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Originally Posted by Quadcentruo View Post
If you talk to ThePokeMan, he'll tell you a story about hunting a shiny Gligar. He counts every adoptable he adopts until he gets a shiny form of that. It took him 384 adoptables to get a shiny Gligar, so remember that "1 in 100" doesn't necessarily mean there will be a shiny after 100 adopts.

Also, to check if they are shiny, when you are on "My Pets" page, if you see the letter "S" next to the adoptable, that means it is a shiny. I know some shiny Pokemon are hard to distinguish from their original form, so that "S" is a good double checker.
You know I don't like remembering that particular hunt. I have that blasted thing, and that's all that counts.

Originally Posted by Absol View Post
I got Heat after 34 tries, but after 60 tries on another Pokemon, no such luck. Is there some sorta mechanism that works against you based on # of shinies you already have?
No mechanism, just luck. If the site wants to troll you with bad timing, it will go ahead and troll. Trust me, I have 10 successful shiny hunts~

Originally Posted by kakashidragon View Post
Well i finally got that shiny syther adopt. Took over 100+ times to get it.
Yeah, shiny hunts can take that long in VRAC. While it doesn't usually take that long for me, both my first hunt (Gallade, 173 attempts) and the aformentioned Gligar took over 100 adopts to get.

Honestly, I thought the site was trolling me with Gligar. I had gotten 2 shinies in <10 attempts, so I was pretty angry when it took almost 400 tries to get it right...

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