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i herd u liek me

Status: Mmh... th-that felt great... +1 Atk, +1 Sp. Atk
HP: 100
Energy: 80
Rock Slide~Ice Beam


Status: Oh, hello there. +2 SP DEF
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Heal Bell

Topas was frozen in the center of the battle. He was unable to move, and just suffered a critical hit! His master, Alakazamster, decided he had enough. He brought a Pokeball and aimed it at Topaz. A red beam of light shot out, absorbing the Abra into the ball.
He then brought out another Pokeball. Ala threw the Pokeball at the ground, releasing Calypso, the Smoochum.
(Smoochum switched out for Abra)

Mudkip started running around the lake. He was looking for something, But what was it?
Mudkip seemed to be getting paranoid. He was ordered to use Rock Slide, but there was no source of rocks near the lake. Just trees and grass.
Oh no!
He thought.
(Mukdip: -8 Energy; Move failed. No rocks to slide)

The little Smoochum chuckled. She enjoyed watching the Mudkip overreact at such a blessing.
She closed here eyes, releasing her Psychic energy. Above her, something was forming. it was... a bell!
The bell was light pink and sparkled. It chimed once.. and then twice. The bell's soft chimes reached Ala's Pokeball, healing Topaz of his frozen status!
(Smoochum: -7 Energy)

I herd u liek me ran towards the lake. He opened his mouth, absorbing water from the lake. The water touched his mouth, instantly freezing!
Soon a large ball of ice formed in his mouth. It was cold too the touch, and gave Mudkip the shivers.
At last, he released it. A huge beam of ice swept across the lake, hitting Calypso. Luckily, the Light Screen absorbed most of the damage, hardly hurting her at all.
(Mudkip: -10 Energy Smoochum: -2 Health)

i herd u liek me

Status: No, no, no. This is baaaaad. +1 Atk, +1 Sp. Atk
HP: 100
Energy: 62


Status: Come on, lets go! +2 SP DEF
HP: 98
Energy: 93

Ref Notes:
Rock Slide failed; no source of rocks to slide.
Ice Beam's accuracy roll was 57, with 1-100 hitting,

Ala, your moves please.

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