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Status: Loopy doo pee doo.. CONFUSED for 4 more turns
HP: 52
Energy: 70
Fire Blast~Flamethrower


Status: Look at the wittle silly weasel. +3 SP DEF +1 SP ATK;
HP: 90
Energy: 34
Psychic~Rest/Rain Dance

Calypso shut her eyes closed. She was steadying her psychic energy for her next attack. She brought out her hands in front of her, channeling pink, psychic energy through them.
She then opened her eyes, sending this energy towards Blaze. Blaze was launched back by this energy, landing on his back. Calypso then went on to levitate this weasel with her telekinetic powers. Of course, she was feeling awful cunning today, and began messing around with him.
She threw him against trees around the lake, and dropped him from various heights, damaging him both mentally and physically.
Smoochum: -9 Energy Quilava: -11 Health

Blaze brought himself up from the floor. Although he was hurt, he was still alright. He seemed to tense up his muscles, causing the flames on his back to grow stronger. Blaze started forming a small ring of fire around himseklf. This fire engulfed his body, causing him to be covered with orange-red flames all over.
He then proceeded to charge at Calypso who was on the other side of the field. She didn't know what to do, and contemplated ways to mess with his attack.
Suddenly, Blaze changed his direction. The voices in his head were messing with him again.
You need to attack the lake, you dolt! The lake?! Why would I attack the lake?!
Because I said so! Are you going to challenge my authority!
Oh, shut up! You have none!
That's not what your mother said, though! Hahaha!
Oh, very mature, Mr. Idiocy.

But Blaze wasn't going to give up just yet! He overcame his disputing thoughts and tackled Calypso, setting her ablaze.
Quilava: -9 Energy; CONFUSED for 1 more turn Calypso: -16 Health

Calypso arose from the blast of fire. Her hair was singed, and she could feel burns on her body, but she was otherwise alright. She had a feeling this Quilava would continue to abuse her weakness to fire, so she decided to take some precautions.
She began dancing on the field, swaying her hands in the air, her feet tapping on the floor. This dance was slow and loud, causing dark, black clouds to form in the sky. These clouds started rumbling, sending raindrops to hit the floor.
Smoochum: -7 Energy; RAIN for 5 turns

Blaze cringed and shuddered as he felt the rain hit him, causing smoke to form on him. Blaze was starting to form a fireball in his mouth, but the rain continued to douse it, causing it to grow smaller.
Using all his might, Blaze shot out a beam of fire at Calypso. But, his efforts proved to be futile, and the flamethrower was a measly attack.
Quilava: -6 Energy Smoochum: -5 Health; CONFUSION gone


Status: Grrrrrrr
HP: 41
Energy: 55


Status:I.. must prevail!; Rain for 5 more turns.
HP: 69
Energy: 18

Ref Notes:
Psychic's accuracy roll was 94, with 1-100 hitting.
Fire Blast's confusion roll was 19, with 1-42 hitting.
Flamethrower's accuracy roll was 48, with 1-50 hitting.
Ala, your moves please.