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RotomGuy March 13, 2011 07:56:50 AM

Day 6 - Catching Zap in hell.
I found Team Plasma in the ice containers. Beating 4 Plasma grunts was easy, then Clay came along to swoop them up. Then we went to battle his gym. The puzzle was clever, but no match for my brain! Then I battled Clay. None of my team members took damage. He was easy. After that, I headed to the cave of electric 'mon. On the way there, Whirlipede evolved into Scolipede, the final evolution of that line! I thought with him, the cave would be a sinch. But no, I was wrong. It was HELL in there. The Joltik were enough to get me damaged, yet alone the Ferroseed. Luckily, the Klink and Boldore didn't match up against Splash. During one of the fights, Splash also evoled into Seismitoad! Soon after wards, we wondered across a Tynamo. You better beleive I caught it. Then Team Plasma began to interfere. At the end of the cave was N, with all the nightmare pokemon in the dungeon, just at higher levels. I managed to beat him, barely.
Servine - Lvl 31 - Leaf
Seismitoad - Lvl 36 - Splash
Archen - Lvl 32 - Arch
Scolipede - Lvl 31 - Venom
Tympole - Lvl 28 - Zap


The Spirit of Time March 13, 2011 08:50:40 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 7

Nothing special. I was too tired from yesterday that I only headed to Route 5 and battled Cheren there. Luckily, I met the Champion of Unova! He looked really cool. With that done, I proceeded with Cheren and Elesa, who contacted Clay, the fifth gym leader. He opened the Driftveil Drawbridge and allowed us to cross it. That bridge was as nice as the Sky Arrow Bridge. However, when I reached Driftveil City, Clay wasn't as hospitable as I thought. He looked aggressive and bad-tempered. He explained that some Team Plasma grunts are causing some disruptions in the city, as usual... Well, I have to go and stop them, otherwise I would never get the chance to battle Clay. Not today though, but tomorrow, since I am tired and need some rest.

Kaorto March 13, 2011 09:20:21 AM

Right now I have a level 23 Dewott and I'm currently in the Pinwheel Forest looking for a Jolly nature Sewaddle.

A'bom March 13, 2011 09:30:18 AM

Well, I managed to defeat Clay. I'm very proud of my team; being both out-evolved and out-leveled (with the exception of one), they still won. Cottonee was able to defeat Krokorok, despite being swagger'd. Palpitoad went down in one hit to giga drain. Then the big guy came out: Excadrill. Cottonee's prankster ability was a Godsend. She was able to pull off a leech seed before being KO'd by Excadrill using hone claws and then rock slide. Excadrill was faster than my fastest pokemon; leech seed wouldn't drain health if the pokemon the health would be drained to had fainted. Then it occurred to me: Purrloin. I sent out Purrloin and had her use fake out, flinching Excadrill and letting leech seed do its work. As much as I hated to do it, I switched out and used Blitzle as a meat shield. He fainted, and I sent Purrloin back out to use fake out again. Leech seed did a little more. I repeated the process, reluctantly watching Minccino and Pansear fall to rock slide. I was left with Purrloin and Oshawott. Excadrill was only at about half health. I thought I was going to lose, but I stuck with it. After one last fake out, Purrloin fainted--but not to rock slide. For some reason, Clay had Excadrill use slash! The rock helmet Purrloin was wearing did some damage, leaving Excadrill at just a little bit of health left. Oshawott was holding eviolite, but that wasn't going to let him survive a hone claw'd rock slide/slash to let the leech seed finish it. Then, on that last turn, Oshawott used Aqua Jet and KO'd Excadrill. I had never been so proud of my pokemon. Even though they had been used as sacrificial stallers, I couldn't have done it without them.

Oshawott - lvl 32
Purrloin - lvl 31
Pansear - lvl 30
Blitzle - lvl 30
Cottonee - lvl 30
Minccino - lvl 30

I keep my pokemon from evolving. Winning is most enjoyable when done against all odds. To see the little guys fighting against the powerhouses with all their might... it's just that much more epic when they win.

RK-9 March 13, 2011 09:51:09 AM

so uhm

I got Zekrom
kicked ass
beat the game

And am currently sweeping the underwaters for some stuff to sell

SergeiDragunov March 13, 2011 12:07:34 PM

Well I did end up beating Black. But I am going to transfer+reset so I can beat the game with Tepig. My friend is also sending me a lv1 Tynamo for my run.

Shiny March 13, 2011 02:50:56 PM

Just beat Gym Leader Clay. Easiest gym leader so far.

Current team:
Icee - Dewott Level 32
Sparkles - Zebstrika Level 30
Paco - Archen Level 29
Froggir - Palpitoad Level 27
Bugs - Scolipede Level 30
Habanero - Simisear Level 25

srsly need some moar training :v

SergeiDragunov March 13, 2011 06:58:35 PM

Well as I said, I've started a run using Tepig, and my friend gave me a Tynamo in exchange for a few Pokemon he needed. Currently in Pinwheel Forest, and I'm planning to get Archen ASAP.

Current Team:
Nitro (Pignite) lv22
Gigavolt (Tynamo) lv22

AuraKshatriya March 13, 2011 11:33:15 PM


Originally Posted by Shiny (Post 145647)
Well, just started the game yesterday. I'm barely on the second gym leader. I don't like to rush through the stories, I like to take my time and raise my team. Nothing interesting has happened except Oshawott evolving and me catching Shiny Blitzle.
I've decided to try and have my Pokemon's levels being close together. I'm having second doubts about this. I might just ditch em and train up Pansear, Dewott, and Blitzle. :V

Current team is:
Lillipup level 14
Pansear Level 14
Dewott Level 18
Blitzle Level 13
Timburr Level 14
Patrat Level 12

You already caught a Shiny? That was fast. As for keeping your Pokemon at the same level, I trained a team that way in Platinum. The trick is to rotate to another Pokemon which needs to be leveled up every time your Pokemon currently in battle (or just in battle) reaches one level higher than the rest of your team. That way you don't end up forgetting about a Pokemon until the E4. Incidentally, I've decided to try and go through this game while making every single Pokemon a part of my permanent team, including being at the necessary levels, which obviously requires a lot of grinding. I'm have 45 hours logged and I haven't even entered Pinwheel Forest (though it was around 25 hours when I closed my DS and left it lying around to do some school work for the rest of the day, so I didn't actually play for like 20 hours.)

As for my recent happenings, the above explains the play-style I've decided on. As a result, I've caught every Pokemon available up to where I am in the game except for Sawk (it's really hard to find, but I'm sure I'll run into it while grinding). I heard from TurtwigX that Audino is really hard to find, since it only appears in shaking grass, which I didn't know how to trigger. He was on the chat getting irritated because he kept running into Stoundland instead of it, and at the time I was grinding my team's levels, so I was running around in the grass without even bothering to look at the DS screen until a battle started. When it did, I noticed that the alternate Wild Battle theme was playing, which I found strange since I wasn't in dark grass, so it couldn't be a double battle. I check the screen, and it's none other than an Audino xD I had actually figured I'd just grab one later since I may not have time to wait for it, so that was pretty lucky in my opinion.

The Spirit of Time March 14, 2011 06:33:56 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 8

The weather was rainy, but ended soon. I visited all the houses of the city to know more about it and investigate about the whereabouts of Team Plasma. After a lot of searching, I was guided to an area called the Cold Storage, which had a lot of tanks that were completely frozen. I did catch some wild Pokémon and battled few trainers, leveling up my team. While I was training there, I found the hideout of Team Plasma. Along with Cheren, I battled what looked like nine grunts of Team Plasma. Once we defeated them, Clay appeared with some workers and arrested the grunts as robbers. Luckily, he also agreed to allow both of us to challenge his gym. Now that I am done, I am resting and waiting for tomorrow to go and challenge Clay.

TrdrsPokeTrader March 14, 2011 06:40:33 AM

I am currently breeding my Haxorus for a Jolly or Adamant Nature Axew for Competitive Battling. Once I am done I am going to EV it and they raise it to Lv100 because B&W Won't take your Pokemon to Lv100 in the Wifi Room which sucks. I will then work on getting the rest of the members for my team.

A'bom March 14, 2011 10:11:58 AM

I made the long, tedious trek through Chargestone Cave yesterday. Running from so many wild pokemon was mind-numbing and, being the penny-pincher that I am, I didn't have any repels. I caught several pokemon just for the heck of it, and will probably end up releasing them, but c'est la vie. Among those caught were Ferroseed, Joltik, Drillbur, and Tynamo. Of the four, the one I would be most likely to use if my team was not filled up already would be Joltik. It's just so cute, and with an evolved form with the name Galvantula... well, that's just an awesome name. ANYWAY, I had a few difficult scuffles with team plasma grunts, but only due to the plague of wild pokemon that I was constantly being assaulted by. Despite the annoyances, I spelunked through the entire cave with my dowsing machine. Most of what I found was "wallet fiber". Paralyze heals and junk like that. I did find a bright powder, though. N was at the end of the cave (he had these ninja wannabes escorting me at various points in the cave like across a bridge, which was helpful since I'm afraid of heights). He asked me some wishy-washy feel-good question, like, "Do you have a dream?" Unlike all the other questions he'd asked me, to which I'd answered "yes" in the past, I answered him with "no". Having dreams is just a setup for failure, but enough of my nihilistic philosophy. After spouting off some nonsense about me not being able to understand him due to my lack of having a "dream", he claimed he would crush me in a battle. I felt bad slaughtering those poor pokemon like that... and I was going easy on him! I honestly expected more from N. Then I went and explored Mistralton "City", which is little more than a tiny village with an airstrip and a move-deleter/rememberer in one of the houses. I had a close call on route seven after raiding Mistralton of all of the items laying on the ground: two Zebstrikas attacked me. My base-form pokemon somehow beat the odds and got me back to the pokemon center... though only two were left standing. I wanted to defeat the elite four with just base-form pokemon, but I'm starting to see that it isn't a feasible goal. Nevertheless, my pokemon and I will keep pushing forward with a minimal about of brute force and continue using cunning and skill to overwhelm the opposition.

