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Cat333Pokémon November 17, 2016 03:10:32 PM

Pokémon Sun and Moon Recent Happenings
The games release tonight, so I might as well get this thread started now. :)

Dragonite November 17, 2016 09:48:59 PM

Got off work at 11 PM, GameStop just so happened to be right across the parking lot. Stood outside in the cold for a while. Battled a guy. Ate free candy that the manager was giving out for whatever reason. Overall a pretty good night.

Cat333Pokémon November 18, 2016 12:33:11 AM

I met up with about 100 folks at 11:30 and chatted about previous generations and my interesting Pokémon Y run. A few folks there only recently (X/Y) came back to the series after a 15-year hiatus. Lots of Pokémon shirts, backpacks, and plushies too.

I shall be choosing Litten and pretty quickly adding Lycanroc and Yungoos to my team.

Cat333Pokémon November 18, 2016 12:32:06 PM

I just played a little bit last night. The beginning of the game is fairly long by Pokémon standards. I only made it to Hau'oli Outskirts so far, but I did spend time messing with things like the Festival Plaza and Pokémon Refresh.

LITTEN (O'Malley) - Lv. 10
YUNGOOS (Rikki-Tikki) - Lv. 8

Name: Badger
Play Time: 2:35
Pokédex: 8/11
Money: 30,386
Pages Completed: 1/15

Yoshi648 November 19, 2016 12:21:38 AM

Finally got the game today after work. I completed Ilima's trial and defeated Hala.

Really enjoying the game so far, it's nice to be doing different stuff that isn't just a gym league. Tomorrow I'll do a little more exploring of Melemele since I unlocked Tauros and then head off to the next island.

Let me show you my Pokeymans:
Misty - Brionne (F) - lvl 20
Digby - Rockruff (M) - lvl 12

Stats of numbers:
Play Time 5:28
Monies: 29884
Pokedex 11/40 (I'm not bothering with catching old Pokemon, just new ones)
Pictures taken of Growlithe: A lot

Cat333Pokémon November 19, 2016 11:45:37 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Likewise, I completed the first Grand Trial with Hala and the first regular trial with Ilima. Cutiefly is no pushover; he soloed Hala's team at level 13. Also, I found a Chikorita through the Island Scan. That was unexpected.

Party for now:
YUNGOOS (Rikki-Tikki) - Lv. 16 @ Normalium Z
LITTEN (O'Malley) - Lv. 20
CUTIEFLY (Bee Fly) - Lv. 15
ROCKRUFF (Balto) - Lv. 13
ORICORIO (Cheerleader) - Lv. 15
MEOWTH Alola Form (Abyssinian) - Lv. 10

Play Time: 11:36
Pokédex: 22/53
Money: 20,334
Grand Trials: 1
Z-Crystals: 2
Pages Completed: 2/15
Thumbs Up (y) : ~40,000

Yoshi648 November 19, 2016 09:27:17 PM

Completed the Grand Trial on the second island, currently in Malie City to begin my journey on the third island Ula'ula.

Misty - Primarina F - lvl 36
Digby - Lycanroc M - lvl 30
Alphys - Salandit F - lvl 30

Time: 15:08
Dex: 23/109
Grand Trails completed: 2

Yoshi648 November 20, 2016 08:30:49 PM

Currently going through Vast Poni Canyon. Dat story climax...

Misty - Primarina F - lvl 56
Digby - Lycanroc M - lvl 49
Alphys - Salazzle F - lvl 48
Big Mac - Mudsdale M - lvl 36
Peekachew - Mimikyu M - lvl 36

Time: 24:31
Dex: 36/195
Grand Trails completed: 4

Cat333Pokémon November 21, 2016 01:33:13 PM

14 Attachment(s)
I've beaten Kiawe's trial on the second island. His trial was rather...amusing. :lol: The writing in this game is absolutely brilliant.

As for my team, Meowth is getting kicked off once I find Vulpix.

