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Cryogonal - Genderless
Ability: Levitate
Health: 57
Energy: 96
Status: ...Hnnnh...that hurt... ASLEEP for 2 more turns
Call ~ Hail


Shiny Hoothoot - Male
Ability: Insomnia
Health: 58
Energy: 28
Status: Muahaha! This is the beginning of the end! +2 SP.ATK +2 SP.DEF
Switch to Xylv ~ Heat Wave

Hreoth was called back into its Pokeball. Hreoth wasn't too disappointed; after all, he had managed to do a lot in the time that he was out. Then came out Xylv. Xylv knew he had a major advantage over the snowflake; so it was time to hit it with a hot move!

Cyndaquil - Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 56
Energy: 25
Status: I eat frosted flakes for breakfast! AHAHahaha...that was a horrible joke.

The snowflake was still sleeping soundly, but its sleep had been interrupted multiple times by rocks, yells, and fire-breathing snowflakes in its nightmare. Its sleep was getting thinner. Calling again, the trainer hoped that it would connect. Within its dream, Nitrogen seemed to notice the dream becoming less solid and more gaseous, until he started hearing someone calling his name. He awoke, and he found himself on the ground. Finally, Nitrogen woke up!
(Cryogonal: Woke up)

Nitrogen wasn't going to let a single chance pass it by! Firing a frosty blast into the air, dark storm clouds began to blow. First, snow fell modestly, but it quickly turned to a full-on onslaught of hail. Xylv tried to dodge the hail, which crashed loudly on the ground. Nitrogen seemed happy; it was finally back in its element!
(Cryogonal: -4 Energy, HAIL for 5 turns)

Xylv felt frustrated. As soon as he came out, he had to deal with horrible weather. Xylv took it upon himself to heat up the ravine. The fire on his back began to blaze a furious red and orange, and he fired away at the snowflake. It was Nitrogen's worst nightmare come to life; the burning wind blew right around him, and it felt like it was melting! Fire surrounded himself on all sides, and it wasn't long before he felt something on his side; there was a charred mark on itself! Xylv cheered at the sight; even in the midst of a hailstorm, he managed to burn it!
(Cryogonal: -17 Health, BURNED for 5 turns, Cyndaquil: -8 Energy, -6 Health from HAIL, HAIL for 4 more turns)


Cryogonal - Genderless
Ability: Levitate
Health: 40
Energy: 92
Status: BODY...BURNING... BURNED for 5 more turns
Hail for 4 more turns


Cyndaquil - Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 50
Energy: 17
Status: BODY...FREEZING...

Ref's Notes:
Call's success roll: 18, with 1-50 waking Nitrogen up.
Heat Wave's accuracy roll: 29, with 1-90 hitting.
Heat Wave's critical hit roll: 17, with 1-6 being a critical hit.
Heat Wave's burning roll: 10, with 1-10 burning the opponent.

Looks like we might be on the home stretch. Reuniclus, your moves, if you will.

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