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The Spirit of Time August 18, 2012 01:10:31 PM

Gym League's Announcement Thread
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Gym League's Announcement Thread

The purpose of this thread is to serve as an announcement board, where The Gym League Administration is capable of announcing anything new to the public. This thread, however, will not be open for the public to comment on what has been announced; instead, the Gym League's Feedback & Response Board will serve such purpose.

Announcement #1
The Gym League Administration decided that gym leaders will follow a hierarchy, starting with the weakest and increasing sequentially till the eighth, who would be the strongest of the gym leaders. This means that a challenger has to start by battling Gym #1 and only when he defeats him, he would proceed to the second, and so on.

This rule was seen in many suggestions and it ties this League with the original games even further, making it a final decision.

Announcement #2
The second announcement is the list of the 8 gym leaders, ranked in order from Gym #1 till Gym #8.
  • Gym #1: boberry2009 (Normal-type)
  • Gym #2: Super Pichu62 (Electric-type)
  • Gym #3: ~Whimsicott~ (Flying-type)
  • Gym #4: Idno58 (Ice-type)
  • Gym #5: Magmaster12 (Fire-type)
  • Gym #6: ThePokeMan (Steel-type)
  • Gym #7: Quadcentruo (Dark-type)
  • Gym #8: TurtwigX (Grass-type)
The ranks were decided when each of these applicants battled AuraKshatriya and The Spirit of Time, and a record of the outcome of each battle was kept. A net value of each individual's score was calculated; the higher the score, the higher is the rank.

Please keep in mind that those who have been chosen need to show constant activity in the forums, as well as proper behaviour, otherwise their status could get revoked.

With the list already published, here are the main procedures we followed in choosing the eight gym leaders, which would explain why other applicants were not chosen:
  • The first thing that was looked upon was each applicant's activity. Some applicants applied and never bothered to log in again, while others were the kind who would log in once every few weeks. Such applicants were eliminated from the list.
  • We then looked at each applicant's maturity and capability of moderating his own gym. Most applicants showed positive attitude, but few lacked such ability and had to be eliminated from the list.
  • A good number of teams shared the same type. Such teams were compared and only the stronger one was chosen.
  • The fourth and final reason may be of interest to those who weren't chosen:

-The Gym League Administration

The Spirit of Time August 31, 2012 11:43:04 PM

Announcement #3
Seven out of our eight gym leaders have already updated their signatures to include the Gym League's official banner. The eighth is in the progress of doing so. This action serves to identify these eight as part of the Gym League team. Now, you can easily spot them.

-The Gym League Administration

The Spirit of Time September 1, 2012 09:00:50 AM

Announcement #4
Gyms are getting constructed now and will start to appear one after another. However, these gyms are closed, so please do not challenge any gym leader if the thread happens to be opened.

The Spirit of Time September 8, 2012 04:57:33 AM

Announcement #5
All gyms have been constructed and all images have been fixed. They will open once the League is fully ready.

The Spirit of Time October 1, 2012 08:54:36 AM

Announcement #6
Initially, we planned to open the League in the first week of November. However, AuraKshatriya and I realised how busy we will be by then, thus, we agreed to open the League earlier.

After looking at calender, it turned out that I will have a short, national holiday, starting from 24/10/2012 till 27/10/2012. Therefore, expect the League to open within these number of days.

The Spirit of Time October 29, 2012 05:49:28 AM

Announcement #7
Gym League is now open. Please check the following threads:

The Spirit of Time November 5, 2012 07:20:15 AM

Announcement #8
Gym Leaders are now allowed to challenge each other. Two instructions have been added to the guide. Please check them.

The Spirit of Time November 20, 2012 03:27:10 AM

Announcement #9
Gym Leader #5, Magmaster12, has dropped out of the League due to his incapability of training his team to the required level margin. Thus, members are allowed to apply for his position instead. Anyone who is interested may apply in this thread.