SergeiDragunov March 14, 2011 02:56:08 PM

I'm currently in a bit of a pickle. I'm at Nimbasa City and trying to fight Elesa, but she keeps beating me. The reason being, I have NOTHING that's good against her. My current team is:

Nitro (Pignite) lv29
Gigavolt (Tynamo) lv30
Skyterror (Archen) lv29

Archen is super-effective against Emolga, but they're too fast and Volt Switch it to Defeatist range before I can even get an attack off :/ Doing some level grinding now.

EDIT: Fought her again and won. Eviolite + Pignite = Win.

AuraKshatriya March 14, 2011 05:01:45 PM


Originally Posted by Yoshi648 (Post 145661)
Just beat the fourth gym in Nimbasa City (yeah, sorry I am actually trying to ENJOY the game instead of rushing through it as quickly as possible) and am getting ready to head out on Route 5. My team is now as follows:

Pignite(F) - Lv 32 - Strength, Arm Thrust, Ember, and Flame Charge
Blitzle (M) - Lv 25 - Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Flame Charge, and Spark
Sandile (M) - Lv 24 - Mud-Slap, Cut, Sand Tomb, and Assurance
Herdier (F) - Lv 17 - Take Down, Tackle, Odor Sleuth, and Bite
Pidove (F) - Lv 14 - Gust, Growl, Leer, and Quick Attack

PokeDex - 46 Seen, 16 Owned
Total Game Time: 10:40

Meanwhile amidst all this, the top screen of my DS started acting wonky. Any movement to the top half/hinge causes the top screen to randomly flicker. So until this weekend when I have time to take it apart to see what's up, I am using my sister's DS Lite (man the buttons feel so cramped in comparison to my DS Phat).

Yoshi, the same thing happens to my Nintendo DS screen, which I just noticed as of late. Let me know when you figure out what's up with it.

Shiny March 14, 2011 05:02:23 PM


Originally Posted by AuraKshatriya (Post 146764)
You already caught a Shiny? That was fast. As for keeping your Pokemon at the same level, I trained a team that way in Platinum. The trick is to rotate to another Pokemon which needs to be leveled up every time your Pokemon currently in battle (or just in battle) reaches one level higher than the rest of your team. That way you don't end up forgetting about a Pokemon until the E4.

Haha, yeah i know it was fast. The trick is to not look for them, then they'll appear when you least expect them. And the training has been going well. I'm just trying to keep my Samurott's levels higher than the others. :>

I'm currently training in Chargestone Cave. Just noticed almost all of my Pokemona re weak to electric-type attacks. Team also went through another change. Switched Simisear for Tranquil. I needed someone who could fly, and Paco can't until he evolves. Stoopid anatomy. :v
And, plus I've been going through Plasma grunts. luckily the doctor is here, and I can heal anytime I want. :3

Current team:
Icee - Samurott Level 36
Paco - Archen Level 31
Bugs - Scolipede Level 31
Sparkles - Level 30
Tranquil Level 30
Froggir - Palpitoad Level 30

Now I needa find a Pokemon to switch out so i can has Tynamo. :<
So many team changes... <.<

SergeiDragunov March 14, 2011 06:50:54 PM

Today was a day primarily filled with level grinding, mainly for Sir Lucane, my Escavalier. Karrablast is a biznitch to train :/ So I beat Clay, and I'm gonna go to bed with that. Tomorrow is gonna be Chargestone Cave.

Nitro (Pignite) lv33
Gigavolt (Tynamo) lv34
Skyterror (Archen) lv33
Sir Lucane (Escavalier) lv34

Shadow March 15, 2011 07:56:22 AM

Before heading to Nimbasa City, I decided to return back to Wellspring Cave so that I could catch a Drilbur. I used Repel multiple times and got a Fire Stone as well as three Drilburs in a short while! I added a Lv. 11 Drilbur into my team and headed to Route 4, where I started to train my team members for preparing them against their next gym battle versus Elesa. Route 4 was a long route, but I caught many wild Pokémon during the journey: Sandile, Dwebble, Scraggy, Maractus, Sigilyph, Darumaka and Yamask. The Exp. Share was a lot of help for me: soon all of my team members reached high enough levels for them to take on Elesa's Pokémon. My Tympole and Timburr evolved into Palpitoad and Gurdurr respectively, and I plan to evolve the latter into its final evolution by trading with Spirit later on. Since it was a long route, I stopped after finishing everything in the Relic Castle and the (huge) Desert Resort. Next up is Nimbasa City and its gym.

The Spirit of Time March 15, 2011 07:58:18 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 9

After waking up from a very comfortable rest, I went out and went straight north of Clay's gym. As I approached it, I found Ghetsis with a lot of grunts surrounding the gym. Clay was outside, standing with the grunts he captured. Ghetsis threatened Clay to attack the city if he doesn't hand in the prisoners, and eventually, Clay agreed to stop them from such an attack. Well, it seems that Ghetsis was victorious in that bargain, and I found out that one of the prisoners was one of the seven sages of Team Plasma! Anyway, when that was settled down, Cheren, who happened to be with me, told me that he will be going to train before challenging Clay. But I didn't bother to train anymore, I was confident. I entered his gym and went through all the trainers with the help of Simisage's Seed Bomb. The gym, which was an underground tunnel, looked great. Anyway, my battle with Clay wasn't as exciting as Elesa's. My Simisage knocked out his Krokorok. However, it lost against his Excadrill. But my Palpitoad was able to finish it off with Muddy Water. As I was pleased to get rid of his Pokémon, he used his own Palpitoad. Getting out mine, I sent Yamask. He was able to simply burn that Palpitoad and knock it with two Hex. As I was done, I went back to take a rest with my team as:
~Pignite, lv 32
~Simisage, lv 31
~Palpitoad, lv 31
~Yamask, lv 30

A'bom March 15, 2011 08:58:12 AM

After a wild goose chase to the top of Celestial Tower, I got to (gasps) ring a bell. Apparently I am strong and kind. I bet it says that to all the people who ring it, though. Anyway, Skyla ran back to her gym. I did some training with my team; after that rough battle with Clay, I was afraid Skyla was going to take me to the cleaners. So, with my team leveled up to level 36 across the board, I stood in front of her. A last second decision to give Blitzle eviolite instead of the expert belt saved us in the end. Unfortunately, Blitzle could only defeat her first pokemon before I had to switch him out. Good thing Purrloin is immune to psychic type attacks. Fake out was the final blow to her swoobat. Then, almost as if on cue, Purrloin grew to level 37 and learned night slash. This let her single-pawedly defeat unfezant. Then came the darned swana. I decided to play it safe and have cottonee use poisonpowder to slowly whittle away while I sacrifice-stalled if it was necessary... but it missed. I was suddenly trapped with my team of slow base-form pokemon against an air-slashing swana. My team continuously flinched, then fainted until Minccino got a chance to use Tail Slap which, of course, missed. Pansear was obviously not going to be able to do anything, so my hand was forced to do something I hate to do: I used a healing item. Blitzle came in and used discharge (after surviving a bubblebeam), OHKO'ing swana and winning the battle.

After the battle, N sneaked up on me and had a conversation with Blitzle. Apparently Blitzle trusts me and somehow knows where I come from, why I am traveling, and that I live with Mom. It's weird. I don't recall telling him that. It must have been Oshawott who told him, since he's the only one that's been with me since Nuvema town. For a bashful-natured pokemon, Oshawott sure likes to talk.

Sitting here now, I'm reflecting on my own skills as a trainer. I was unable to defeat Skyla without the assistance of a healing item, and even when my pokemon were at a 3 to 4 level advantage. ... despite having over ten years of experience raising pokemon and traveling through over four different regions, I still feel I am not good enough. If I can't beat these gym leaders by a significant margin, even with base-form pokemon, how am I going to beat the elite four, let alone survive in a battle with a REAL trainer?

My team's progress:
Oshawott lv 37
Purrloin lv 37
Pansear lv 36
Blitzle lv 37
Cottonee lv 36
Minccino lv 36

SergeiDragunov March 15, 2011 12:46:41 PM


Gigavolt (Eelektross) lv43
Sir Lucane (Escavalier) lv39
Skyterror (Archeops) lv39
Nitro (Emboar) lv39

...I just beat Skyla. I have absolutely not clue how I got so over-leveled O_O

SK March 15, 2011 02:42:33 PM

Alright, major update time right here. o3o While on vacation I played at least 20 hours of Black. xD That included finishing the game, and then exploring the places I hadn't yet. Here's some stats and my current team.

Play time: 27:45
Unova Pokedex (caught/seen): 61/140
National Pokedex (caught/seen): 67/279

Lv. 95/5 Emboar
Lv. 55/8 Munna
Lv. 44/40 Fraxure
Lv. 57/57 Golduck
Lv. 51/50 Reshiram
Lv. 38/38 Pawniard

The 2nd number on the levels above is the level that I met the corresponding Pokemon at. I also have Tornadus, so hopefully I can get some more legendaries soon and whatnot. Fraxure and Pawniard will be trained later on so I'll have a Haxorus and a Bisharp. Golduck is just my HM slave for the water type HMs. Munna, of course, will not be evolved, and it's been with me almost as long as my Tepig. I believe this team is similar to what I completed the game with, except I had a Lv. 40 Amoongus instead of a Golduck or something. That and Emboar was about Lv. 77.

This game is probably the best one to date. xD I'm going to try to complete the whole Pokedex, and probably get back into the metagame. Tournament, anyone?

