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Snivy - Male
Health: 71
Energy: 76
Ability: Contrary
Staus: Come at me bro! PSN; lasts 2 turns.
Twister ~ Double Team


Bouffalant - Male
Health: 100
Energy: 77
Ability: Sap Sipper
Status: Help... me... +2 ATK PARLYZ; lasts 4 turns.
Megahorn ~ Swords Dance

Gnosp started his next attack. He seemed to be getting in tune with nature. He soon glew with a light purple aura. Wind started blowing through the beach, kicking up sand. The wind blew stronger and stronger, picking up even more sand.
Soon a twister started forming around Fro. It was real fast, trapping him in there, not letting him escape. Sand was kicked up every where, lots of it going in Fro's eyes, distorting his vision.
(Snivy: -2 Energy -6 Health PSN lasts 1 more turn. Bouffalant: -3 Health -2 ACCURACY)

This twister was real annoying to Fro. He wanted to get out of it immediately, But all the sand was creating a barrier around him. Bouffalant started stepping back. He was trying to gain some speed to ram through the barrier and hit Snivy! Every step he took, the wider the twister was. He took about 5 steps back, giving him enough room to charge at amazing speed. He launched straight from his feet, charging at the barrier of sand. He hit it, hard! Sending sand all over the place. Some got in his eyes, causing them to water, but he just ignored it.
His horn started glowing a green aura. Gnosp just stayed there. He had a feeling that this attack would miss. He was paralyzed and had poor accuracy now! But wait, he was getting closer. Gnosp freaked out starting to run away. But he was too late!
(Bouffalant: -10 Energy PARALYZE lasts 3 more turns. Snivy: -22 Health)

Snivy was pretty hurt by that previous attack. He hadn't expected Fro to use a move he was weak too. He reluctantly brought himself back up from the floor. He knew if he wanted to stay in the battle, he would have to play around with the Bouffalant. Snivy started moving his body. He seemed to be stretching of some sort. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, he starts moving.
He is moving fast, incredibly fast that his movements are a blur.
Huh? What is this?
Snivy seems to be making mirages of himself. One clone pops out, then another, bringing a total count of 3 Snivy on the field.
They all stop speeding. Bouffalant sill has his eye on the original one. But, they decided to play with him. They all switch places, moving independently through the beach.
(Snivy: -5 Energy -6 Health; PSN gone. )

Bouffalant knew that if he tried to attack, he would certainly miss. Instead, he decided he would boost his attack stat. He started to move in some weird beat. It was strange, seeing as how it was always changing and had no set tempo. Fro seemed to love this dance, he could feel his muscles tensing up as he danced.
Something strange happened. Fro started feeling groggy. What?! The move wasn't supposed to do this!
Then he looked at Gnosp's clones, who were all grinning at the edge of the beach. This was their doing!
(Fro: -2 Energy -2 ATK; PARALYZE lasts 2 more turns.)


Snivy - Male
Health: 43
Energy: 69
Ability: Contrary
Staus: Not so great... 3 clones.


Bouffalant - Male
Health: 97
Energy: 55
Ability: Sap Sipper
Status: No, no. This is bad. PARLYZ; lasts 2 turns.

Ref Notes:
Twister's accuracy roll was 71, with 1-100 hitting.
Megahorn's accuracy roll was 73, with 1-85 hitting.
Megahorn's paralysis roll was 73, with 43-85 working.
Gnosp's ability, Contrary, caused Sword's Dance stat changes to be inverted, giving him -2 ATK.
3 clones on the battle from Double Team.

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