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Status: Uhh, what?
Health: 60
Energy: 74
Only able to use Outrage for 3 turns


Status: Want some more! (3 clones remain) +2 ATK
Health: 57
Energy: 60

Hydreigon was flying through the sky, his arms flailing, spurting out flames everywhere. His trainer tried to issue an attack to him, but he wasn't listening. The state of rage he was in caused him to just lose it all. He was hitting trees with his claws, biting clouds, burning water, anything to release his anger.
Dark then caught a glance of Marisel in the field, just watching cautiously. He was real angry at her, and decided she could use some help.. in losing!
He flew towards with all his might. Still, she was unable to see him, as he crept behind her. With his unusual stealth, he bonked her on the head with his claws, sending her flying across the field.
Hydreigon: -8 Energy; Only able to use Outrage for 2 more turns Oshawott: -6 Health

Marisel brought herself up from the ground, watching as the hydra flew back up in the air, biting the clouds as usual.
She knew she would be beat to the ground by him, no matter what she did. So she decided to use her assets and control him.
Marisel grew a dark pink, her pupils forming into small, little pink hearts. She sent hearts flying in the air, the wind moving them through the fields. Dark was still going crazy, raging all over the place. But the large, pink hearts caught his eye. He ran towards them, ready to attack, but right when he hit one, all his anger was lost. His pupil turned into hearts, and his mouth turned into a cricked smile.
He was infatuated with Marisel.
Oshawott: -6 Energy -1 Clone Hydreigon: INFATUATED for 5 turns

Dark was so much in love with the beautiful Marisel. He tried to bring himself to attack, but no matter how cruel his heart was, he couldn't bring himself to hurt his love.
Hydreigon infatuated for 4 more turns; can only use Outrage for 1 more turn

Marisel grinned as her new "lover" was restrained from attacking her by her beauty. While the Hydra was in the sky, still letting himself loose, she decided she'd turn up the heat in their "relationship".
She began storing heat in her body, causing her temperature to rise and to sweat at an alarming rate. Her internal water reservoir became boiling hot, almost as if it were on a burning stove.
Marisel knew that this water could potentially give her a fatal burn if she didn't release it, so she began to attack. She watched as Dark lowered himself down, roses in his hand for her love. She was flattered, but knew it was fake love.
She then sent a beam of boiling water towards him, drenching him in it. Dark let out a loud yelp as he was overcome by burns all over.
Oshawott: -9 Energy Hydreigon: -13 Health; BURNED for 5 turns


Status: My love...
Health: 47
Energy: 66
Only able to use Outrage for 1 turn; INFATUATED for 4 turns; BURNED for 5 turns


Status: Tell me I'm pretty! (2 clones remain) +2 ATK
Health: 51
Energy: 45

Ref Notes:
Outrage's accuracy roll was 16, with 1-33 hitting.
Attract's accuracy roll was 83, wtih 1-100 hitting.
Outrage's infatuation roll was 48, with 1-50 hitting.
Scald's accuracy roll was 39, with 1-100 hitting.
Scald's burn roll was 27, with 1-30 burning.
Kyogia, your moves please.

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