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Snivy - Male
Health: 43
Energy: 69
Ability: Contrary
Staus: Not so great... 2 clones.
Aerial Ace ~ Protect


Bouffalant - Male
Health: 97
Energy: 55
Ability: Sap Sipper
Status: No, no. This is bad. PARLYZ; lasts 2 turns.

Gnosp's clones were moving swiftly across the battlefield. His clones were moving faster and faster. They all started circling around Fro, as to confuse him. One leaped towards him, attempting to attack, but faked out. Fro flinched, not knowing what to think. Then another did the same thing, this time towards its back. At last, the third clone leaped towards Fro, slashing his face with air!
(Snivy: -5 Energy Bouffalant: -5 Health)

Fro certainly disliked the previous attack. He hated it, and knew he would have to get back at Gnosp. But which one was the real one. Fro figured that he'd just have to listen to his guessing gut as to which one was a mirage and which one was the true image. He looked at one of the Snivy's near a rock. This would be his first target. He charged toward it headfirst with his horns!
The Snivy seemed to be startled, butt tried to keep cool.
Poof! What was that?!
Fro hit the Snivy, turning it into smoke! Uh oh!
It was a clone!
(Bouffalant: -10 Energy; PARLYZ FOR 1 more turn)

Gnosp and his remaining clone chuckled at this silly bull. They knew he wouldn't be able to attack them either way, due to his reduced accuracy and paralysis. But, just to be on the safe side, Snivy and his clone created a light green psychic barrier. This barrier would protect them from all damage, leaving them protected!
(Snivy: -7 Energy)

Fro was furious that his attack missed. He knew his gut wasn't that trustworthy, but he was 300 percent certain that Snivy was the real one!
As he got ready to charge, a small pinch went down his spine.
What was this?
Fro just stood there, frozen. His paralysis rejected his move.
(Bouffalant PARALYZED; PARLAYZE gone.)


Snivy - Male
Health: 43
Energy: 57
Ability: Contrary
Status: Tee hee~ Try and hit us, silly bull. 1 clone left.


Bouffalant - Male
Health: 92
Energy: 45
Ability: Sap Sipper
Status: Gah.. My scabula!

Ref Notes:
Megahorn's accuracy roll was 89, with 1-27 hitting. One clone gone.
Megahorn's accuracy roll was 54, with 1-63 hitting.
Megahorn's paralysis roll was 26, with 1-31 resulting in paralysis.

Reuniclus, your moves please.

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