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SyracuvatTenlii October 15, 2011 12:15:37 AM

INSANITY ENSUES! Challenge Cup Tournament on Pokemon (DISALLOWED)!
A while back I battled against a friend on PO. I can't recall exactly who or what the result was, but then I accidentally left my PO program online while I hung around on VRIM. Then, I got a challenge from some random guy, and he had checked the box "Challenge Cup". I though "...Eh? Okay, then." So I clicked "Accept" and was quite shocked to find that I had a Lv. 93ish Fall Sawsbuck (out of season, IIRC) and I'm not sure what he had. I was confused and not entirely excited to screw around with it, so I clicked out.
Well, a couple weeks later, a local friend found PO and challenged me while we were talking on the phone. Then I mentioned the Challenge Cup thing, and asked if he wanted to help me experiment, so we tried it.
I've challenged a couple people on VR including Reun and Shiny to try this out, and the results were just about the same. So, I thought it would be a funny idea to have a ...
Victory Road Challenge Cup Tournament!

The rules of this tournament are as follows...
--Anybody may enter, regardless of experience in Metagame. HOWEVER, all contestants must obviously be a member of Victory Road Forums
--In order to participate, you must have the program Pokemon (DISALLOWED) on your computer (I do not believe any other device will work). If you don't have it, download it here.
--You do not need to make a team for this tournament. In each match, every part of your and your opponent's team will be randomly selected for you.
--Spectating is Allowed and Encouraged! This is for fun, and battles should not be treated as official metagame by any stretch of the imagination.
--Since we have no control over it anyway, ALL pokemon are good for use, including Ubers.
--Although there should not be much worry about it, the Species Clause is disabled.
--Also because of the unpredictability of movesets, the Evasion Clause is also disabled.
--The Sleep Clause is still In Effect. Only one of your opponent's pokemon may be asleep at a time (disregard the move Rest)
--The OHKO Clause is In Effect. If both sides only have one pokemon, and either side's pokemon uses Selfdestruct or Explosion and causes both pokemon to faint, the side that used said move loses the battle.
--The number of rounds in this tournament is based on the number of participants. Due to the unpredictability of these sorts of matches, each round will require more wins to move on (ex. First round is winner moves on, Second round is first to win twice moves on, etc.)

--When you find out who your opponent is, try to find that person as soon as possible to have a match. Then, either you or your opponent can post the results (including how many pokemon the winner had left).
--Prizes and other rules will be announced here as they become known.

Sign-up Roster
The Spirit of Time

The Spirit of Time October 15, 2011 03:57:06 AM

May you explain more on how will the battles be conducted? Will you give the two battlers a day or two to conduct the battle, or should we all be online at the same time to battle?

SyracuvatTenlii October 15, 2011 09:08:39 AM

^ Battle process details have been added, thank you for the input.

SyracuvatTenlii October 17, 2011 04:19:59 PM

HEAT 1-- Round Robin
Well, I think I've given enough time for signing up and I think 8 people should be a good number for this tournament.
I can't say I particularly like single elimination for the first round, since I'd rather have everyone get the chance to battle at least more than once.
So, this first round will be Round Robin Style. For those of you who don't know, this is when contestants are separated into blocks, within which everyone battles each other once. In this case, I will be dividing the 8 players into 2 groups of 4, so this first round will consist of 3 battles. The top two contestants in each group W-L wise moves on to the Semifinals. Please keep note of how many pokemon the winner of each battle had left, as they will be the deciding factor in case of a tie. If a further tie happens to occur, it will be broken by another battle, but we'll get more into that if it happens.

Using my calculator's random integer function, I have now separated the contestants.

The Spirit of Time


^^^Take note that you will be battling ALL of the contestants in your group in this round^^^

SyracuvatTenlii @ Shiny
The Spirit of Time @ AuraKshatryia
Aquablast @ Reuniclus
GrassPokemonFTW @ teamplasma

(Please look at the battle procedure in the first post for instructions as to organizing a battle time.)

Reuniclus October 23, 2011 05:51:36 PM

Aquablast and I just opened up the battle. We will wait 5 minutes for anyone who wants to watch.

MAJOR EDIT: We are now on the PBC (PokeBattleCenter) Server. The battle will begin at 9:27 pm EST; about 5 minutes from now
Aquablast is Aquablast and I am Reuniclus79 [GL] (our usernames on PO)

SyracuvatTenlii October 23, 2011 07:36:25 PM

After giving it some thought, I realized that the original battle procedure would way to arduous and complicated. As such, I made it much simpler, so please do read, and I really need you guys to get these battles going so that this tournament can get under way. Thanks!

Aquablast October 24, 2011 12:01:51 PM

Reuniclus won our battle, it was good though.

The Spirit of Time October 29, 2011 08:04:01 AM

I am battling Aura in the PO server in few minutes.

teamplasma October 29, 2011 08:42:26 AM

Grass is never on when I am so I have trouble making this battle work.

The Spirit of Time October 29, 2011 09:07:47 AM

I want to tell you that I won Aura 3-0.

GrassPokemonFTW October 31, 2011 06:37:35 PM

I faced teamplasma and won 3-0. :3

teamplasma October 31, 2011 06:41:51 PM


Originally Posted by GrassPokemonFTW (Post 213154)
I faced teamplasma and won 3-0. :3

It started out with my stalling Clefable and his little two headed dragon... I had 2 Legends that were swept REALLY quietly. The hail was stoped by my sunny day Eevee and my Glaceon sucked. My Shiftry had taken down with its first big problem and that was basically the end of story when his Mincinno had swept half of my team.

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