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Status: Grrr...
HP: 86
Energy: 93
Flame Wheel~Flamethrower


Status: Ya want more? Teehee~ +2 Sp Def Rain for 3 more turns
HP: 94
Energy: 64
Nasty Plot/Calm Mind

Calypso was starting to notice that Blaze was growing a dark orange. She knew this would give him power for an attack, and she would have to ditch all the nasty thinking.
She closed her eyes, clearing her mind of all worries, thoughts, and dreams. Her mind was empty and dark, which caused her spirit to slow down and calm itself.
She then broke from the trance, with the SP ATK and SP DEF raised.
(Smoochum -4 Energy; Rain for 2 more turns +1 SP ATK +1 SP DEF)

Quilava started running around in the rain. He knew that if he just stood in place, his warm aura would be gone with the rain. He had to keep up his speed, his flames blazing all over his body. Despite all the effort he put into this, the flames were weak from the falling rain and damp ground.
Running towards Calypso, he turned himself into a round wheel, flying straight towards her. She was hit by Blaze, but just hsook off the small little flames.
(Quilava: -7 Energy Smoochum: -4 Health)

Smoochum giggled at this flamign weasel. His flames were smoking and he could hardly do anything to her in the rain. Using th nearby rain and lake water, she started forming a pulsing ball of water in her hand. This ball was also infused with psychic energy, which could perhaps confuse the target. She aimed at Blaze, launching the pulse of water at full speed towards him. He tried to run, but was too slow.
He was a hit hard by a large blast of water!
(Smoochum: -10 Energy; Rain for 1 more turn Quilava: -14 Health; confused for 5 turns)

Blaze's head was spinning. He didn't know what happened. Everything around him was spinning. The trees, the lake, the water.
Wha`? I was supposed to Tackle that tree, right?
No, no it was Flamethrower.
aNo, stupid! My flames are weak, I have to go and tackle that large tree!

Quilava argued with himself for the longest time. At last, he came to a decision. he started charging at the large tree beside the lake.
He hit it hard, sending him onto the floor with a big bump on his forehead.
(Quilava: -3 Energy -4 Health; CONFUSED for 4 more turns.)


Status: Loopy doo pee doo.. CONFUSED for 4 more turns
HP: 68
Energy: 83


Status: Look at the wittle silly weasel. +3 SP DEF +1 SP ATK; Rain for 1 more turn.
HP: 90
Energy: 50

Ref Notes:
Flame Wheel's accuracy roll was 81, with 1-100 hitting.
Water Pulse's accuracy roll was 96, with 1-100 hitting.
Water Pulse's confusion roll was 19, with 1-20 resulting in confusion.
Flamethrower's confusion roll was 57, with 1-50 working.

Aqua, your moves please.

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