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Default Shining Hope in the Deepest Darkness

The world has fallen apart at the very seems. The only known safe haven is the Misty Woods. There, special creatures live in peace, though not for long. Humans are begining to die out. But, they aren't going down without a fight. They began to hunt down the creatures of the Misty Woods. Thus, the residents are forced to fight for their lives. Killing off more humans and making animal populations flourish. Now, humans are on the edge and have stopped hunting in the Misty Woods for their own sake. The residents know that they would eventually die off without their help.
The Misty Woods is still troubled. A rogue group of humans broke away from the remaining and continued to hunt in the Woods. The residents will no longer negotiate with them. They must protect their home and humans must pay for their jealous killing once and for all. This is what the Eventide Ghost Silvfoxes had predicted, but they also predicted that a group of animals will rise up and defeat the rogues and kill off the remaining humans so the burden is gone forever.

- PG-13 - keep blood and gore to a bare minimum
- mild swearing
- nothing sexual
- 6 characters per member
- No Godmod or powerplay
- No mary sue or gary stues and the antis
- Please make sure that your character(s) are on the list, do a digging into what your character(s) might be
- This silvfoxes are NOT allowed: Nemesis, Bęte noire and the Spellcaster
- To make sure you read the rules put "Contract" in your post

Character Sheet:
Age(in moons):
Powers: (six per character)

I will posting 4 of my 6 characters, the other two will introduced later in the rp

Name: Rampart Harmony
Age: 9 moons
Gender: Female
Species: Eventide Ghost
Power: Can see into the future, Fly faster than normal Eventides, can use telepathy, her feathers can become hard as steel to act as a shield and launch them as projectiles
Personality: Sweet and kind, agressive only when threatened, loyal to her friends and willing to fight for any one, very shy
Bio: Rampart was one of the few Eventides that predicted the humans' downfall and the flourishment of the animals. She was often excluded by other except the other Eventides. She grew very shy after a cruel silvfox broke some of her favorite statues. But, her courage returned one day when that very same silvfox was tormenting the Eventide kits while their parents were away. She suddenly hardened her feathers and acciendently killed the silvfox when she launched several feathers from her wings at him.
Spoiler Alert:    

Other: n/a

Name: Suni Celeste
Age: 10 moons
Gender: Female
Species: Planetary (Jupiter)
Powers: Suni can control the wind, She can fly without wings because of her magic, she has execellent eyesight and runs very fast
Personality: Suni is a kind but rather aggressive towards silvfoxes that she doesn't know. Cunning and judgemental, she is rather cold, but friendly.
Bio: Suni's parents were killed during a raid. She was left alone and had to fend for herself. Suni grew a little aggressive towards others, but managed to get some friends. She tends to stick to her group of friends, leaving only to hunt or collect herbs.
Spoiler Alert:    

Other: n/a

Name: Vincent Valiance
Age: 11 moons
Gender: Male
Species: Pink Stitch
Powers: He can sense the feelings of others, Vincent can tell the colors of others' aura, He can also use telekinetic powers
Personality: He can be aggressive because he's a hybrid, he is kind and loyal, but stubborn and careless, he would risk his life for silvfoxes he doesn't even know.
Bio: Vincent's parents lived deep in the forest. They attacked by humans and killed for their pelts. Vincent quickly ran away to join some of the groups that migrate throughout the Woods. He often wanders about looking for others to hang around with. He only strikes if provoked, in one case he did, a human came across his group during their monthly migration to the lake, the human tried to kill him but he strangled the human with his telekinesis and because a fearfull silvfox to most except the ones he traveled with
Spoiler Alert:    

Others: n/a

Name: Jenova Wayward ((or Jeno for short)) (yes, that is the name of this character)
Age: 12 moons
Gender: Male ()
Species: Fairy (*shotonethousandtimes*)
Powers: Jenova can control light and play tricks with it to confuse enemies, he can hear things from far away, and walk without making any noise, and uses healing magic
Personality: Jeno is very protective and fierce, he will go to the ends of the Woods for them. He also has a gentler side, he is kind and caring to the injured and sick.
Bio: Jenova was abandoned as an egg because his parents were killed and he was taken. A lone marauder was believed to have saved him and placed him in the care of the Eventides until he grew up and could fend for himself. He felt he owes a debt to the marauder and the Eventide Tribe for being alive. His closet friend is Suni, a Jupiter Planetry silvfox. He travels with her and some other silvfoxes to keep humans off their tracks.
Spoiler Alert:    

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