The Spirit of Time December 1, 2012 04:36:00 AM

Announcement #10
Our new gym leader is RotomGuy, who will serve as a Ghost-type gym leader. Congratulations to our new appointed gym leader; as for other applicants, please work harder and defeat this League to become Victory Road's Elite Four!

The Spirit of Time January 17, 2013 07:49:50 AM

Announcement #11
Gym Leader #4, Idno58, has sadly decided to leave his position as a gym leader. His gym has been closed and brought down.

The Rotation Battles event will start in two weeks by the beginning of February. Everyone, be prepared!

The Spirit of Time February 1, 2013 07:27:50 AM

Announcement #12
It is the month of February. Throughout this month, an event will take place, in which all battles must be 4vs.4 Rotation Battles. No need to make a new team, just enjoy the new style of battles!

Announcement #13
The new gym leader is Fallen Trainer. He will serve as a Fire-type gym leader. Congratulations!

The Spirit of Time February 1, 2013 08:13:56 AM

Announcement #14
RotomGuy will serve as Gym #3.
Fallen Trainer will serve as Gym #4.

The Spirit of Time February 15, 2013 07:53:50 PM

Announcement #15
Fallen Trainer had to leave the forums, and so, he left his position.

Reuniclus January 28, 2014 10:15:53 AM

I hereby welcome the new 2014 VRGL gym leaders! I was particularly stuck between two applications for the same type; they were both well-made. One big thing I took under consideration among the apps was activity. I'll be sending the gym leaders more details around the time when Pokebank gets released worldwide. Again, the Gym League will not begin until 3 weeks after the bank gets released. (Good going Game Freak for trying to release the thing on Christmas)
  • Gym #1: Rotomguy (Ghost-type)
  • Gym #2: Tarellethiel (Fairy-type)
  • Gym #3: TurtwigX (Grass-type)
  • Gym #4: ThePokeMan (Steel-type)
  • Gym #5: JDxImpetus (Fighting-type)
  • Gym #6: Kakashidragon (Dark-type)
  • Gym #7: Magmaster12 (Fire-type)
  • Gym #8: Alakazamaster (Psychic-type)

Note: The Gym League isn't starting yet, so gym leaders, please don't make your threads yet.

Reuniclus February 6, 2014 02:09:34 PM

With the Bank now released in Europe and North America, the gym league will officially start 3 weeks from now on February 27th.

Reuniclus February 20, 2014 10:28:31 AM

Just a reminder: The league starts in a week from now, so gym leaders, please have your teams ready...PLEASE. If anyone has any issues with making their team, send me a PM.

Something else I should mention; the Fairy gym leader has been inactive for over a month, so it's likely that a new leader will be chosen. If Tarellethiel doesn't come on within the next 7 days, I'll reopen the application thread and a new leader will be chosen.

Reuniclus February 27, 2014 06:05:46 PM

As of today, the X and Y Gym League is now open! Some gym leaders have valid reasons for not opening their gym today, so expect most of them to be open by this weekend. Besides that, have fun guys! Be sure to PM me if you have any questions.

Reuniclus March 4, 2014 06:32:19 PM

ThePokeMan has resigned his gym leader position, so the application thread is back up and a new leader will be chosen.

Reuniclus March 12, 2014 09:30:56 AM

Introducing the newest member to the Gym League: Trees

Trees will be using the Water type, his gym will be set up soon.

Reuniclus April 17, 2014 10:46:23 AM

I'm kinda late with announcing this, but Kaz has decided to withdraw from the league. Because of this, I'll be opening the application thread again for about a week.

Reuniclus April 23, 2014 01:02:14 PM

Introducing the newest member to the Gym League: MattyBrollic

Matt will be using the Bug type, his gym will be set up soon.

Cat333Pokémon February 4, 2016 01:07:14 PM

Kakashi has opened a new Psychic gym, while closing his old Dark one:

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