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Solosis - Male
Ability: Magic Guard
Health: 33
Energy: 37
Status: Urg, this is tough going... -1 ACCURACY +2 DEF +2 SP ATK +2 SP DEF, BURNED for 1 more turns.
Psychic ~ Psywave


Shiny Hoothoot - Male
Ability: Insomnia
Health: 86
Energy: 87
Status: Haha, just try and stop me! Currently PREPARING for Sky Attack, FUTURE Sighted.
Finish Sky Attack ~ Calm Mind

After some time in the air, Hreoth was now enveloped in a mystifying bright light. It was tiring, but finally, the fruits of battle were about to pay off! With blinding speed, the Hoothoot, almost like a comet, blazed down towards the blob of plasma, who was mesmerized by the bright light, but panicking at the same time. The blob tried to float away, but as fast as it could go, the tiny owl smashed into the blob with tremendous force! The Hoothoot flapped its wings to regain elevation, now thoroughly exhausted from the attack.
(Solosis: -12 Health, Hoothoot: -11 Energy)

Cytosis was down, but not out. As much as the smashing attack hurt, he had to prevail. To retaliate, Cytosis began to form as much concentration into its mind as possible. Soon, a blue aura surrounded the Hoothoot, and flung him around into rocks and eventually kept the golden bird still on a jagged rock. Hreoth struggled to break free from Cytosis's mind grip, but resistance was futile, it seemed.
(Hoothoot: -14 Health, Solosis: -10 Energy, BURN dissipated)

Before long, the irritation in Hreoth's head was getting to a maximum pitch. This was much worse than a usual headache - Hreoth could literally feel his mind spasming within his skull. Before he knew it, his mind erupted in confusion, leaving Hreoth exhausted.
(Hoothoot: -15 Health, Solosis: -10 Energy)

Crawling back up, Hreoth knew he needed some protection from Cytosis's mind games. Focusing his mind clear of all trivial things, he built up his special stats. At least the horrible migraine was over, now that his brain was receiving a nice refresh...
(Hoothoot: -5 Energy, +1 SP.ATK +1 SP.DEF)

Cytosis sighed a moment, getting its energy back in check, in order to prepare for another attack - Psywave. Generating a mysterious power from his core, he began to pulsate a strange, telepathic power towards the Hoothoot. However, Cytosis's vision was getting he had to take this shot with as much concentration as his energy would allow. He fired away, creating a huge wave of psychic power...which missed the golden bird entirely. Hoothoot smiled happily - looks like he might be able to dispose of the annoying booger after all. The Solosis gently lay flat on the ground, almost all of its energy sucked from his core, and not even allowing for any more. All Cytosis could see now was a faint light off in the distance, which looked like it would carry him off the battlefield to a peaceful place without strife...
(Attack MISSED, Solosis: -11 Energy)


Solosis - Male
Ability: Magic Guard
Health: 21
Energy: 6
Status: The close... -1 ACCURACY +2 DEF +2 SP ATK +2 SP DEF.


Shiny Hoothoot - Male
Ability: Insomnia
Health: 55
Energy: 71
Status: You gotta be kidding! I'm not even close to done with you! +1 SP.ATK +1 SP.DEF

Ref's Notes
Sky Attack's accuracy roll: 27, with 1-90 hitting.
Sky Attack's critical hit roll: 10, with 1-6 being a critical hit.
Psychic's accuracy toll: 30, with 1-75 hitting.
Psychic's critical hit roll: 76, with 1-6 being a critical hit.
Future Sight's accuracy roll: 9, with 1-75 hitting.
Future Sight's critical hit roll: 65, with 1-6 being a critical hit.
Psywave's base power roll: Generated 4 (random number between 6 and 15) and 7.7 (random number between 1 and 100 divided by 10) - multiplied, the base power is 69.
Psywave's accuracy roll: 75, with 1-60 hitting.

Reuniclus, you may proceed.