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Buizel - Female
Swift Swim
Health: 93
Energy: 74
Aqua Jet ~ Ice Beam


Abra - Male
Magic Guard
Health: 90
Energy: 66
Status: Teehee. I think I'll nap...

Euxceli started running around the lake. She was running laps to gain speed. Ender just stared at this silly Buizel running laps around the lake. Soon she started glowing a light, light blue. This aura was all around her body, and it was energy from the lake. 9It covered her like a protective casing.
Once she had enough speed, she jumped up, heading straight towards Ender like a speeding bullet~
(Buizel: -3 Energy Abra: -5 Health)

Abra was surprised by the speed of this Buizel. He was supposed to go first, not her. but, either way, his move succeeded. While she was speeding up, he started secreting toxic ooze from his pores. When Euxceli made contact with him, the poison hit here, causing her to become badly poisoned!
(Abra: -7 Energy Buizel poisoned; lasts 5 turns.)

Euxceli clenched her stomach. The poison made her feel worse than she ever felt. She was leaning over the ground. She was sweating even more, and her vision wasn't great. But she knew she would have to keep on fighting. For her trainer.
She ignored the effects of poison and started her next attack.
She opened her mouth, absorbing the rest of the water from inside the lake. The water freezed instantly, creating a ball of ice. Then, all of a sudden, a beam of energy shot out from it, speeding at Abra. Abra experienced a cold chill down his back, giving his goosebumps.
Wait.. What was this?!
Icicles were starting to form on Ender. Soon his legs were frozen, then his body! Ender was frozen!
(Buizel: -8 Energy -6 Health PSN lasts 4 more turns Abra: -11 Health; FROZEN)

Ender stood there, lifeless. His body was completely frozen. He was unable to attack or move!
(Buizel: -6 Health PSN lasts 3 more turns.)


Buizel - Female
Swift Swim
Health: 71
Energy: 63
Status: Ugh. My stomach hurts. -.- PSN for 3 more turns.


Abra - Male
Magic Guard
Health: 74
Energy: 59
Status: ....... FROZEN

Ref Notes:
Aqua Jet's accuracy roll was 3, with 1-100 hitting.
Toxic's accuracy roll was 98, with 1-100 hitting.
Ice Beam's accuracy roll was 63, with 1-100 hitting.
Ice Beam's freeze roll was 7, with 1-10 freezing.
Thunderpunch's thaw roll was 48, with 1-20 thawing.

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