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Shiny September 25, 2011 02:06:05 PM

Shiny vs Alakazamster
Shiny vs Alakazamaster!

Battle Style - Single Battle; 1 Pokemon each.
Disqualification Time - 7 Days
Damage Cap - 100
Restrictions - No OHKO Moves, One Chill.
Arena - Abandoned Colosseum
A Colosseum abandoned long ago. The walls and seats are crumbling all around.
The circular arena is full of dry, brown patches of grass. On the left side, there is a small fresh water lake. The water is fresh, almost as if it is changed every day.
Ref - Open

Ala, your Pokemon.
Shiny, your Pokemon and moves.
Ala, your moves.

Alakazamaster September 25, 2011 02:07:31 PM

Go, Calypso!
Ability: Hydration

Shiny September 25, 2011 02:11:47 PM

ShamWow, I pick thou!
Aipom - Female
Ability: Skill Link

Let's give them a nice DoubleSLap, and then Slam 'em down.

Alakazamaster September 25, 2011 05:20:11 PM

All right Calypso, that ShamWow is going to cause problems. Before it gets the chance to run up to you and Doubleslap, employ your Skill Swap to keep yourself safe! Once that is complete, try out your Icy Wind to slow that ShamWow down.

Skill Swap~Icy Wind

SyracuvatTenlii October 2, 2011 02:50:32 PM

ROUND 1 Results
Status: TEE-HEE!
Health: 100
Energy: 100

Status: Hi there~!
Health: 100
Energy: 100

These battles have their peculiar ways of signaling the start, as I've noticed. Such was the case here, evidently, as for no apparent reason, a pillar off to the side spontaneously toppled over and crumbled. ShamWow seemed to get the picture first, and bounded over in Calypso's direction. Turning around completely, she got her tail-hand ready for the strike, but Calypso caught sight of it at the last second and dodged, barely in time.
Accuracy Roll: 973/1000, 1-850 hits
Result: MISS! 5 Energy from ShamWow

Calypso chuckled a little bit at the failure of that anticipatory attack. She noticed, though, that if that Aipom had succeeded in hitting her, things would have been likely ugly, due to her Skill Link ability. She did not like the idea of her having that ability-- she wanted it for herself. Calypso managed to catch ShamWow's attention for a couple seconds, which was enough for her plan. Her eyes began to glow a bright green, and ShamWow appeared to be hypnotized by them when her eyes glowed the same hue. Both stood there motionless for a couple seconds, then both snapped out of what looked like a staring contest. ShamWow was thoroughly perplexed-- what was the point of that? Calypso, on the other hand, was satisfied with the result of her move.
Result: Calypso now has the ability Skill Link. ShamWow now has the ability Hydration. 5 Energy from Calypso

ShamWow thought for a moment about what had just happened, when it came to her-- that Smoochum had stolen her ability! She was furious, and wanted to take action immediately. Hopping into the air slightly, she fit her tail underneath and used it as a spring to jump into the right above Calypso, who hadn't noticed her and wondered where she had gone. Suddenly, there was a shadow above her. She looked up just in time to see a giant hand over her head, but much too late to do anything about it.
That had to have hurt! Calypso staggered a moment and fell over, completely dazed by that surprisingly powerful attack. ShamWow even realized that maybe she went a little overboard with that, but all's fair in love and war, and ShamWow is certainly not loving that Smoochum...
Accuarcy Roll: 29/1000, 1-750 hits, 1-62 criticals.
Result: CRITICAL HIT! 10 Damage to Calypso, 5 Energy from ShamWow.

Calypso got up after a couple moments, rubbing her head, which was now throbbing horribly. Now was the time to take her counterattack. Multi-hit moves would have to wait for a little. Now she needed to use a move that was almost certain to hit. Concentrating for a moment, she squeezed her eyes shut. Then they glowed a very light blue. ShamWow shielded her eyes, afraid of another little prank, but this was something entirely different. The temperature dropped drastically in moments, as ShamWow noticed. Then she cringed as she felt something small and cold hit her belly-- it was a piece of hail that had blown in from nowhere. She looked in the direction of where it came from and saw an onslaught of little pieces of sleet coming right for her. Not much to run to, they were pretty much unavoidable. She closed her eyes and prepared for the worst.
She looked around, and it was all gone. The temperature rose again. She did feel a little pain from the ice bullets, but it was hardly significant.
Accuracy Roll: 838/1000, 1-950 hits.
Result: 6 Damage to ShamWow, 5 Energy from Calypso.

Status: She must get on a lot of people's nerves...
Ability is now Hydration
Health: 94
Energy: 90

Status: Hm... That was not near as powerful as I wanted...Oh, well~! At least I have her ability!
Ability is now Skill Link
Health: 90
Energy: 90

No effects are added in this round.
Ala, your moves first.
Shiny, you follow.

Alakazamaster October 9, 2011 08:05:18 AM
Skill Link

Calypso, go ahead and set up some Hail! If ShamWow uses any sort of support move then use Nasty Plot, but if it presses the attack then show off your Blizzard.

Hail~Nasty Plot/Blizzard

Shiny October 9, 2011 02:17:23 PM

Go in for a Fire Punch before Calypso can move. Once Hail is set up, bring in Sunny Day to cancel it out!

Fire Punch ~ Sunny Day

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