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All that glitters is not Golden - When camping on a lake May and Ash come across a golden Sudowoodo. Oddly enough Ash decides to try to catch it but it rejects him. They tell Brock about it and oddly enough he doesn't believe him. The group decides to have lunch in a western cafe with cowboys that obsessed with the idea of golden pokemon. This causes them to be forced to leave the cafe and of course Team Rocket over hears.The character of the day is the actual owner of the Sudowoodo who doesn't seem to want to return to its trainer. I like how Team Rocket is in this episode, they're very over the top which I'm pretty okay with. Brock uses his Bronsly to communicate with Sudowoodo but it runs off instead.It's revealed that the trainer experimented on Sudowoodo to make it no longer weak water but he badly wants to reverse. Seriously someone who is terrible enough to experiment on there pokemon like that doesn't deserve it. Of course the trainer sacrifices himself to save Sudowoodo and the day is saved. Pretty lame episode.


New Plot - Odd Lot - May is going for her fifth ribbon and of course yet again this is the last contest before the Grand Festival. Agh why? Creating tention for the same thing yet again! At least last time it was really set up but this is really annoying I understand why they went away with it next saga. May is clearly nervous over all this. Also Harley shows up calls the group May and her boy toys. So um is May a pimp?? Is that what Harley is implying!? However Harley already has five ribbons so there is no need for him to compete in the contest. May and Ash decide to use this as an opportunity to train and seeing Harley made May more intense, so seeing him actually helped making her forget her nervousness. I like how James sold all of his bottle caps to get Jessie a new dress and Jessie says he's just jealous he can't dress like this. Even though he's dressed up as a woman a lot. Harley decides to give his pokemon to Jessie to take out May because in a funny flashback a girl that looked like May ate her last octopus snack which made him angry. I like this continuity flup since it does make sense for Harley to have another reason to hate May so deliberately now. James using Harley's Ariados and rather then going on stage and exposing this Ash stupidly confronts it head on. However this manages to backfire when Combusken lights Ariados' webs on fire. Of course despite messing up May makes it to the next round.


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