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Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys - Crisis - I'm just going to make this one big review since two parters lie this usually have the same people working on it. When heading back to Pewter City for the Battle Pyranid an Aura Bori Alice appears and that can mean only one thing! Deoxys! This some how causes all technology to fail even though that's not how it worked in the Deoxys movie but whatever. Solidad shows up and is all like I don't have time for your garbage Brock it's pretty funny. Of course Solidad's capture syler is still some how working. Deoxys appears and Max some how forms some sort of psychic link with it for some reason. I like how Destiny Deoxys is actually mentioned when they're talking about the cause of this.Max's strange connection with Deoxys causes him to want to follow Solidad, seriously what can be so dangerous about all this? This of course causes the entire group to be involved.After a drawn out scene of Deoxys trying to communicate with the group it eventually uses Meowth as vessel to claim he's scared. Why is he scared? Because it is very cold in space. Well duh it's cold in space just ask Khan. Then Deoxys just leaves with Max and Meowth and we're left on a cliff hanger. In the next part it's revealed Max and Meowth were taken to a weird dimension that is Deoxys' room. It's also revealed Deoxys hated traveling in space until it crashed onto earth and was lonely but too afraid to leave the cave. I kind of like this idea I think it's pretty good. The group plus Team Rocket explores the cave for Max and Meowth leading for them to call out all of there pokemon which leads for Deoxys to leave its dimension and speak backwards. The meteor gives a massive energy build up which is giving off solar flares and will soon explode. Um SCiEncE!? I don't know enough about astronomy to know if this could work. Everyones pokemon must attack Deoxys so Solidad can capture it so it can stop attacking. They eventually save Meowth and Max and Solidad captures Deoxys right after. Deoxys then leaves to see other pokemon. Unlike previous specials this one was really good, great continuity and pacing I love it.


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