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Grating Spaces! - Brock's parents being the terrible parents they are leave on a vacation leaving all of Brock's siblings on there on, wow what terrible parents. I like how the gym is still a complete mess from the last time, with all the bad paint and ribbons. Apparently Brock's Onix evolved into Steelix. Ash sums up how the gym looks perfectly, like an art gallary for lunatics. I forgot that Brock's entire family also has young bloods disease. Jesse and James receive Giant Aggron and Charizard from Team Rocket's Delibird for some reason. Team Rocket disguised as gym remodelers challenges the group to a double battle and Ash and Brock accept. However there isn't a lot of tension here since as we saw Team Rocket use strong pokemon just two episodes ago and they still failed. While the double battle is really awesome of course Jessie and James end up arguing and revealing themselves. Aren't you glad these two decided to stay together? Also Meowth is caught stealing the gym's pokemon. I like how at the end of the episode Brock puts his parents back in there place, clearly angry it's a really great moment. Heck this is probably the greatest Brock episode in this saga it's always awesome seeing his family. It's completely understandable for him to be angry plus his Onix evolved!


Battling the Enemy Within - The group arrives at the Battle Pyramid and Ash is quite confident. However they end up falling into a trap which leads to ancient ruins. I like how Ash is clearly confident about wrapping everything up already. The ruins are really well designed with ancient art and Indiana Jones traps. They are saved by Brandon who reveals these are the ruins dedicated to Pokelantis whose evil king tried using Ho-oh for evil only to disappear. Ash being as stupid as ever runs of and falls into the kings chamber picking up an orb expecting to see Ho-oh. Instead Ash gets processed by the King of Pokelantis. The way the guy acts is kind of unintentionally funny, how he just awkwardly set fourth demands and acts like a complete jerk. Brendan ends up challenging Ash to battle and if we wins err well I have no idea. The king uses Ash's mind and battle knowledge and while still using incredibly cheap tactics. I like how they cut between the two in order to show how the two may have some things in common. These brutal attacks are really well thought out I love it. While Ash looses, he still tries using Pikachu while Brendan tries to help as well. I love this moment between Ash and friends preventing him. This leads to the king returning to his ball. I like Brendan, while he may start off as unlikable he's clearly determined to help out Ash still. Brendan tells Ash he wasn't defeated by the spirit he was defeated by himself because of his foolish arrogance. However it is time for the Battle Pyramid to move as it flies off! That is awesome! As if to top that Ash decides he wants to show Brandon he's not as foolish as he think and sees Ho-oh played to my favorite song Route 27 thus creating my favorite moment of all time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS EPISODE. The Team Rocket interludes, the pacing, the plot, Brandon, and how the supporting cast is used! This is probably also my favorite episode in this entire show.


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