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i herd u liek me

Status: zzzz... +1 Atk, +1 Sp Atk
HP: 88
Energy: 62


Status: Aww, he's so cute when he's DOOMED! XD +2 Sp Def
HP: 100
Energy: 83

Calypso started dancing gracefully around the lake. She seemed to be stirring up a commotion in the water with her feet. The lake's water started to stir, as if something was moving it. Cloud started to come in near the sky. There was many of them, each a dark gray color.
Plop. A small raindrop hit Calypso. Soon more rain was falling, wetting the whole lake and nearby land.
(Smoochum: -7 Energy; Rain for 5 turns.)

Aquablast brought out a small red Pokeball. He knew his Mudkip wouldn't stand much longer asleep. He aimed the ball at the frozen Mudkip.
A beam of red energy shot out at i herd u liek, absorbing his energy into the ball.
Aqua then brought out another Pokeball. He aimed it at the ground, releasing Blaze, the Quilava.
(Growlithe subbed for Mudkip)

Calypso knew that this flaming weasel could hurt her bad. She'd have to get rid of 'im before he got rid of her. She started absorbing water from the lake into her hand. This water helped her create a ball of aqua.
Calypso launched this pulse of water, crashing into Blaze with a great force!
(Smoochum: -12 Energy Growlithe: -14 Health; Rain for 4 more turns)

Blaze certainly didn't like this. Water was certainly bad for him, but with it raining and boosting Water attacks, this was even worse. Blaze cringed as the droplets of water hit him, steaming on his hot fur.
Blaze started sucking in air for his fire attack. A small ball of fire formed in his mouth. This ball would normally be bigger, but the rain reduced most of its size, turning it all into smoke.
Blaze then shot out a long beam of flames at Calypso. It hit her, but it was nothing but a mere singe on her hair.
(Quilava: -7 Energy Smoochum: -6 Health; Rain for 3 more turns.)


Status: Grrr...
HP: 86
Energy: 93


Status: Ya want more? Teehee~ +2 Sp Def
HP: 94
Energy: 64

Ala, your moves.

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