TrdrsPokeTrader March 16, 2011 06:55:14 AM

I meant to post this yesturday but I decided to quit breeding because I couldn't hatch a Jolly or Adamant Axew so I went ahead and trained my Naughty Axew because that is the best Nature I got for it. I have already EVed it with this set, 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd, I was running through the Elite 4 over and over with a Lucky Egg on my Lv100 Shiny Flygon I transfered over and a Exp. Share on my Axew but it is now a Lv 77 Haxorus and it has a Lucky Egg attached to it and I am fighting the Elite 4 with Haxorus only. Thank God that Haxorus can learn moves that are super-effective to all of the Elite 4 and that TMs can be used over again and again. I still need to train my new Modest Deino and my Rash Zoroark. The rest of my team is Pokemon that I have transfered over from HG.

A'bom March 16, 2011 09:01:41 AM

After hours of trying to get through twist mountain with my team of unevolved pokemon, I caved in (pardon the pun). The team I was so proud of is now fully evolved, with the exception of Dewott. I will have to give my team a vacation from training to compensate for its new-found power.

... I kind of regret having done it. I defeated Brycen... or whatever his name was. It's hard to remember the name of someone from a battle that was so insignificant. It was depressingly pathetic. Liepard alone was able to sweep all three of his pokemon. Well, she could have. I decided to have Oshawott (he evolved after the battle) use revenge on the final pokemon, which resulted in a OHKO. After that, I was lead to the top of some tower, where N had found Zekrom, and after that Alder lead me through a wild goose chase to the relic castle... which I already knew was the incorrect location of the light stone. It's so hard being the pantomime protagonist sometimes... seeing the connections all the other characters fail to notice and being unable to tell them.

On the bright side, though, I did catch a Mienfoo via critical capture. Unfortunately, she had a timid nature. I was not pleased, but that's just the way the lava cookie crumbles. I'm now on my way to Opilucid City. Hopefully Drayden will put up a better fight than Mr. Mask did.

Shadow March 16, 2011 10:20:40 AM

After entering Nimbasa City, I found out that I've missed TM Grass Knot in Pinwheel Forest, so I returned back on my newly-received bike and obtained it. When I got back, I gave the Pokémon Musical a shot - and I got disappointed by it, too. It was just too lame and generic that I felt contests were much better. Following the Musical I went into the amusement park where I met N. He revealed that he's the king of Team Plasma, and I battled him against his ideas. After winning, I headed to the gym for facing Elesa; I liked the idea of the roller coasters in the gym, and my battle with Elesa was the toughest so far: Emolga was a pain due to its versatile moveset, so I had some difficulty in getting rid of it. However, I was able to keep all my Pokémon alive with three of them having red HP at the end.

After obtaining the badge and TM Volt Switch, I traded my Gurdurr with Spirit so that it evolved into Conkeldurr. I went into Lostlorn Forest, where I caught many new Pokémon: Pansage, Emolga, Swadloon, Liepard, Minccino, Tranquill and Whimsicott. Following that I headed to Route 5, met Unova's Champion Alder and battled the trainers over there. It took me a short while to do that, and soon I was walking on Driftveil Drawbridge and catching a Ducklett on it. When I reached Driftveil City, I explored it for some time but decided to continue tomorrow. My team so far is:

Dewott, Lv. 27
Whirlipede, Lv. 27
Simisear, Lv. 27
Palpitoad, Lv. 27
Conkeldurr, Lv. 27
Drilbur, Lv. 28

SergeiDragunov March 16, 2011 02:10:53 PM

Today I went on a field trip with my school. On the bus ride up, my friend and I played Black version. In total, I'd say it was about 1:30 worth of play time. In that 1:30 I managed to get through Relic Castle, beat Drayden, and get through Victory Road. Now I'm level grinding before I go to the league. Current team:

Nitro (Emboar) lv48
Skyterror (Archeops) lv46
Gigavolt (Eelektross) lv47
Sir Lucane (Escavalier) lv47
Konung (Jellicent) lv48
Philidor (Bisharp) lv52

I'm training 1 Pokemon at a time. Now that I have my Bisharp I plan to start training Gigavolt, and then go from there.

RotomGuy March 16, 2011 11:17:06 PM

Day 7 - Beating Skyla, and a new aquantance.
After making it through Chargestone Cave, I immediately found Prof. Juniper's Dad, and then I tought Scolipede Megahorn. After that, I went to trail Skyla. But the route's trainers were tough to beat, so I had to return to refresh my pokemon before entering the tower. Then I saw some shaky grass. Luckily, it was an Unfezant which I caught. But getting out of the grass was tough, so then I had to go and reheal my pokemon. After I finally got there, I caught a male Litwick, name Burnn. Using the Lucky Egg, and battling other Litwick, Elgyem and Psychics, he was able to get to level 37. Gee, I only just caught him and he is already overtaking my starter. At the top was Skyla. I rang the bell, and she returned to her gym. As much as I would of loved to fly back, Arch still hadn't evolved and Unfezant was in the PC. So, on the way back down, Litwick became Lvl 40. Then it was time for Skyla's gym battle. Easy. Really easy. Zap took down 90% of the gym, and I only had to bring out Arch for the annoying Psychic/Flying types. While battling a Swoobat, Arch evolved. Sadly, Zap died because one of his attacks missed on Skyla. But Arch beat her. Then we exited the gym. To my suprise (not), N was there. He began to talk to my Litwick. The candle told him where I live, and how friendly I am. Seeing as I only just met Burnn, that made me kinda happy.
Serperior - Lvl 37 - Leaf
Seismitoad - Lvl 38 - Splash
Archeops - Lvl 37 - Arch
Scolipede - Lvl 32 - Venom
Tynamo - Lvl 33 - Zap
Litwick - Lvl 40 - Burnn


TrdrsPokeTrader March 17, 2011 06:26:02 AM

Haxorus turned Lv100 last night while battling Alder's last Pokemon, Bouffalant. I am now EVing my Modest Deino who is now at Lv41. I can't find any Sp. Atk EV Pokemon except Solosis which are hard to find. I am done EVing in Spd due to Route 7 having Zebstrika's which are very common. Once I am done EVing I will raise it in the Elite 4 like I did Haxorus and then I will get to work on Zoroark, the last member of my team I have to raise.

The Spirit of Time March 17, 2011 09:25:16 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 10

I went out of the PokéCenter with my team fully healed and my bad fully packed, and headed towards the eastern exit of Driftveil City. As I was going to go ahead to Route 6, Bianca appeared from nowhere and battled me. It was a tough battle for my Yamask, but he managed to defeat two of her Pokémon until got defeated by Servine, which in turn got defeated by my Pignite. Pignite defeated the last one too. Once that was done, she handed me an HM Fly that stayed in my bag. After that, she went back to search for Cherin. When my team was healed once again, I went to Route 6 and marched my way through it. It was a very hard route, with a lot of trainers and many persistent wild Pokémon. When I managed to reach the end of the route, I found myself facing a cavern that was blocked by some sort of an electric web. Luckily, a Krokorok appeared and took it town. It was Clay's, who gave me a TM Bulldoze as a reward for the last battle. After a bit of a talk, I went in. As I was walking, two ninja jumped down from the roof and surrounded me, holding me tightly and driving me with them further in. They turned out to be grunts who work for N, who revealed that he was investigating about me, Cheren and Bianca. He seemed to be interested in me, as a trainer. But he never explained why, but continued walking to the deep parts of the cave. As I wanted to follow him, a wild Joltik appeared and eventually got caught and included to my team. Then, I realized that my team was low on health and had to go all the way back to Driftveil, which was disappointing! However, as I was walking back my tracks, a grass patch shook violently and an Unfezant appeared! It was caught and taught Fly, and flew me back to Driftveil safely. Now that I healed my team, I am prepared to go back and go through Chargestone Cave tomorrow with my five membered team.

RotomGuy March 17, 2011 09:34:45 AM


Originally Posted by The Spirit of Time (Post 147647)
. Then, I realized that my team was low on health and had to go all the way back to Driftveil, which was disappointing!

You do realise someone in the house outside Chargestone cave heals your pokemonz 8)

Also, my Servine evolved. I didn't do much last night, but seeing as I wanted to answer Spirit, I posted it here.

A'bom March 17, 2011 10:10:15 AM

Well, Drayden put up a decent fight. Still, all of my pokemon survived the battle without fainting. Victory road was hard to get through due to the sheer number of battles involved, but eventually I reached the elite four. After healing, I decided to take a run at it. The first one was a decent fight, but the second was just... ugh... That reuniclus was so annoying. It focus blasted my team into submission. Whimsicott's leech seed was no good, and toxic failed due to those blasted full restores. What happened after that is kind of a blur... it was like I suddenly woke up, standing in front of the pokemart clerk just before I bought 20 full restores. Whatever happened, I took it as a sign that my team needed a bit more training. It seems I was just going to have to evolve them, anyway. There's no way they'd stand a chance against the elite four as base forms.

So, I'm exploring routes 17 and 18 now. Hopefully it will raise everyone enough.

Shadow March 17, 2011 10:59:17 AM

Not much to do in Driftveil. Firstly, I traded a Minccino for a Basculin in one of the houses, and then I received an Expert Belt which I gave to Simisear. After a little bit of training, I felt excited when Whirlipede evolved to Scolipede, and then I headed to the Cold Storage. The battles were generally easy, I caught Vanillite and Herdier in the wild grasses, and I battled Team Plasma Grunts in the end of the Storage. Following that I headed to Driftveil's gym, where I battled through all the trainers like a breeze. Even Clay wasn't as tough as I thought he would be, and soon I found myself with the Quake Badge.

When I was done with my gym battle, I headed to Route 6, where I battled (and owned) Bianca. My Drilbur evolved to Excadrill during that, and I felt excited again. All my team members reached respectable levels (Lv. 30, except for Excadrill being at Lv. 31). I got HM Fly and taught it to Tranquill, then traveled through the beginning of Route 6. As usual, I caught a fair amount of new Pokémon over there, most notably Deerling, Karrablast and Foongus. I stopped after battling two or three trainers, where I saved my progress up to this point.

