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We are the members who wear glasses! Yes, feel free to bow to our 4 eyed awesomeness! >:3
45 0
This group represents awesomeness, so if you believe you're awesome. Then join the action, the action of awesomeness. You heard right, awesomeness. Do you have the guts to feel awesome and cool at the same time? Yes? Then join this group because the level of awesomeness is over 9000 here.
33 0
A club for the myriad fanatics of our resident Gabite and remixer extraordinaire, PokeRemixStudio.
30 1
To find your number, go to your profile and you'll see "/member.php?u=#" This is the number in which you joined. i.e., Cat333Pokémon is "/member.php?u=1"
16 0
Join this group if you think GreenMan is the coolest dude on VR! (And cutest ;D)
16 0
Are you a fan of the crazy Lugia fanatic girl? Well whatever your just her friend or perhaps a fan, you are welcome to join the insanity here and chat amongst yourselves about random Lugia musical things! :D
15 0
If you love the King Of K- I mean, Spamachu and Spamazard, enter this cave!
7 0
Not like the other one, this one is ones only follow these requirements Likes zorark Thats all!~
5 0
Join this group if you like to see Sunny's posts.
4 0
A group for the swellest members.
3 1
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