LYCANROC (Balto) - Lv. 25 @ Amulet Coin
TORRACAT (O'Malley) - Lv. 22 @ Firium Z
CUTIEFLY (Bee Fly) - Lv. 21
GUMSHOOS (Rikki-Tikki) - Lv. 23 @ Normalium Z
ORICORIO (Cheerleader) - Lv. 18
MEOWTH A (Abyssinian) - Lv. 10

Play Time: 25:25
Pokédex: 45/100
Money: 16,428
Grand Trials: 1
Z-Crystals: 4 (not counting the Snorlium Z)
Pages Completed: 2/15
Thumbs Up: ~240,000
Ride Pokémon: 4

Now for cute:

Yoshi648 November 21, 2016 08:39:15 PM

Welp, completed all the trials. League or bust! Actually bust right now because half my team is a bit underleveled, so gotta do some grinding first. Also that story before catching Solgaleo, the feels.

Travel buddies:
Misty - Primarina F - lvl 61 - Primarium Z
Digby - Lycanroc M - lvl 53 - Rockium Z
Alphys - Salazzle F - lvl 54 - Firium Z
Peekachew - Mimikyu M - lvl 50 - Ghostium Z
Big Mac - Mudsdale M - lvl 47 - Groundium Z
Draggadon - Kommo-o M - lvl 49 - Dragonium Z

Time: 27:33
Dex: 42/215
Grand Trails completed: Yes

TurtwigX November 24, 2016 02:30:04 PM

Might as well put this here

Got it at the midnight release on 11/18/16
Game beaten: 11/22/16 7:38 AM
Caught all the legendaries yesterday
Traded for all the version exclusives today
So by tomorrow I should have every Pokémon in Alola registered.

Man I love Pokémon

Yoshi648 November 24, 2016 03:12:22 PM

Oh yes, I completed the story yesterday evening. Great ending, this game definitely had the best story. With that beaten, I'm starting work on catching all the new Pokemon for my Living Dex. I caught all the Ultra Beats, next I'll work on the rest of the legendaries and then all the regular Pokemon.

Cat333Pokémon November 26, 2016 12:13:20 AM

I defeated Olivia, so it's time for an update. I'd like to replace Gumshoos with one that has Strong Jaw. Also, I have no sixth member for now.

FOMANTIS (Prayer) - Lv. 30 @ Grassium Z
RIBOMBEE (Bee Fly) - Lv. 25 @ Amulet Coin
TORRACAT (O'Malley) - Lv. 26 @ Firium Z
GUMSHOOS (Rikki-Tikki) - Lv. 24 @ Normalium Z
LYCANROC MIDDAY (Balto) - Lv. 32 @ Rockium Z

Play Time: 35:45
Pokédex: 63/127 (plus a few not in the Alola Pokédex)
Money: 44,932
Grand Trials: 2
Z-Crystals: 6 (on the save screen)
Pages Completed: 3/15
Thumbs Up: ~280,000
Ride Pokémon: 4

Magmaster12 November 26, 2016 07:07:20 PM

I beat the game earlier this week and just evolved Cosmoem now I just need to get the other version exclusives and wait for Pokebank to get updated and I'll have a complete dex again.

Moon Team
Magmortar - Lv 74 @ Charcoal
Snorlax - Lv 71 @ Snorlium
Alakazam - Lv 74 @ Alakazite
Decidueye - Lv 74 @ Grassium Z
Mudsdale - Lv 72 @ Soft Sand
Drampa - Lv 68 @ Dragonium Z

Sun Team
Cottonee - Lv 19
Trumbeak - Lv 19 @ Sharp Beak
Torracat - Lv 21

Reuniclus November 26, 2016 08:59:33 PM

I beat the game about a week ago. Despite expectations, this game was actually pretty hard for me with the exp. share turned off- I blacked out like 7 times throughout the story (to the amusement of my roommates).

My Team    

Alolan Raichu
Lycanroc Day

What are steel types

Ever since then, I've been SOS chaining for IVs, breeding, EV training, getting BP for power items and a destiny knot; all of that fun competitive stuff.

BP Grinding Tip    
Sun: Use Kartana w/ Grassium Z; usually scores a first turn KO and a Beast Boost in Attack for a sweep
Moon: Use Pheromosa w/ ...literally any hard-hitting move; she's broken

Just keep stacking appropriate Beast Boosts

IV Crap    
SOS chains are your best friend until we start getting breeding rejects off of Wonder Trade or Pokebank comes out:
Chain 10: 1 perfect IV
Chain 20: 2 perfect IVs
Chain 30: 3 perfect IVs
Chain 40: 4 perfect IVs [MAX]

Also helps to use an Adrenaline Orb at the beginning of the battle

Use Tauros when breeding.
4 feet on Tauros = 4x hatching speed (I think)

Yeah sorry BW2, you've become second place on my favorites list.