SergeiDragunov March 17, 2011 03:32:32 PM

Game... Beaten. I've now completed the game using all 3 starters. I've now started a new mission... Use every 5th Gen Pokemon in a runthrough. This included everything from Haxorus to Stunfisk AKA Flounderp.

Final Team:

Nitro (Emboar) lv51
Head Smash
Arm Thrust
Flame Charge

Sir Lucane (Escavalier) lv51
Iron Head
Aerial Ace

Gigavolt (Eelektross) lv50
Thunder Wave

Konung (Jellicent) lv49
Shadow Ball

Skyterror (Archeops) lv50
Rock Tomb

Team MVP
Philidor (Bisharp) lv55
Night Slash
Aerial Ace
Metal Claw

I'm gonna transfer this team to White for safekeeping as soon as I can... I'm not gonna lie, this team means something to me. All my setups have been sacred so far in this game, but... I dunno. It's funny, how I can get emotionally attatched to Pokemon in a game. But I do. They mean something to me, to be Pokemon I went through all the adventures with. I guess I'm getting off-topic... Heh.

Shiny March 17, 2011 05:32:43 PM

After beating Icirrus City Gym, I've decided to go and grind some levels for the next gym. Currently in Route 18 training my 'monz with Lucky Eggs.
After this, I'm going on to Dragonspiral Tower.

Current team:
Froggir - Seismitoad Level 38
Mud Shot
Aqua Ring
Muddy Water

Icee - Samurott Level 40
Rock Smash
Water Pulse
Razor Shell

Ranpu - Lampent Level 41
Night Shade
Flame Burst

LED - Eelektross Level 39
Thunder Wave
Volt Switch

Paco - Archeops

Seen 96
Obtained: 60

The Spirit of Time March 18, 2011 09:49:08 AM


Originally Posted by RotomGuy (Post 147653)
You do realise someone in the house outside Chargestone cave heals your pokemonz 8)

I know that, but I was short in items and had to deposit some Pokémon to the box.

Spirit's Journal

Day 11

Chargestone Cave was surely a big mess. It was a true maze with a lot of wild Pokémon, which became annoying after a while. As I went through, Prof. Juniper met with me and handed a Lucky Egg. It is such a useful item! Anyway, after leaving the professor and going deeper through the cave, three ninja showed themselves and provoked me, referring to Team Plasma waiting for me. Accepting the challenge, I headed in with my team, sweeping all those grunts and finally reaching N. He got beaten. Then, I exited the cave to find myself in Mistralton City. I hurried to the PokéCenter, healed my team and now I am prepared to sleep.

SK March 18, 2011 10:08:09 AM

I got my Exp. Shares and then went through the E4 again, got a Haxorus. I'm gonna do it again soon to get Bisharp, and then all of my Pokemon will be over Lv. 50. :3 ... Not sure what to do after that just yet but I do have to go get that Earthquake TM for my Emboar, then his moveset will be complete. Speaking of that, he will be Lv. 100 soon, I believe he is 97 right now.

...And I might buy White, I want to replay the game but I don't want to restart Black. :P

The Spirit of Time March 19, 2011 04:59:18 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 12

Mistralton City isn't a big city. The houses there are similar to those in Nuvema Town, while the population is even less. It should be called a town rather than a city. However, I understand the importance of Mistralton, since it is the center point of exports and imports of Unova. Anyway, walking around the city was too easy, and the airport was amazing. As I was visiting a house, Skyla appeared with the father of Prof. Juniper. We had a talk, and then Skyla, the gym leader, went ahead to Celestial Tower to see a sick Pokémon. I followed her by passing through Route 7, until I reached the tower. That tower wasn't only a place for the spirits to rest, but it was the place in which the spirits of my team were charged up that most of them evolved! As I was trying my best to reach to the top of the tower, my Yamask evolved to Cofagrigus. Then, the newly caught Joltik evolved to Galaventula. Soon after that, Pignite evolved to Emboar. Excited, I reached the top most of Celestial Tower, which was above the clouds! I talked to Skyla for a bit and then rang the bell. It was a nice experience. Right now, Skyla is waiting for me at her gym, but I need to take a rest. I will battle her tomorrow and try my best to get my sixth badge and get Palpitoad to evolve.

Shadow March 19, 2011 08:07:24 AM

Route 6 was easy to navigate through, and soon I found myself travelling in Chargestone Cave. It was a long journey, and I soon had to use Max Repels, but I also expanded my collection of Pokemon to include Ferroseed, Joltik, Boldore and Tynamo. Battling the Plasma grunts, I reached N and went head-to-head with him in a battle, where I defeated him. After exiting Chargestone Cave, I found myself in the small Mistralton City. I met Skyla and Cedric Juniper, then healed my Pokemon in the PokeCentre. On my out, I purchased TM Rain Dance and other required items, then headed to Route 7.

SergeiDragunov March 19, 2011 11:19:41 AM

I'm waiting for the chance to transfer my Black team over to White for safekeeping. For now, I'm playing White, catching some cool stuff while leveling up for the Pokemon League. All my Pokemon are around the mid 50s right now. I caught the Musketeer trio and Volcarona, and got a lv53 Dratini which I plan to evolve soon.

Leaftail March 19, 2011 04:56:29 PM

I'm getting bored of this game. I want to start a new game, but I also wanna do it on White this time, and since my brothers are both in the middle of White, I'm gonna have to wait until one of them finishes theirs. I plan on saving Pierson, Anthony and Bueller, since they're my 3 best Pokemon, and I still wanna get a few more items on the Battle Subway (like the Power Whatchamacallits).

My Team:

Bueller (Ferrothorn♂), level 62
Pierson (Hydreigon♂), level 66
Mandy (Gigalith♀), level 57
Kevin (Conkeldurr♂), level 59
Joust (Escavalier♂), level 56 (Probably not gonna use this. My brother traded it over for some reason.)
Anthony (Volcarona♂), level 70

The Tropius of Tropiuses March 19, 2011 08:40:09 PM

Got it today for mai birthday.

I've been playing since 12:00, sacrificed my internet for Victini, too.
I got Oshawott, blah blah blah, got Pansear, taught it cut, and beat Cilan. Then Munna at the Dreamyard, blah blah blah, beat 2nd gym, got through Pinwheel Forest, and got to Castelia. Then I got Victini, got Bianca's Munna back after meeting Iris, and beat the 3rd gym.

Falco March 20, 2011 05:16:51 AM

I've just caught my Victini and it took me ages to get the right nature and just catch it. I used about 20 Ultra balls every time ahaa. Was wondering if anyone else had this long killer of time?

Shadow March 20, 2011 06:00:56 AM

Route 7 was fairly easy to navigate through, but the rain was both an advantage (for Dewott and Palpitoad) and a nuisance (for Simisear). I reached Celestial Tower, where I caught three Litwick before I got a Timid one. I immediately added it to my team and started training it along with the other Pokemon. After a short while, my Dewott evolved to Samurott! I continued climbing my way up the tower until I reached the end of it. I met Skyla there for the second time and rang the bell, then headed to Route 7 for further training. When it was enough, I entered the gym and battled my way through the trainers in it. Then, once more, I got very excited when both my Joltik and Palpitoad evolved to Galvantula and Seismitoad respectively! My battle against Skyla was really easy due to Galvantula; except for Swoobat, every other Pokemon fainted just from one hit! I received the badge and TM Acrobatics (which I taught to Simisear) from her, then healed my Pokemon in the PokeCentre and stopped.

The Spirit of Time March 20, 2011 08:17:31 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 13

I went straight to Skyla's gym. As I was battling the trainers in the gym, Palpitoad evolved to Seismitoad. Then, battling Skyla was quite easy; Emboar defeated Swoobat, but got defeated later on. However, Simisage knocked out the other two easily. Then, I continued my way to Route 7 to battle Cheren at the entrance of Twist Mountain. It was a hard battle, since Emboar's monstrous attack got reduced by the rain, while his Dewott's was boosted. Nevertheless, I won the battle and as a gift, Alder handed me HM Surf. Cheren got it too. I think I will be going back to Mistralton Cave tomorrow to search in it for a while.

Shadow March 20, 2011 08:40:10 AM

I couldn't stand leaving my game with so much free time in my hands, so I decided to play further than usual today. :P

As I was climbing up the stairs to Twist Mountain, Cheren appeared and battled me. I defeated him and then Alder commented on our battle, giving us HM Surf in praise of it. I taught it to both Samurott and Seismitoad, then went to various Surfing areas. My main focus was Mistralton Cave, though: I got a Dusk Stone as well as TM Rock Slide. I also caught a couple of Axew to get the right nature, but I didn't quite succeed at that.

Other than Mistralton Cave, I also went to Wellspring Cave, where I obtained a Mystic Water, TM Low Sweep and TM Focus Blast. The battles in B1F were a little tough, but I managed to overcome them victoriously. Lastly, I went to Pinwheel Forest, collected TM Solarbeam (after I missed it before) and found a SilverPowder. After modifying the movesets of several Pokemon of mine, I saved my progress up to this point, and will continue with the Surf places tomorrow.

My team right now is:

Samurott, Lv. 37
Galvantula, Lv. 37
Excadrill, Lv. 37
Seismitoad, Lv. 37
Conkeldurr, Lv. 37
Litwick, Lv. 36

(Aside from the above, I also have Scolipede and Simisear standing at Lv. 35 and 37 respectively.)

RotomGuy March 21, 2011 10:08:11 AM


Originally Posted by foxbot56 (Post 148715)
ive finished the game a long time ago -last month i think-

Wu-wut? It came out 2 weeks ago. Are you talking about the japanese version?

Anyway, i've started my actual competetive team. Still trying to understand IV's and get the right natured Frillish.

SergeiDragunov March 21, 2011 11:30:17 AM

Started the game... Again. This makes my 4th Playthrough of this game. I admit... I am slightly obsessed. Currently trotting through Route 4 on the way to Nimbasa City. I got a female Snivy again. Isn't there like a 1 in 8 chance of having a female starter? I've gotten female both times I've picked Snivy .-.

