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Default From the Heavens, The Gods choose their heirs

This is a Dragon Cave rp. This means you can only use dragons from DC.
This link will take you to the list of all dragons of DC:

The Gods looked upon the world and created Dragons. They also created humans to be companions to the Dragons. But the humans envied the Dragons and enslaved them. The Gods were sicken by what they did and smitted all the humans and wiped them cleam off the maps. But the Gods have lost power since Daemons have been born from the Remains of the Human Kingdoms. The Gods have choosen normal dragons from around the Four Contients to be their heirs. They are the ones you would least likely think would be the heir to a God. The Daemons have overrun the ruins of old human towns and cities. The Gods quickly moved into action and chose their heirs amoung the many. They will be the Saviors that will bring forth Salvation.

- Follow all site rules
- all basic rp rules
- no sexual things
- no killing characters without permission
- mild swearing
- 6 characters per member

The Continents:
Zephyria (Western Continent)
Oreinan (Eastern Continent)
Boreasan (Northern Continent)
Notusian (Southern Contient)
*= taken
The Deities:
1. Hyperion - God of Fire and King of the Gods
2. Aquius - God of the Sea
3. Ouranos* - God of Wind and Luck
4. Gaea - Goddess of Earth and Nature
5. Palates - God of Darkness and the Underworld
6. Novas - Goddess of Light and Queen of the Gods
7. Nima - Goddess of the Weather
8. Nyx *- Goddess of Night
9. Nion - God of Day
10. Thanz - God of Death
11. Jaunus - God of Choices
12. Rovex - God of Sleep and Memory
13. Artem - Goddess of the Hunt
14. Demere - Goddess of the Harvest
15. Athane - God of Wisdom
16. Pompona - Goddess of Wealth
17. Hares - God of War
18. Loki - God of Magic and Medicine
19. Orisis - God of Protection
20. Tiamat - Goddess of Thunder and Lightning
21. Fenrir - God of Ice and Roads
22. Baal - God of the Forge and Metal
23. Atlas - God of Messengers
24. Venus - Goddess of Love
25. Aspu - God of Balance
26. Helios* - God of the Sun
27. Selene *- Goddess of the Moon
28. Iris - Goddess of Doorways
29. Ishtar - Goddess of Peace
30. Balder - God of Faith
31. Maia - Goddess of Hope
32. Odin - God of Judgement
33. Pan* - God of the Woodlands
34. Shiva - Goddess of Exploration
35. Tyr - God of Warriors
36. Nemesis* - God of Retribution

Charater Sheet.
Powers: (six per character, must be related to your Deity)
Deity: (only one per character)
Home Continent:

My Charcters:
Name: Rowan Swallowtail
Age: 21 human years
Gender: Male
Species: Swallowtail Dragon
Powers: Rowan can control the wind, He can create hurricanes and wind storms, he can fly without his wings
Deity: Ouranos
Personality: Care free and gentle, Rowan will only fight if there is danger afoot
Bio: Rowan was one of the many dragons chosen to be an heir to the throne of a God. He was evicted from his lair when Daemons invaded his land. His parents made it out safe and almost cost his life in the process, but the Wind God Ouranos saved him and named him his heir.
Home Continent: Zephyria
Other: n/a

Name: Noire Brightstripe
Age: 20 human years
Gender: Female
Species: Striped Dragon (Black)
Powers: She can make her enemies wish that they had done right, she can remove small amounts of pride, and she can see into the heart of evil creatures
Deity: Nemesis
Personality: She very just and strict, whenever something happens she blames herself, she fights fiercly for good and is persistant to some
Bio: Both her parents were killed during a Daemon raid. She wanted her revenge and traveled the world and destroyed any Daemon that cross her path. She was choosen by Nemesis, God of Balance.
Home Continent: Oreinan
Other: n/a

Name: Capricorn Nebulae
Age: 24 human years
Gender: Female
Species: Nebula Dragon (Blue)
Powers: She can manipulate the star patterns on her wings to confuse enemies, She can create miniture nebulas to act as maps for quests
Deity: Nyx
Personality: quiet and soft spoken, Capricorn is not very social and is very shy towards others
Bio: Her parents, a Nebula and a Sunrise, were injured on a trip. She struck favor with Nyx, Goddess of Night. Nyx defeated the Daemons and marked her as her heir and gave her amazing powers.
Home Continent: Notusian
Other: n/a

Name: Lesai Forest
Age: 21 human years
Gender: Male
Species: Neotropical Dragon
Powers: He can make trees and bushes grow by touching them, he knows every woodland, he has excellent navigation
Deity: Pan
Personality: He is passive and calm, he fights to protect nature and his friends
Bio: Lesai is a pureblood Neotropical, his lineage is all Neotropical. Pan chose him when a sacred tree was being attacked by monsters. He protected the tree and Pan destroyed the creatures and bestowed him as the heir to all woodlands
Home Continent: Zephyria
Other: n/a

Name: Eclipisio Moonstone
Age: 20 human years
Species: Moonstone Dragon
Powers: He can reflect moonlight to make himself invisible temporarily, he can concentrate moonlight into energy beams, he also serves as a night time guide
Deity: Selene
Personality: He is adventurous and brave, he is defensive and clever
Bio: His parents were taken from him on his eighteenth birthday by Daemons. He sought out a way to destroy the beast when he met Selene. He was gifted with powers and made heir to the throne of the Moon.
Home Continent: Boreasan

Name: Chaster Sunstone
Age: 23 human years
Gender: Female
Species: Sunstone Dragon
Powers: She can concentrate sunlight into energy beams, She can ward off evil with her stone, and bring life giving warmth to those around her.
Deity: Helios
Personality: Chaster is cautious of new dragons and strict with well known dragons, she is loveable and sweet at times but is a little protective of close friends
Bio: She was the daughter of a jeweler. She learned to craft fine jewelery, so fine that Helios came to her. She had given him a tribute of many fine gems and goldware. He made her the heir to the Throne of the Sun after her valiant rescue of his sister Selene
Home Continent: Oreinan
Other: n/a
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