Magmaster12 November 27, 2016 11:28:37 AM

This is probably my least favorite game, the island trials are way too easy to the point of being annoying, SOS battles wouldn't be annoying if you could just throw a pokeball with more then one pokeball on the field it just makes catching pokemon a pain in the butt. Finally the complete lack of diversity when it comes to wild pokemon you get only five in every new location and each one of them usually already has a yongoose or pikkapek.

Cat333Pokémon December 4, 2016 02:20:48 AM


Originally Posted by Magmaster12 (Post 298942)
SOS battles wouldn't be annoying if you could just throw a pokeball with more then one pokeball on the field it just makes catching pokemon a pain in the butt.

This, absolutely.

Anyway, I've just completed the third Grand Trial against Nanu. Time to enter the climax of the game! Finally, Ninetales has joined the team. Unless I see something exciting to possibly replace Gumshoos, my team should be set for the rest of the game.

And for that team, I have these Pokémon:
NINETALES ALOLA (Krystal) - Lv. 41 @ Amulet Coin
LURANTIS (Prayer) - Lv. 39 @ Grassium Z
RIBOMBEE (Bee Fly) - Lv. 39 @ Buginium Z
INCINEROAR (O'Malley) - Lv. 38 @ Incinium Z
GUMSHOOS (Rikki-Tikki) - Lv. 39 @ Normalium Z
LYCANROC MIDDAY (Balto) - Lv. 41 @ Rockium Z

Play Time: 55:48
Pokédex: 91/180 (plus a few not in the Alola Pokédex)
Money: 192,176
Grand Trials: 3
Z-Crystals: 11 (on the save screen)
Pages Completed: 4/15
Thumbs Up: ~440,000
Ride Pokémon: 6

Nytz December 4, 2016 05:14:12 AM

I got Moon the night it was released, via digital download. It's pretty cool, I beat it in about 4 days. I didn't have much trouble with the story... though the ending scene was bittersweet in my opinion. I started with Rowlet.
As of right now, I'm building a quick competitive team before pokemon bank's release. It consists of Decidiueye, ....... and that's it so far.
XD I am loving pokepelago for the berry harvest feature. Now it's so easy to get the EV reset berries in high abundance now, so if anyone need some, hit me up, iite?
I basically was curious about the IV judge thing, so I mass bred Rowlets till I got enough to "Wake up" the Judge. Turns out my entire story team was crap. XD
OH! In the midst of one of my berry hunts, I ran across my very first shiny of the 7th gen: Crabrawler.
In conclusion, I give this game a good B+. If Nintendo trailers of the new pokemon didn't show almost the entire roster of Alolan pokemon as well as the Alolan adaptations of the Kanto pokemon, I probably would have not felt as spoiled. I guess that's my fault though.

Now.... that's out of the way. Hello VR! Long time no chat!

EDIT: I HATE Battle Royale. Unfortunately, it's the only way I can get the power items...
Give me back Rotation and Triple battles.
And with that, including Magmaster's post that really did illuminate several other cons that I just noticed, The grade of this game has now dropped to C+ for me.

SpikyEaredPichu96 December 6, 2016 01:51:51 AM

My brother and I split the cost of the double pack the night it came out, and while it's not my all-time favorite Pokemon game, I personally feel like it was a pretty solid game. The story was great (Even though I figured out a lot of the twists, and I agree on the bittersweet ending), I like almost all the new Pokemon designs, and I LOVE the Poke Pelago.

I was slightly disappointed when I found Triple and Rotation battles were taken out, but honestly it was probably easier for them to take them out altogether than figure out how to keep SOS battles to strictly two Pokemon. I haven't tried much of either the Battle Tree or the Battle Royale yet, but I don't really have much interest in them.

My feelings on SOS battles are a little mixed, but thanks to them I got my first ever shiny! A shiny Carbink in fact. Currently racing a friend to try and get a shiny Sandygast, and also filling up my pokedex to get the shiny charm. EDIT: As I was SOS chaining to get an Espeon before it became nighttime ingame, I also happened to stumble across a Shiny Eevee! So that's my first... does it count as a Random encounter if I was SOS chaining for something else? I dunno.

