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Status: Grrrrrrr
HP: 41
Energy: 55


Status:I.. must prevail!; Rain for 5 more turns.
HP: 69
Energy: 18

Calypso could feel herself getting weak as her body and mind grew tired. This battle was proving to be longer than she expected, but she knew she'd have to beat this flaming weasel.
She brought herself on the floor, closing her eyes as she began to rest.
Calypso: +6 Energy; Rain for 4 more turns

Blaze's flames soon started blazing in the harsh rain, sending the sound of smoke and singes through the air. The rain was causing his flames to minimize, and he needed them to attack.
He began by engulfing himself in another blanket of flames. Though, this time the flames were relatively weak from the rain. He tried to keep them ablaze, but no matter what, they would stay the same small size.
Blaze decided to just deal with it. He rushed towards Calypso, a trail of embers and smoke following him. He seemed to be faster than before, and felt like this time he would be stronger.
But as he was phasing into his thoughts, he tripped on a large rock popping from the ground he hadn't seen. He tripped, sending him flying through the air, then faceplanting on the ground.
Quilava: -9 Energy

Calypso awoke from her nap in good spirits. She was surprised that she wasn't attacked by her opponent's lethal fire. She got up from the ground, looking for Blaze. She couldn't find him for a while, but at last, she found him on the floor, face down. He seemed to be there, stunned from his "trip".
She saw this as the perfect time to hurt the vulnerable Pokemon. She picked him up with her psychic powers.
She was careful not to awake him until the right time. She seemed to playing around with him, sending messages and thoughts into his unconscious state. When she saw him waking up, she knew this was the perfect time.
She sent him slamming against a large boulder, his back aching. She did this a couple of times until she grew tired of it and dropped him in the lake.
Smoochum: -9 Energy; Rain for 3 more turns Quilava: -12 Health

Blaze crawled out of the lake drenched, shaking off the water from his fur. He was real angry right now, and his pure rage caused his flames to grow back. He was seriously ready to hurt that Smoochum now.
He began forming a small ball of fire in his mouth. Much like the previous attack, this ball of fire was smaller than usual, complementary of the rain.
Once he felt like he was ready, he sent a beam of flames towards Calypso. She didn't see this coming and gasped as the flames engulfed her fragile body!
Quilava: -6 Energy Smoochum: -5 Health


Status: Grrrrrrr
HP: 29
Energy: 40


Status:I.. must prevail!; Rain for 3 more turns.
HP: 64
Energy: 15

Ref Notes:
Fire Blast's accuracy roll was 93, with 1-85 hitting.
Psychic's accuracy roll was83, with 1-100 hitting.
Flamethrower's accuracy roll was 59, with 1-100 hitting.

Aqua, your moves please.