish, how are you here!?) Well, anyway, this is the group for you.
19 4
Join this group if Google Chrome is your preferred, primary web browser.
17 0
Do you collect video game consoles and software? Do you just enjoy playing the classics? If you answered "yes" to either or both questions, then this is the social group for you. We'd love to see what you've got in your collection, and if you have other vintage technology you'd like to share with us, we'd love to see that, too.
13 14
Do you like Synths in music? Discuss new synthesizers and old ones, be it Frequency Modulation, Electronic Dance Music related, Yamaha, or Korg! (Heck, could be all of them! I'd like that. :D) Join now!
12 0
For those of us who just don't understand the fascination with Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks, got tired of annoying invites and gossip, or just don't see the point in having an account
29 0
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