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Misdreavus (F)
Health: 80
Energy: 86
Status: Whoa. What happened..? +5 SP ATK +4 SP DEF, +2 ATK
Thunderbolt ~ Thunder


Porygon - Unknown
Health: 100
Energy: 55
Status: Getting tired... +3 SPD, +5 SP ATK, +2 SP DEF, +2 ATK
Conversion2 ~ Chill

Tiffany started her move by creating a bright, yellow light from insider her body. The light illuminated the arena, sending beams of yellow light throughout the forest. Soon the light started sparking, but not in a good way. She then looked at Porygon with a devilish grin.
What a great idea. I'll just hit him with this. She thought to herself.
Out of nowhere, a large bolt shot out from the light, hitting Scratch!
(Misdreavus: -12 Energy Porygon: -15 Health)

Scratch had suffered from the previous attack a lot. He felt his data chips inside being full of electricity. He knew that if he didn't do anything about this, he would overheat and suffer fatal injury!
Using the state-of-the-art technology implanted by the scientists who created him, he messed around with his data, turning him into a Ground type!
(Porygon: -1 Energy)

The yellow light was still going even after the attack. Tiffany had purposely kept storing energy so her next attack would be even more powerful.
The light grew bigger and bigger. Sparks jumped off from it, and landed on the arena floor. The electrical energy grew so bright, that it almost illuminated the whole forest.
The Misdreavus had enough, and she sent numerous large thunderbolts into the sky! They hit the dark clouds, turning them into thunderclouds. The clouds rumbled as electricity flowed through them.
One large thunderbolt hit Scratch! Then another, and another! There were too many to count!
At last, the thunderstorm stopped... And Scratch appeared from the smoke.. UNHARMED!
(Misdreavus: -9 Energy Porygon unharmed; Ground resists Electric)

Scratch as satisfied that he didn't get hurt, for he knew that it was such a hazardous attack. But Porygon was real tired. He slowly lowered himself on to the ground.
Very slowly, he landed, taking a rest.
(Porygon: +7 Energy; Pokemon forced to Chill)


Misdreavus (F)
Health: 80
Energy: 65
Status: How.. WHA- Oh I will tear you to shreds! +5 SP ATK +4 SP DEF, +2 ATK


Porygon - Unknown
Health: 85
Energy: 61
Status: Napping.. zzzz... +3 SPD, +5 SP ATK, +2 SP DEF, +2 ATK

Ref Notes:
Thunderbolt's accuracy roll was 76, with 1-100 hitting.
Thunderbolt's paralysis roll was 29, with 1-10 inducing paralysis.
Thunder's accuracy roll was 61, with 1-70 hitting.
Thunder's paralysis roll was 15, with 1-30 inducing paralysis. Ground type resists, paralysis fails.

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