Current Team:
Basilia (Servine) lv25
Cicero (Herdier) lv23
Scolpendra (Whirlipede) lv24
Garavito (Sandile) lv23
Rampage (Darumaka) lv26

Darumaka is the definition of a glass cannon. Low defenses, low accuracy (God I hate Hustle), but RIDICULOUS power. I mean for god's sake, it has a 150 Power Fire Punch (I think?) with STAB and Hustle.

EDIT: At the end of the night, I've just beaten Elesa. I'm going to catch a Ducklett tomorrow and then continue on my merry way. Sandile was MVP in the Nimbasa Gym and evolved into Krokorok after defeating the leader. Darumaka is getting better with Hustle, since now its Fire Punch is prettymuch always a kill when it hits. Herdier is having a bit of an identity crisis now, with Darumaka becoming a heavy physical sweeper and Krokorok whooping all the Psychic and Ghost types, he's become somewhat of dead weight. :/

Current Team:
Basilia (Servine) lv26
Cicero (Herdier) lv26
Scolpendra (Whirlipede) lv27
Garavito (Krokorok) lv29
Rampage (Darumaka) lv28

TrdrsPokeTrader March 22, 2011 07:21:55 AM

I got a new Modest Deino from one of my friends yesturday morning and I have already EVed it and raised it to Lv100. I don't know why people are complaining about the new Wifi battling system. I am mad to but I'm not to lazy to raise my Pokemon to Lv100 and it is easy to do too. I raise both me Haxorus and Hydreigon to Lv100 in about 5 run throughs in the Elite 4. It only took about 20-30 minutes each. Anyway, I am breeding my 2 Timburr's to try and get an Adamant nature for the Smogon set or a Careful nature one for a set I made up.

The Spirit of Time March 22, 2011 08:22:30 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 14

I went into Mistralton city to find an Axew battling me. I successfully caught it to find out that is has an adamant nature with a monstrous attack, which pleased me. I went deeper and deeper and retrieved a lot of items, including TM Rock Slide. However, I got lost after that so I exited the cave with the help of Simisage's Dig. Then I flew all the way back to Mistralton City. I should say that having it raining for all these days is really not good; Emboar is not happy with it, not at all. Anyway, with my team finally reaching its six member, with one of them still needs more training to match the others, I continued to Twist Mountain. It was a maze, with many areas I couldn't reach although my dowsing machine was able to detect some hidden items. I should come back later and figure it out. It was a fine place though, since I got a lot of items and it was a good place to rain a bit. As I was going to reach the exit, I found Cheren has defeated a Plasma grunt. I was pleased, but not for too long, since then another grunt appeared and told his teammate that they got what they were searching for. Then, I was afraid that what N told me before would be true. He did say that he was going to get some sort of a stone that helps him awake the legendary and makes him a hero. But that moment of thinking didn't take that much of time, as soon I left Cheren and reached Icirrus City. Just like the mountain, I couldn't reach some of the areas of this city. Strangely, there were wild Pokémon in the city, something never happened before! It was a plain and a quiet city with a lot of information about the myth regarding the hero. I was able to get more details. According to the myth, a white legendary, called Reshiram, appeared. With the help of a human, they were able to defeat the enemies and build Unova. As a result, they were regarded as the heroes of Unova. However, later on, the body of that legendary Pokémon disappeared and was replaced with a white stone. After listening to the myth, I finally understood N's plan... Well, I am just preparing to face this city's gym now.

RotomGuy March 22, 2011 11:28:54 PM

I've given up with Frillish. Gonna do Scrafty instead. Here's what I had in mind
Scrafty @ Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP/4 Atk/252 SpDef
Nature: Careful
Ability: Shed Skin

Dragon Dance
Drain Punch

Yes, I edited one of Smogon. Would of loved Moxie as his ability, but he's gonna need back-up, and Shed Skin has a 1/3 chance of healing sleep caused by Rest. Anyone want to rate this?

The Spirit of Time March 23, 2011 07:08:44 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 15

After resting for a long time, I went into Icirrus gym. The puzzle was fun and soon enough, I reached Brycen. His Vanillish was able to knock out my Simisage, but lost quickly against Galaventula's devastating Thunder. However, Beartic proved to be a monster and knocked out Galaventula, although it was able to lower its health. Easily, Seismitoad finished the battle with a swift Surf. His last Pokémon, Cryogonal, was strong with its Aurora Beam, but after a good battle, Seismitoad won. As I exited the gym with the new badge and TM, I met both Cheren and Bianca. Cheren looked sad, but we couldn't have time to talk as Brycen suddenly appeared. We thought he was talking to us, but it turned out that he was talking to Ghetsis' ninja, who were hiding! I don't know how he managed to see them... The ninja delivered a message to me from N, inviting me to the Dragonspiral Tower. Accepting the invitation, I ran to the tower with Cheren and Brycen supporting me. Bianca remained with Prof. Cedric who was standing next to the entrance of the tower. We proceeded all the way up to the tower, battling some grunts. The tower looked historical and beautiful. Once I reached the top, I found N facing a huge white dragon with some sort of fire blasting out of its tail. Saying that he already controlled Reshiram, he flew away. I was stunned. As he was flying away to the Pokémon League, N told me that the only way to defeat him is to awake the other legendary being, Zekrom. As we were all in a chaos, Alder appeared and went with me to the Relic Castle, stating that the Dark Stone of Zekrom should be there. Surprisingly, Team Plasma was also there! They were searching for the stone. They wanted to control both the legendary beings! How destructive... However, neither of us was able to find it. As I exited the castle disappointed, Prof. Juniper called me, asking me to come to Nacrene's museum. When I reached, I found everyone there. Lenora handed me the ancient rounded stone she had in her museum, which turned out to be the Dark Stone. Not knowing how to awake Zekrom, Alder advised me to go to Opelucid City, where Iris can help me. I don't know how that hyper girl can do it, but I will be going there. I have to retrieve Zekrom and stop N. Right now, I am resting in Icirrus City, before setting off again tomorrow.

Shadow March 23, 2011 07:21:23 AM

Without any further delay, I headed to Mistralton Cave and caught three more Axew. One of them had a jolly nature, which is what I originally wanted. I added it to my team and continued to Twist Mountain until I reached it. It took me a very long time to navigate through it, battling all the trainers on my way and collecting various items. I caught Cubchoo and even stumbled upon a Cryogonal but accidentally killed it. On my way, my Axew evolved into the powerful Fraxure! After meeting with Cheren and the Plasma Grunts, I exited the mountain to the air of Iccirus City. The most surprising thing about Iccirus is the lake in the middle, where I caught both Shelmet and Stunfisk. I explored the city and finished everything in it (excluding the gym), then headed to the Dragonspiral Tower entrance. I caught a Druddigon and Mienfoo over there, then bought TM Thunder from the PokeCentre, which I taught to my Galvantula. I saved my progress in front of the gym, hoping that I easily defeat the gym leader tomorrow.

My current team is:

Samurott, Lv. 39
Excadrill, Lv. 39
Litwick, Lv. 39
Fraxure, Lv. 38
Galvantula, Lv. 38
Conkeldurr, Lv. 38

SergeiDragunov March 23, 2011 04:42:24 PM

Rolling through Celestial Tower atm. Since Herdier evolved, it's become a great asset to the team as opposed to just being dead weight. I got my Swanna and Darmanitan within 3 minutes of each other, and my Servine is getting close to evolution too. I'm doing this one as fast as I can. A hot girl asked if she could borrow my game ;) I told her I'd have it on Monday. That should give me time to beat the game I think.

Current Team:
Basilia (Servine f) lv34
Cicero (Stoutland m) lv35
Scolpendra (Scollipede f) lv35
Garavito (Krokorok m) lv36
Rampage (Darmanitan m) lv35
Serenity (Swanna f) lv35

Shiny March 23, 2011 04:52:57 PM

Training in Dreamyard
Ended up trading my friend Shiny Zebstrika for Shiny Deino.
Absolute love <3

Shiny Zweilous Level 57
Samurott Level 57
Swoobat Level 57
Chandelure Level 57
LED Level 57
Scrafty Level 59

shinyarceus4 March 23, 2011 06:04:40 PM

Using the team I Poke-transferred into Black, I beat Cynthia at Undella Town.

It was so nostalgic and fun, I had to do it again.

The Spirit of Time March 24, 2011 11:04:08 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 16

It was a long journey from Icirrus City to Opelucid City. The view was amazing. I caught a lot of wild Pokémon and found many items on my way. I did meet Ghetsis on my way though, which wasn't pleasant at all. As I reached Opelucid, I met with Alder who took me to the center of the city. There, Ghetsis was having a speech to the people. Some of them were actually convinced! When they were done, I met with Iris and her father Drayden. They promised me to tell me more about Reshiram and Zekrom. I will be visiting their house tomorrow to hear it.

Arceus is Epic March 24, 2011 04:20:38 PM

Team: (W)
Zekrom lvl 58
Archeops lvl 58
Samurott lvl 58
Kyurem lvl 77
Zoroark x2 lvl 35 (temp. training)
Serperior lvl 57
Emboar lvl 57
Training in Giant Chasm.

Team: (B)
Patrat lvl 13
Tympole lvl 13
Munna (SK) lvl 14
Tepig lvl 14
Timburr lvl 15
Sawk lvl 15

Training in the entrance of Pinwheel Forest.

Shadow March 25, 2011 05:10:07 AM

The first thing I did was challenge Brycen's Ice gym. The trainers were easy to beat, and Brycen himself did not stand a chance against my Pokemon - so much that none of my Pokemon fainted! After receiving the Freeze Badge and TM Frost Breath, I exited the gym and headed to Dragonspiral Tower.

