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(Even so, it is still possible to defeat Hydreigon with a basic Pokemon. You just need a strategy.)


Status: Oh Yeah!
Health: 98
Energy: 91


Status: Hm, hm... Try and hit me now! (4 clones remain)
Health: 75
Energy: 71
Swords Dance~Revenge

Dark started flying high in the sky. He was trying to gain elevation for his next attack.
At last, the floating dragon was high in the sky. There was millions of clouds scattered across the sky. The clouds had started to turn heavy and dark from Hydreigon's presence.
He soon started glowing a bright yellow, and sparks jumped off from him into the clouds. The clouds rumbled with electricity, sending small bolts of electricity through the plains. The wind then picked up as the bolts became larger and faster.
Then, out of nowhere, a large bolt came flying at Marisel. She jumped out of the just in time, fortunately.
Hydreigon: -9 Energy

Marisel was freaked out at the previous events. Her heart had skipped a beat, and her breathing grew faster. What a terrible event!
Marisel then started breathing in slowly, calming herself down.
She then began dancing, tapping her feet in a slow beat that soon grew fast. Her spirit was instantly raised, and she was pumped up with energy.
She wanted to fight; she needed to fight. Marisel began throwing punches at the air, jabbing at invisible entities.

Suddenly, a small, light sword appeared above her. This sword aimed at her, striking her in the chest, then disappearing!
But Marisel arose perfectly, her strength increased.
Oshawott: -3 Energy +2 ATK

Hydreigon was real mad that his attack from the skies had missed. He then flew down from the clouds at incredible speeds. His face grew red wih anger, and his body was soon engulfed by this red anger as well.
In a matter of seconds, he was less than two feet near Marisel. Dark, using his immense strength and anger, started flailing his arms, whacking the poor Oshawott. He attacked her with anything and everything he could.
He bit her, smacked her, jabbed her, and even lunged his whole body at her!
Hydreigon: -8 Energy Oshawott: - 18 Health

Marisel was hurt quite a lot from that dragon's sudden outburst. She could feel various scratches and bruises along her body. Every move she made hurt her, but she would have to tough it out.
Soon, she began glowing a dark red, much like how Hydreigon was. This energy engulfed her whole body, giving her immense power.
Thanks to the great damage the previous attack dealt, she was able to gain double that energy to attack Dark!
She sprinted towards the Hydreigon, launching herself straight at Hydreigon's ribs. She hit him successfully, sending him flying across the plains!
Oshawott: -8 Energy Hydreigon: -38 Health


Status: Uhh, what?
Health: 60
Energy: 74
Only able to use Outrage for 3 turns


Status: Want some more! (3 clones remain) +2 ATK
Health: 57
Energy: 60

Ref Notes:
Thunder's accuracy roll was 92, with 1-18 hitting.
Outrage's accuracy roll was 21, with 1-33 hitting.
Revenge's accuracy roll was 82, with 1-100 hitting.
Aqua, your moves please.

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