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Togepi - Female
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 57
Energy: 80
Status: W00t! Sunny, sun, sun! Sun for 5 more turns.
Ominous Wind~Ominous Wind/Solarbeam


Frillish - Female
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 54
Energy: 72
Status: Ugh! get this annoying, little sun out of my beautiful face!
Rain Dance~Ice Beam

Ricepaper started flying around the swamp, doing somersaults in the air and various things to kick up wind. Her efforts proved to be useful, as a small wind blew through the marsh. This wind was unlike any natural one. It had a ghostly wail to it, and was filled with an eerie purple gas.
The wind suddenly grew harder, the ghostly wails and howls getting louder.
The strong wind hit Ma'am, sending a large chill down her spine, stunning her for a moment.
Togetic: -8 Energy -5 Health +1 ATK, +1 SP ATK, +1 DEF, +1 SP DEF, +1 SPD Frillish: -14 Health

Ma'am didn't like this wind one bit, no no no she didn't!
She knew she would have to get rid of it, so she stared up at that sunny sky. She wailed her arms around her body, moving side to side, left to right. Her tentacles caused her to stumble, creating an unbalanced, messed up dance.
Although she may have had two left feet, her rain dance was seen by the gods. Soon the sun went away, small little clouds filling up the sky. Yet no rain...
Frillish: -6 Energy -5 Health Togetic: -5 Health; Rain cancelled out, no Sun

Togetic growled at the octopus. She needed that sun for her next attack to automatically work. She could still do it though, but it required a wait.
She started absorbing small orbs of green energy from the sun. With this energy she created a green orb in her hand.
She just stood there, charging up for her next attack.
Togetic: -5 Health Frillish: -5 Health

Ma'am stared at the small creature just standing there. It was idiotic of her to stand there, unprotected from possible attacks. Ma'am decided to exploit her opening and attack.
Once again, she sucked in water from the swampy marsh. This water was green and lumpy, but it was all she had to work with. She froze the water, creating a ball of crystals in her hand.
She aimed at Togetic, blasting this cold ice at her. Ricepaper was knocked back. She was weak to ice attacks and it hurt her bad, but she hung on to the solar energy, for it would save her.
Frillish: -8 Energy -5 Health Togetic: -17 Health


Togepi - Female
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 25
Energy: 73
Status: Uhh. Not feeling so good. -.- +1 ATK, +1 SP ATK, +1 DEF, +1 SP DEF, +1 SPD


Frillish - Female
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 25
Energy: 58
Status: I-i.. I need to win!

Ref Notes:
Ominous Wind's accuracy roll was 81, with 1-100 hitting.
Ominous Wind's secondary effect's roll was 12, with 1-20 working.
Ice Beam's accuracy roll was 45, with 1-100 hitting.

Alakazamaster can only attack for 1 turn due to the charging of Solarbeam.

plasma, your moves please.