Upon entering Dragonspiral Tower, I went east and caught a wild Sawsbuck, training all my team members to a respectable level before going in. While doing this, Litwick finally evolved to Lampent, and then to Chandelure when I used the Dusk Stone on it! In the building itself, I caught Golett and worked my way up the tower, collecting items along my ascend. I faced quite a number of Plasma Grunts before reaching the top, where N was standing beside Zekrom. After the dialogue and Zekrom's flight, I flew back to Relic Castle to stop Team Plasma from resurrecting both legendaries.

Navigating through Relic Castle was a fairly difficult task to do, but I managed to battle all the (annoying) Plasma grunts until I reached the bottom. Ghetsis was there saying that the Light Stone was not there, and soon afterwards he left. Following that, I got a call from Professor Juniper asking me to go to Nacrene City's museum. When I went there, Lenora gave me the Light Stone! I was then told that I needed to go to Opelucid City and meet Drayden, the gym leader, for more information regarding the legendary dragons.

Currently, all my team members - Samurott, Excadrill, Chandelure, Fraxure, Galvantula and Conkeldurr - stand at level 42.

snivy March 25, 2011 10:47:35 AM

Now that I beat black, I started white yesterday. Chose tepig as my starter and named him flare and soon continued my journey. I caught a purloin and then trained him to match flares level. Got to accumula town and heard ghetsis' speech. N approached me and I battled him. Tepig took him down fairly easily. Got to striaton city. Got panasage. Beat cress then took down team plasma at the dreamyard with Bianca just standing there watching me. Got to necrane city and took down Lenora. Later I saw team plasma taking down the dragon skull! Chased after them and got it back. Then I went to skyarow bridge. Saved.

The Spirit of Time March 25, 2011 12:21:12 PM

Spirit's Journal

Day 17

So, I visited Iris and Drayden today, to be shocked with the actual myth. Who would have thought that Zekrom and Reshiram were one being before?! After the visit, I went into different areas of the city, and then headed to the last gym. Navigating through it was really hard, and the trainers there proved to have a very strong potential. Lastly, I reached Iris and had a good battle. Her Haxorus was monstrous, but I was able to win, nevertheless. I also evolved some of the Pokémon I caught, but never used. I am also on the move of capturing those that I have seen but not captured. I am trying my best to fill the Pokédex as much as possible before continuing to Route 10.

SergeiDragunov March 25, 2011 04:53:54 PM

Well I finished off the game today, so I'll have it reset and ready for my lady friend by Monday morning. Since I'm going to be super-busy the rest of the weekend I decided to add Reshiram to my slightly under-leveled team to finish off N and Ghetsis.

Final Team:
Basilia (Serperior) lv50
Cicero (Stoutland) lv47 (He got boxed in the last 2 battles. Poor fella.)
Scolpendra (Scollipede) lv49
Garavito (Krookodile) lv48
Rampage (Darmanitan) lv49
Serenity (Swanna) lv48

So yeah, that's it for now. I'll have to wait until she finishes the game until I can proceed with Run #5.

Shadow March 26, 2011 10:04:54 AM

Route 9 was easy to cross (I caught Gothorita, Garbodor, Pawniard), and soon I found myself in the Moor of Icirrus. There were many items to collect in there, both visible and hidden, and I had a couple of battles, too. Then I exited the moor and headed to Tubeline Bridge. I must say that I was again impressed by the 3D view of the bridge, and minutes later Alder and I were talking to Drayden and Iris about the myth of Unova in Opelucid City. After visiting them in their house and learning more about Reshiram and Zekrom, I headed to the gym.

There were many trainer battles over there, and some of them were really tough, but I liked the puzzle inside. Drayden wasn't exactly tough, but his Haxorus managed to use two Dragon Dances, which made it difficult for me to defeat it. Despite that, none of my Pokemon fainted, but two of them were standing on red HP. After receiving the final badge and TM Dragon Tail, I healed my Pokemon and then met Professor Juniper, who gave me the Master Ball. As I was going to Route 10, a lady told me that a severe storm was blowing in Route 7. I used Unfezant to fly me over there, where I encountered Tornadus!

Not wanting to catch it at this time, I returned back to Opelucid and then entered Route 10. I battled Cheren, caught Amoongus, Vullaby, Bouffalant and evolved Herdier to Stoutland. I battled many trainers and received several items as well, notably a Dusk Stone, a Dawn Stone and TM Roar. I stopped before the entrance of Victory Road (woot!) and saved my progress up to this point.

The Spirit of Time March 26, 2011 10:25:42 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 18

As I exited Opelucid City, I was informed that an unusual storm has hit Route 7. I flew to the route and witnessed the storm. But I didn't understand the reason behind it, so I flew back to Opelucid. I went to Route 10, where I caught several wild Pokémon, battled the trainers there and got a lot of new items. After some time, I reached the gate in which inspection of my badges will be held. I should say that navigating through the eight gates was rather awesome and nostalgic. As I finished the eighth and last gate, I found myself in front of a huge and complicated mountain with a big cave opened down in the center. Knowing that it is the entrance to Victory Road, I camped there, ready to enter it tomorrow.

Shadow March 27, 2011 11:42:07 AM

Finished Victory Road today. I managed to catch three new Pokemon in the process: Heatmor, Durant and Deino. I liked how more confusing Victory Road was this generation, especially the sliding on either side of the man at the top. I had to go up three times to get TM Wild Charge as well as TM Dragon Claw, and my situation worsened when I ran out of Max Repels. After evolving all my team members to level 46-47, I stopped before the Pokemon League and flew back to Route 1. I surfed my way on the water over there until I reached Route 17, where I saved my progress. I will be continuing from this point tomorrow.

Shiny March 27, 2011 12:36:41 PM

Well, all I've really been doing is level-grinding to battle the Elite 4 a second time. I really like how the trainer's Pokemon's levels have increased this generation.
Oh yeah, and I transferred some Pokemon using PokeTransfer. It's a cool little mini-game. Tne arrows were hard to aim at first, but you get used to it.

My team also went through yet another change. I'm quite happy with this team now. :3

Current team:
Excalibur - Escavelier Level 85 Met at Level 49
U MAD - Scrafty Level 86 Met at Level 28
Rebirth - Volcarona Level 84 Egg Hatched
Salamence - Level 85 Met at Level 72
Mazatlan - Sharpedo Level 80 Met at Level 38
Nightmare - Gliscor Level 85 Egg Hatched

TrdrsPokeTrader March 27, 2011 04:39:47 PM

I have just finished raising and leveling up my awesome Conkeldurr! This is it's info, moves, stats, etc.

Conkeldurr @ Flame Orb
Ability: Guts
Nature: Sassy
EVs: 120 HP/252 Atk/136 Sp.Def
IVs: HP 31/Atk 23/Def 31/Sp.Atk 29/Sp.Def 5/Spd 31 <---I couldn't believe it has 31 IVs in 3 stats! I hate the 5 IVs in Sp.Def though.

~Bulk Up
~Mach Punch
~Drain Punch

HP: 381
Atk: 371
Def: 226
Sp.Atk: 144
Sp.Def: 191
Spd: 113

Like if you think this is a good set and good stats!

Now time to get to work on Ferrothorn!

The Spirit of Time March 28, 2011 11:04:00 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 19

I entered Victory Road today, to find myself facing a very interesting maze. It took me a lot of time to go through every cave and every path, get every hidden and visible item and battle all the trainers. I was glad to get TM Wild Charge, since it added a better option as a move to my Emboar. Now that I already exited Victory Road and reached the amazing-looking Pokémon League, I am resting in that small tower on the side, waiting for tomorrow. I am still not sure whether to battle the Elite Four tomorrow or go and train. I still feel that my team is not well-prepared, since only Emboar, Simisage and Fraxure are at level 46, while the other three are still at level 44. I might go to some routes I didn't visit yet, like Route 17 and 18 to train there, to (hopefully) improve my team a bit.

TrdrsPokeTrader March 28, 2011 02:30:28 PM

I am still breeding Ferrothorn to get a Relaxed Ferroseed but I made up a new team on PO last night so I am now trying to get all the people for it. Starting out with Terrakion. It is a pain in the butt to catch but I need a Jolly nature so wish me luck!

The Spirit of Time March 29, 2011 09:47:38 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 20

Finally, I decided to go and train, as I found out that my team wasn't really that properly strong. Therefore, I flew to Nuvema Town, where I surfed west to Route 17. I also continued my way to the far east of Route 18. Along my way, I battled all the trainers and collected a lot of valuable items. When I was done surfing, I flew to Nimbasa City, where I battled in the sporting domes some trainers. As I ended the battles, I went to the right of the city to reach Route 16. I went all the way till the bridge, which turned out to be closed. It was a good place to battle some trainers, and I actually went into Lostlorn City, where some items were located. Satisfied, I flew all the way back to the Pokémon League, prepared my team in each and every way to be ready for tomorrow's challenge. My team right now stands with Emboar, Haxorus and Galvantula at level 48, Simisage at level 47, while Seismitoad and Cofagrigus are at level 46.

Shadow March 29, 2011 11:36:30 AM

So much to cover in a single post... :P

First thing's first, I finished Route 17 & 18 where I battled many trainers, collected numerous items and received a Larvesta egg. Surfing routes aren't really my favourite, but all in all these two routes weren't as annoying as I expected (although they were a little confusing).

After that, I flew back to Victory Road and finalized my Pokemon's training, evolving Fraxure into Haxorus at level 48 in th process! I was really happy that Haxorus' movepool is more diverse than its pre-evolution, so I taught it many great moves. Before entering the Elite 4, only Haxorus and Galvantula were at level 48, while every other Pokemon was at level 47. And then I started my challenge against the Elite 4...

(Before proceeding to read my post, I must warn you that it might contain potential spoilers for people who didn't reach the Elite 4 yet. Therefore, read only if you have no problem with that.)

