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November 1st, 2012
Woo-wee. Finally hit November. October seemed to drag on a bit too long then it should've. Or maybe I just need a break from school. The 2000 word essay I had to type up for AP English IV wore my fingers out, but at least I have it done and I can now look forward to the weekend.

But something I really wanted to talk about right now - I figured out the approximate experience you get from walking and running in Gear Station while a Pokémon is left in the day care center. So these are the rates:

-One revolution around Gear Station at two steps away from the stairs (so when you enter Gear Station, take one step toward the center) is about 60 steps. You will never run into an NPC or anything else at this spot.
-It takes about 17.25 seconds to walk one full circle at two steps away from the stairs.
-You earn about 210 EXP every minute at this rate.
-12,600 EXP every hour.
-302,400 EXP every day.

-It takes about 8.75 seconds to run one full circle from the mentioned spot above.
-At this rate, you earn about 414 EXP every minute.
-24,840 EXP every hour.
-596,160 EXP every day.

Remember that this has to be constant, so no stopping for anything. If only you could use the bike in Gear Station....
So if you're trying to train a Pokémon via day care and you have the ability to make your character constantly running, go for it because this is the most efficient way to earn EXP because you are constantly earning EXP, as compared to trainer battles which are start-and-stop EXP. Take note that, at constant running speeds in Gear Station, it would only take a little more than a day for a Pokémon with "Erratic" EXP growth to go from level 1 to 100 and a little more than a day and a half for a Pokémon with "Fast" growth to go from level 1 to 100.

That's really the highlight of my day and that's all I feel like sharing for today. Enjoy that little bit of info.

I really need to find a paperweight for my B button....