A few (very) minor complaints:

- Some of the clothing styles/colors are exclusive to game versions as well as being locked by gender... why? The only way to get them is to use FC in the Festival Plaza, and they aren't cheap either!

- I feel like the main character could have shown a little more emotion during certain cutscenes.

- Despite the rather long 'tutorial' section at the beginning of the game, there are a few new mechanics that aren't very well explained, such as the fact that Totem Pokemon aren't the only ones that can call for help during a battle (Though it could be that I just missed the NPC that spells that out for you).

- I felt like the Trials could have provided a bit of a better challenge. I thought Kiawe's trial was hilarious though.

Cat333Pokémon December 8, 2016 12:00:38 AM

And that's it! I've completed the story. I must say that it was quite an enjoyable game, and the writing was very clever. I smiled a lot while playing and genuinely felt like the story was well put together. I had to use everyone to pull through the Pokémon League.

And here is my final team:
NINETALES ALOLA (Krystal) - Lv. 57 @ Icium Z
LURANTIS (Prayer) - Lv. 57 @ Grassium Z
RIBOMBEE (Bee Fly) - Lv. 56 @ Fairium Z
INCINEROAR (O'Malley) - Lv. 58 @ Incinium Z
GUMSHOOS (Rikki-Tikki) - Lv. 54 @ Normalium Z
LYCANROC MIDDAY (Balto) - Lv. 59 @ Rockium Z

Play Time: 66:15
Pokédex: 103/245 (plus a few not in the Alola Pokédex)
Money: 260,496
Z-Crystals: 17 (on the save screen, missing Psychic)
Pages Completed: 6/15
Thumbs Up: ~533,000
Ride Pokémon: 7

kakashidragon December 8, 2016 09:07:14 PM

First off Wow! i havnt been here in awhile.

Anywho been getting crazy lucky as of late, yesterday when i went to catch topu kokk for good stats, i ran into my first shiny and was grubbin then after i caught a naive koko with HP ground with amazing ivs. Then today i caught another shiny and it was gumshooes, also last night i hatched a shiny cubone. The game was nuts lately.

Twiggy January 18, 2017 06:50:01 AM

It sure took me forever, but after two months, I finally have Pokémon Moon! Just started it and now I think I'm in it with my favourite potato bird. :)

kakashidragon February 14, 2017 03:15:15 PM

Oh dang guys! That recent Global Mission just got rekt and we finally get our 4,000FC (or 2,000FC if u havnt registered on the PGL).

Also hows everyone been? Pokemon stuff been a bit slow lately.

Dragonite February 14, 2017 05:32:45 PM

Urgh, aside from finishing Pokémon Sun I have done next to nothing Pokémon related. I can't remember the last time I went this long without playing it, it's weird, but I have next to no motivation to get into competitive in Gen 7 :S

Cat333Pokémon February 15, 2017 06:40:27 PM

I did my Living Pokédex (check the relevant thread), but not much else.

kakashidragon March 20, 2017 07:55:37 PM

The 7th gen battle Competitions are getting pretty tricky and harder after each one that comes. Im starting to like bewear and with assault vest, this thing is a beast against the right pokemons, also i kinda started to like Tapu Lele as well, that thing hits like a truck.

kakashidragon June 2, 2017 10:30:10 AM

Well in the past few days i nabbed 2 shinys randomly. First i was ev training some of mons and found pikipek's 1st evolution with a Brave nature, and then a shiny golbat with a calm nature.

kakashidragon September 24, 2017 03:45:12 PM

Update: day 5 i got my shiny litten.

Past 3 days trying to breed a shiny litten and so far no luck :( maybe after the time of this post i'll finally get one.

Reuniclus November 14, 2017 11:51:06 PM

Aside from moving my crap to PokéBank, I've been doing some breeding.

Got a shiny Cleffa in 7 eggs, it's now a Clefable, and it's a monster in single battles.

I kind of want to try making a team for VGC so I can go to worlds next year. Especially since I wasn't able to go to Anaheim this year.

Don't ask me about the TCG, I suck at that.

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