I loved how dramatic the ascend to every Elite was. Better still, it was pleasing to battle them in any order I wish. Personally, I found Marshal to be the hardest, as his Throh fainted one Pokemon and Conkeldurr fainted two Pokemon of my own. Following that was Shauntal, whose Ghost-type Pokemon were generally hard to defeat (leaving three of my Pokemon standing at low-yellow HP). Caitlin was the third easiest Elite trainer, but that doesn't mean defeating her was a total breeze. Sigilyph remained as annoying as ever, and even Gothitelle proved to be a pain. Lastly, Grimsley was almost a joke in front of my Pokemon (notably Conkeldurr), and I was able to win against him with only one Pokemon standing at yellow HP. Following that I went to battle the champion...

MAJOR plot spoilers    
Because I almost totally forgot about N, I was surprised to see him there because I wasn't expecting him. And when I saw the cut-scene about Team Plasma's newly-built castle, I felt dazzled. I went like: "Holy sh**! Team Plasma is much more serious than the other antagonists!". This twist in the plot from the usual tradition was an absolutely genius move from Game Freak in my opinion, adding an element of suspense and drama into the storyline. Better still, the music in N's/Team Plasma's Castle made the whole situation seem like the penultimate ******** between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, as though I'm the savior of the world. Finally, when Zekrom appeared in another cut-scene behind N, I felt that a real threat was just around the corner. It was as if I was completely immersed into the plot - so much that I thought I was truly living everything! I can easily say that Pokemon B/W have the best. plot. EVER!

I stopped before catching Reshiram, and will continue tomorrow (although I'm really excited to find out what's going to happen next).

The Spirit of Time March 30, 2011 10:51:16 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 21

I entered the Pokémon league to find four separated chambers. Hastily, I jumped forward to one of them, to find myself after a moment or two facing a sportsman. Marshal was not an easy opponent, but not that hard as well, considering that my team was under leveled after all. Haxorus, using Aerial Ace, was able to knock out both of his Sawk and Throh after some time, but was miserably knocked out by Conkeldurr. As a result, I sent out Simisage, who won using Acrobatics. The same move was used several time to knock out Mienshao, rising me as the winner. After using the necessary items, I went to another chamber to fight Caitlin, whom I fought before as a Frontier Brain. She was harder than Marshall. However, I remained victorious nevertheless. The last two were harder than the first, but my team was able to withstand all the blows. As I finished with them, I went back to the statue, which led me to where Alder was at the top of the league. Unfortunately, it turned out that he lost against N's Reshiram! N announced himself as the champion and called Team Plasma's castle. Terrifying like nothing I have seen before, a huge castle appeared from under the ground, launched several stairs that attached themselves to the league. It was like that castle was engulfing the league! N, who was so glad with his triumph, went way up to the castle, challenging me. Minutes later, Cheren appeared after defeated the Elite Four himself, and asked me to proceed while he attends Alder's wounds. Reluctantly, I went all the way up to find myself ambushed by the six sages of Team Plasma. Luckily, the seven gym leaders and Dryden appeared from nowhere, battling with the sages and giving me an open space. As I was ascending the gigantic building, I knew some information about N's past. I was also informed that Team Plasma was tracking the movements of Team Galactic and Rocket that I fought before! I was also well-lectured by Ghetsis, who revealed his true plan: to rule the world as the only user of Pokémon. Disgusted, I marched through my way until I reached the final door. Looking for some rest, I hid near that entrance, waiting until I strike.

TrdrsPokeTrader March 30, 2011 03:52:11 PM

I got a Shiny Haxorus with a Jolly Nature from one of my friends on Wifi and he had already EVd it so I am now raising it to Lv100 (Currently Lv64). Once I am done I will need to work on my new Grass Gym team that I created last night. I can't tell you which Pokemon I am raising for it!

Falco March 31, 2011 12:48:44 AM

Sounds awesome, currently trying to build my new hail team.

The Spirit of Time March 31, 2011 07:45:38 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 22

I entered the main chamber to see N waiting for me there. After a chat, he called Reshiram, which appeared from the sky and causing a huge dent in the wall of the castle. Its power was blazing great. As a some sort of a reaction, the Dark Stone I had rose up in the air and absorbed all kinds of energy from the surrounding. A huge sphere of dark aura engulfed it, and as it cleared, Zekrom showed up. The thunderous power was striking everywhere and soon enough, it challenged me. Catching it was quite easy, using only one Ultra Ball. Luckily, that Zekrom was lonely in nature, with an increase in its attack, but a decrease in its defense. After the challenge, N healed my team and had a battle with me to determine who was the better hero. As the hardest battle I had so far, I was able to win with only Emboar and Galvantula left with half of their HP. Soon after that, Ghetsis appeared, declaring that he was using N for his own purposes; to rule the world. Alder and Cheren appeared after him to capture him, but with his strong team, it was impossible. Battling him, I was able to defeat him after facing a lot of troubles, especially from his Hydreigon. He was the strongest trainer I have ever battled. After that, Cheren and Alder captured Ghetsis, and I remained with N. We had a long talk, in which N started to change his thoughts about the liberty of Pokémon. Wishing me good luck, he flew away with Reshiram to find the truth he always wanted. I went back home as well. I took a long nap, and when I woke up, I found an international police officer waiting for me, named Looker. He told me that the sages of Team Plasma are on the run, and requested me to capture them. He also handed me a Super Rod. Once he left, I went out to see Cheren, Bianca and Prof. Cedric Juniper, who upgraded our Pokédex to the national mode. Both of Cheren and Bianca went and I went back home to relax, waiting for tomorrow to come, to continue a very long journey.

Shadow March 31, 2011 11:54:10 AM

Continuing my progress from the last point:

More plot spoilers    
Catching Reshiram was very easy - the only thing which I needed was a single Timer Ball. I battled N and deliberately lost to him three times so that I could soft-reset for Reshiram's nature, finally getting a Hasty-natured one. The battle with N was not extremely difficult, but Zekrom and Zoroark (disguised) were a little tough to take down. It was the following battle with Ghetsis that really exhausted my Pokémon, leaving me only with my Excadrill. His Hydreigon was painfully strong and fast! I absolutely loved the corruption in Ghetsis' character and the darker, deeper plot of the games. Plus, N has one of the most complex characters ever in any Pokémon generation, which is something I personally admired.

With this, I have successfully finished the main storyline of the game, and then I ended up in Nuvema Town again. I received the Super Rod as a gift from Looker, and I even got my PokéDex upgraded to the National Mode! Tomorrow I will start my quest to discover the rest of Unova and collect 'em all.

SolarYoshi April 1, 2011 05:53:55 AM

Whut. Kyruem was caught with a single pokeball on my first try. I never used any moves. No, REALLY, I'm not kidding.

TrdrsPokeTrader April 1, 2011 07:32:04 AM

I am done EVing my Gym team, all that is left is to level them up to 100. Then I have to get to work on a Sandstorm team I have made for a tournament my friend is hosting. Wish me luck on the team and in the tournament, the winner gets $100!

The Spirit of Time April 1, 2011 09:58:16 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 23

Today marked the first day of winter. All lands turned to solid steel, while the trees got covered with silver sheets of ice. The lakes became pale. It was an interesting change. Anyway, I decided to follow Cheren's suggestion and roam Unova again, keeping in mind Looker's quest to find the other six sages of Team Plasma. Firstly, I went to the Dreamyard, which had a new path opened. Going through it, I went into a basement, where many scientists and psychics were staying. I battled them all, although their teams were incredibly higher than mine. I also got few items and TMs. As I was searching this new area, I met with one of the sages, who explained to me part of their previous plot. He also gave me TM Swords Dance as a gift. Too bad for him, Looker was able to locate him and capture him. Moreover, as I proceeded further, I met with a wild Lv.50 Musharna. It wasn't an easy job, but I successfully captured it. After taking a rest in Striaton City, I went to Wellspring Cave, where I went deeper with the help of Surf, battling some trainers and getting more items. I also visited Pinwheel Forest, where I also accessed more areas with Surf. Finally, I headed to Mistralton City and then to the east of it to reach Marvelous Bridge. It was an interesting bridge and as soon as I reached the end of it, I found myself in Route 15. That route had many powerful trainers and new wild Pokémon from other regions. Going through such route wasn't easy at all, but it was fun. I also found PokéTransfer Lab, but didn't use it. When I was done, I found myself in the empty White Forest, where I had two hard triple battles. Today was one busy day.

Shadow April 1, 2011 01:03:23 PM

HOLY CRAP! What happened to both the wild and trained Pokémon? Their levels are incredibly higher than mine! Not that I am complaining (since that provides great challenge and makes it easier to evolve Pokémon), but I just wasn't expecting it such a drastic change. Well done, Game Freak. You caught me off guard with that one. (y)

Anyways, firstly I went to Dragonspiral Tower, where I accessed a new area thanks to the pile of snow and caught Vanillish as well as Beartic. Then I went to Icirrus City and collected the hidden items, including a RageCandyBar from some house. I caught the winter form of Deerling and Sawsbuck, then set to catch as many Pokémon from previous generations as I could from all the routes up to Route 10. This included Feebas, Goldeen, Relicanth, Luvdisc, Clamperl, Krabby, Barboach, Raticate, Ledian, Ariados, Venomoth, Kricketune and many more.

Other than going through these different routes (not completely, though), I went into the Dreamyard. The battles there were extremely tough, but I managed to defeat every trainer after facing a hard time. I got TM Swords Dance from the one of the six Sages, then caught a level 50 Musharna. All of my team members currently stand at level 52 except for Chandelure and Excadrill, both of which are at level 51. Tomorrow, I will pass through various locations (i.e, cities and towns) up to Opelucid City so that I can catch more wild Pokémon from previous generations. I just love how occupied the post-game of Pokémon B/W is so far!

