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Going for Choke - James and Meowth trap the group by disguising themselves and leading them into a dark room, where telephone is. How is the group still alive if they're able to fall for this stupid scheme!? Fortunately drew was some how able to see through this and frees them with his Flygon. However Team Rocket makes a pitfall and traps the group yet again. But Brock remembers for once he has a Forrtress and they manage to run into James and Harley above May. And *gasp* Jessebelle is Jessie! However because Drew is around Harley just er walks away. The final battle is Banette vs Squitle, however the battle ends in a draw so it's time to get into over time and May manges to pull through. So May now has her final ribbon and the Grand Festival is coming up. I really like how the battle in this episode really stood out.


The Ole' Berate and Switch! - The episode starts off with what else but Team Rocket failing. This leads to a really harsh argument and the ultimate break up of Team Rocket. YAY this is already working to become m favorite episode. The group agrees to visit the Pewter City gym before going to the Battle Pyramid. However the group decides to attend a Pokemon battle tournament. This is of course a scheme run by Cassidy and *****. But they don't seem to question why this Nurse Joy's mouth isn't moving. Of course the Team Rocket group end up going to the tournament as well and run into Cassidy. James ends up joining Cassidy, and OMG the subtext between Jessie and Cassidy is getting weird. Max uncovers this Team Rocket plan. I like how the group confuses James for Butch and they get his name correct this time. All the Team Rocket grunts unveil themselves and it turns to an all out er not brawl more of a mess. But it is nice seeing Ash and the group talk back to the grunts about how what they're doing is wrong. I really like this moment considering how little the group are ever able to gain an upper hand on the evil teams. I also like how Cassidy tries with James while Botch tries doing it with Jessie and also fails.Of coursed James, Jessie and Mewoth end up regrouping. While Cassidy and Butch try to get away they end up falling into pit traps. This is quite annoying but I really don't care. They try to take the pokeballs and of course they end up failing. I guess this was a pretty good Team Rocket episode but I'm kind of annoyed by how easily they get back together I meab they end up arguing at the end of the episode anyways.

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