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Cool DashArmy's visit to the Pokemon VGC 2012 Regional: Athens

Competition Area #1
Competition Area #2
Junior Division playing, it's kinda small. Too much daww with all the pikachu hats.
Waiting for my match, also shelmet promo card. (You were advised not to start/open DS until permission was given.)
Make sure your Pokemon are in the Battle Box!
Looks like we have artists among us, there was also one like that but with a full blown, detailed Charizard drawn on the entire thing. Shoulda got a picture.
Screen midway inbetween matches (that isn't my full record, I went 5-3)
DashArmy at the match postings What they would do is print out all the matches and you were to go to find your opponent at your table number, and once the matches were finished you would wait for the next round postings.

In the process, I met some bronies (and exchanged some awesome brohoofs), surprised a few people, and had some close calls. Due to everyone else's w-l record being 6-2 and mine being 5-3, I didn't make it high enough to qualify for something, but I felt I really learned a lot and had some fun, and I can't wait for next year.

Since the VS Recorder can only hold one match, I can only show you my last match (we had 8 rounds, it took a while) so I'll post it whenever I'm not lazy, and I might have the battle video # written down somewhere.

I obtained a Zekrom shirt pin-on and a shelmet promo card. If I had placed higher, I would have got a hat. Who doesn't like hats?

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Wow, that's pretty cool Dash!
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Sounds like you had fun, Dash. I'm jelly of that Zekrom shirt pin on. I wish I could've gone to the VGCs this year
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