Arceus is Epic April 2, 2011 06:35:04 AM

In Black, I have arrived in the Nimbasa Gym ready to defeat Elesa with my lvl 30 team. Her Emolgas spammed the Aerial Ace move and I accidentally brought in Pignite (fire/fighting). Her Zebstrika made good use of its Volt Switch move almost putting Tirtouga into a faint. My Herdier used a Work Up tied to a Strength and almost took out Zebstrika. While Elesa used a Hyper Potion (again), I switched for Victini and used Return. Its friendship with me took out Zebstrika in one hit. I have now recieved the Bolt Badge along with the Volt Switch TM. Now my journey continues to Driftveil City.

The Spirit of Time April 2, 2011 07:12:23 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 24

Straight from Nuvema Town till Icirrus City. It was a long trip, but I was able to catch every new Pokémon so far. Today's swarm was Minun, which of course got caught. I will continue further by tomorrow, revisiting what I already visited before.

AnathemA April 2, 2011 08:46:11 AM


Why Honchkrow why!? FLYING IS WEAK TO ICE!

Sigh.. I spent 5 hours seaching for a male and female Murkrow in the Fertility/Abundance Shrine for breeding (Japanese Black). I got a male Murkrow in an hour, and I accidentally killed the next 3 females

Female 1: False Swiped, Samurott died, accidentally switched out to Tyranitar, forgetting it had Sand Stream.
Female 2: Wild double battle, Tyranitar was second in my list, so sand stream killed it again.
Female 3: Accidentally ran away, as there was a huuuuge time gap between female 2 and 3.

Finally, caught female 4. Bred an egg, transfered it to my English White, then it hatched an adamant Honchkrow. After some Exp. Share training at route 16, I moved Honchkrow's training to that place just before Twist Mountain. After falling off a wooden platform, a shiny level 29 Cubchoo appeared. As Honchkrow was only 33, I decided to try a Wing Attack, predicting it to fall into yellow health. OHKO, and I'm here sweaing into my DS screen.
I'm feeling pretty annoyed by this, I'm probably gonna go back to Soul Silver later and to some Poke Radaring till I find a shiny.

Oh well, at least I still have a very nice new Pokemon. Been trying out the Swagger + Foul Play combo, its pretty cool. I'm gonna give this EV training thing a try. Might head off to the battle subway to rack up some BP for a Power Anklet and other stuff like that

RotomGuy April 3, 2011 02:30:49 AM

I caught a Huntail, Relicanth and Luvdisc.
How? I went to Route 4, ran up and down near the water, waited for a whirlpool to appear, then fished in it. Some really great hard-to-got national dex pokemons there.

Also obtained a Honchkrow, Ninetales and Bronzong.
Once again, how? Abundant shrine, found the grass. Bronzong comes as he is, there is a Dusk stone around there, and Ninetales in shaking grass.

Filling up the pokedex is so much more fun in B&W.

The Huntail I mentioned earlier is now Level 70. I'm leveling up Honchkrow, and then i'll go to another location and get some more national pokedex pokemon.

Ningamer April 3, 2011 02:38:19 AM

I had a go at the random matchup battles online yesterday. Nobody stood a chance against my tried-and-tested team, I've had a massive streak at the Battle Frontier/Subway with it. Couple that with the fact that nobody online knows anything about competitive battling ('Cept for one guy with a Shuckle who was Toxic stalling me - Metagross should sort that out >:3).

Shadow April 3, 2011 06:20:29 AM

-Visited the Battle Subway, where I went to Anville Town. There really was nothing to do there, so I left rather quickly.

-Battled many trainers in the Big Stadium and Small Court (Nimbasa City), which leveled up my Pokémon and expanded my seen PokéDex.

-Went through Marvelous Bridge, where I received a Magikarp and caught a Swanna. I also got the Adamant, Lustrous and Griseous Orb, then went through Route 15. I caught a variety of new Pokémon over there, and continued my way to Black City. I saved my progress over here.

teamplasma April 3, 2011 06:31:24 AM

I'm at The elite 4 and i'm stuck cause my pokemon are all level 55-45 and it is hard to beat the elite fore with sucky pokemon!

The Spirit of Time April 3, 2011 07:22:05 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 25

Not much today... I continued to Route 8, 9 and 10 to catch three new Pokémon I haven't caught before. I flew to Route 3, where a swarm of Illumise was there. I was able to catch one. Starting from tomorrow, I think I will be visiting the caves and towers I visited before, since now I am done with the routes. Hopefully, I will get to see more.

GrassPokemonFTW April 3, 2011 03:10:21 PM

I had to reset my White Forest, so I did the link thingamabobber and now I've got new Pokemon in white forest. Luckily I got a Seedot and my friend gave me his spare Breloom and Bellossom that I so desperately needed. I also got a Leaf Stone to evolve my remainging Gloom with. Or my Seedot, if my decisions change.

Arceus is Epic April 3, 2011 04:06:57 PM

I got to Cold Storage and defeated Team Plasma. Afterwards, I went to Driftveil Gym and challenged everyone except Clay. Now I'm in Route 6 training everyone to level 35.

The Spirit of Time April 4, 2011 08:22:25 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 26

In Nimbasa City, I challenged the players in the stadiums, who were really hard. Good battles though. I also went to Relic Castle, catching a Darmanitan, which was one of the statues that laid there. In that castle, I found one of the sages who gave me TM Calm Mind, but got caught by Looker. That sage talked about a strong Pokémon in the castle, but I prefer not to challenge it now. I am staying this night in the castle to roam in it more tomorrow.

Shadow April 4, 2011 09:44:45 AM

I. Am. THRILLED! Read on to find out why!

- Caught a Lonely-natured Tornadus only after two Signal Beams from Galvantula and a single Quick Ball. At first I thought the nature was disadvantageous, but then I realized that now Tornadus can make a fearsome mixed sweeper.

- Received Solosis and Rufflet from one of my friends, and evolved Boldore, Shelmet, Karrablast and Clamperl (into Huntail). My seen PokéDex is almost 200 now.

- THIS IS WHERE I AM STILL SHOCKED! I was walking in the single grass on Route 11 to catch a Vullaby for my friend, and holy flabbergasters! A SHINY GLIGAR SUDDENLY APPEARED! I immediately caught it with a Dusk Ball, and now I have my first shiny Pokémon in Black! :D

Here's a visual proof of the shiny Gligar:

Falco April 4, 2011 12:23:48 PM

Nice! That's an awesome catch!

RotomGuy April 4, 2011 09:58:24 PM

I have never caught a shiny on my own. Never seen a wild one :cry:
I caught a Dragonite while fishing :D
But today when I loaded it up, my charecter was running and walking really slowly. I thought "Save and turn it off", but when I got to the save menu, the time was messed up. 3;?6!!!!

SergeiDragunov April 6, 2011 06:50:38 PM


YES. My friend caught one and sent it to me since he knows how much I <3 Excadrill. He's replaced Pulverizer, my Gigalith. I also replaced my Beheeyem with the incredibly awesome Volcarona. I know this gives me some wonky typing issues in my team, but I just can't justify putting away any of these awesome Pokemon. :P So, current team:

Saigo (Samurott) lv61
Diesel (Excadrill) lv57 (Working on that)
G-Force (Klinklang) lv61
Sunstroke (Volcarona) lv70
Notorious (Scrafty) lv62
Asbestos (Garbodor) lv60

Gonna do a bit more training tomorrow, as well as go after Landorus (Since my friend gave me my Tornadus back) and go after Kyurem, who I surprisingly haven't gone after yet.

The Spirit of Time April 7, 2011 08:19:49 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 27

It seems that training in Nimbasa's stadiums has become a daily routine. It is quite good; getting a lot of experience points and such. I am delighted. I revisited the Relic Castle, remembering seeing an item I didn't get. After a lot of messing around, I was able to get the lost TM Earthquake, which got taught to my Seismitoad. I also flew to Driftveil, suspecting a sage to be hidden in the Cold Storage, but it was closed. Therefore, I continued my journey all the way until Chargestone Cave, which had a sage hidden there. I had to battle two Plasma grunts to reach that sage, who gave me TM Rock Polish. As usual, Looker captured him. I still have three more sages to find. Anyway, when I reached Mistralton City and continued north, I met with a strange legendary Pokémon called Tornadus. It was too fast for me to battle, and it ran away. I think I will be hunting it down soon, once I am done locating the sages.

foxbot56 April 7, 2011 12:12:36 PM

1.i have captures one legendary cant remember which one
and i have lost my pokemon black:(

The Spirit of Time April 8, 2011 09:17:53 AM

Spirit's Journal

Day 28

I went to the Dragonspiral Tower, guessing to find a sage hidden there. Unfortunately, I failed, seeing nothing but emptiness. Disappointed again, and after finishing some training, I went into the the Subway. There, intimidated by the battles, I went instead to Anville Town. It was an empty town, but I will be visiting it tomorrow, since Saturday is the weekend.

Arceus is Epic April 8, 2011 10:26:18 AM

I finally beat Skyla with my level 40 pokemon (now 42) and I am now in Twist Mountain. I can easily leave, but I want to fight everyone and get all the items though.

Emboar lvl 42
Stoutland lvl 42
Victini lvl 42
Carracosta lvl 42
Toady (Seismitoad) lvl 42
Sk (Musharna) lvl 42

Shadow April 8, 2011 01:43:54 PM

I didn't do much today, but I caught a variety of new Pokémon from Routes 15 and 14; this included Pupitar, Tropius, Altaria, Jigglypuff, Beheeyem, Drifblim, and a couple others. My team members stand at level 54-55, and I faced quite a lot of battles on my way to Black City. The city is still empty now because I didn't connect to a White Forest yet, but I plan to do that soon.

Shiningbolt April 9, 2011 04:29:36 PM

Trying to find the Waterfall HM. I also plan to battle Bianca if possible since I beat the E4 and every other powered-up person.

Ultimazone April 10, 2011 11:26:41 AM

Beat the elite four, N, and Ghetsis. Not sure what I plan to do next.

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