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Old November 11, 2012, 06:58:15 PM
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Default Lux's Ludicrous Log of Loquacity

November 11, 2012
Remembrance Day (which I didn't not celebrate aside from at school on Friday).

Whoo, quadruple alliteration! I'm quite proud of that title, to say the least.

Now, to compose my first post!
I suppose I'll begin by telling you all that I went to see Wreck-It Ralph with JJ and two of my other friends on Friday. It was amazing! And so witty! Well done, and I applaud everyone who took part in the making if such theater gold.

More recently, my sister's friend, Jojo, slept over last night. I've known her for 9 years, so she's the sister I never had! (Yes, yes I do have a sister, but this one I see infrequently, so it's still pleasant to see her at all). I was feeling fairly lonely, because I was stuck doing homework without a companion of any sort. Even my own cat didn't want to stick around with me. ;<

But enough about the past! Let's live in the more-recent-but-not-nearly-present! Today. Today was boring, very boring. I woke up early in hopes of doing homework, but I didn't get more than about 5 pages of Spanish done. This is a long weekend, and it was crucial for me to catch up in terms of homework, but I haven't. At all. Now I lazed around a bit, then ate some waffles for breakfast with my family and Jojo. It was quite comical, because for desert we were eating some sort of chocolate-covered berries, and I tossed one into Jojo's glass of milk while she wasn't looking. Needless to say, the other three people at the table saw, and couldn't keep their mouths shut about how she should really drink her milk. She nearly fell for it, until my step-dad threw in another one while she was staring right at him. Ruined all the fun of watching her choke... The next few hours were spent browsing Reddit, with small study breaks as well as a lunch break and some VR in between. After lunch though, I picked up my act a bit and had a shower! Once I was done, I cleaned up my room a little bit, because I have a friend coming over on the 15th, and cleaning my room takes a few days... The climax of my day was when I asked my mom if I could go to Dollarama (the dollar store) to pick up a few things. She was peeved, since she already went there just yesterday, but agreed anyway. So we hoped in the car and I drove through drifts and snow and patches of ice for the very first time! It was awesome. Parked in front of the store like a boss, and we went inside to purchase what we needed. I grabbed a package of 3 self-laminating sheets for some important papers I have, a package of 10 clear sheets for other less important papers, 2 packages of recipe cards for studying, a binder for the stupidly large booklets my teachers insist on giving us which take up half of my regular binder, and finally, a little blank-page'd notepad that I'll use for my upcoming project in French. We have to make a diary from the point of view of the prince in Le Petit Prince. I'm gonna make it the most awesome diary you'll ever see, complete with side notes, doodles and other random scribbles. I bought what I had and safely returned us back home. I've noticed that if I begin to fume or get really passionate about something while I drive, it becomes more difficult for me to be an appropriate driver. I must avoid that... Ever since I got home, aside from having supper, I've been studying for my huge test in Japanese. That's the one thing about languages, the knowledge and information is cumulative, so you must remember every bit. This semester has been very busy for me and interesting. My French teacher appears to have an affinity for projects; my Spanish teacher has been lagging a little bit, so we haven't be learning as much as we should (which is disappointing, because I love Spanish); and my Japanese teacher is laying it on really thick. It's a lot for my brain to process all day, every day. Oh, and pile physics on top... I'm having buckets of fun. I don't think I could pull it off without an eidetic memory...

Nothing new to update in terms of videogames. I changed my DSi's clock because of DST and I'm bummed because I can't play in Join Avenue, which I love. Though I could finally enter Giant Chasm, but I'm too busy to do that.

Welp, that's all! I hope you enjoyed my blog~! Au revoir, adios, さようなら, ta-ta for now! ^~^

I'm happy about the outcome of the elections. Ya done us proud, America.

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Old December 1, 2012, 02:35:20 PM
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For those interested, we had a meeting a few days ago for more details about out trip to Japan... Here's what I'll be doing!

Itinerary for Japan 2014

Obviously I'm not gonna tell you the times of everything, my hotels, or anything else too specific, but here you'll be able to see the (cautionary, 'cause in a year and a half of might change,) itinerary.

Some fun facts: This trip includes 40 different students ranging from the ages of 15-18 (grades 10-12), 4 teachers will be accompanying and chaperoning, we'll be staying at some very fancy hotels, it's 2 to a room, every morning we get an all-you-can-eat Japanese cuisine buffet and while we're in Japan it'll be peak cherry blossom season. Think about that. Finally, Japan has a service called くろい ねこ (Kuroi Neko) Black Cat, which is a ground transportation service. Basically, we keep our day packs with us and then everything else, whether it's the stuff we buy or our 50 bazillion suitcases, goes in a truck and is transported worry-free from city to city. Yay!

March 26th 2014
Depart from Canada over to Japan

March 27th
As a result of the international dateline, we will have a late afternoon arrival at the Narita airport, and we'll head over to our hotel to get settled in for the next few days.

March 28th
WARNING: Today is day where you will probably explode from the most jealousy.
Asakusa Kannon Temple - A buddhist temple which happens to be Tokyo's oldest temple as well.
Nakamise Shopping Arcade - This place is about 250 meters long and includes over 89 shops. It's a narrow street where my shopping in Japan will begin. I won't buy much if anything here though. I have a budget.
Sumida River Cruise - Just a simple river cruise around the shore to get a good view of the area from the water.
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation - I LOVE science! This is going to be so exciting for me to see, nobody could even understand! Plus, I'll be meeting Asimo! I'll be able to see Japan's newest stuff, which for us is waaay in the future.
Studio Ghibli - The place where some of the best animated movies in the world come from, such as Ponyo, Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle and The Secret World of Arietty
Pokémon Center Tokyo - U mad, bro?
Panasonic Center (Nintendo Game Front) - This is Nintendo's showroom. It's also as close as you can get to the inner secrets of the company without breeching security. We'll be able to play on every Nintendo system from the past, as well as certain prototype games/consoles that are coming up!

March 29th
Imperial Palace Plaza - I won't be able to meet the emperor for obvious reasons, but I will be able to see a real-life palace. What ISN'T cool about that?
Harajuku Shopping District - This is where teenagers of all fashion styles come to socilize and buy things. It's a large area that sells it's own brands and international brands at fairly affordable prices.
Omotesando Street - The place where if I was a girly fashion girl, my head would explode. But I'm not, so it won't. Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and many other stores like them will be found in this upscale shopping area.
Meiji Jingu Shrine - Shinto shrine dedicated to the spirit of emperor Meiji (1852-1912)
Takeshita Dori Street - A street lined with fashion boutiques, cafés and restaurants (some of which are of the international type). There's also some cool here that I learnt about. "Antenna shops", which manufacturers seed with prototypes for test-marketing. Oooo.

March 30th
WARNING: More minor jealousy may occur today.
Edo Tokyo Museum - A massive museum with life-sized dioramas of ancient Tokyo. Awesome, right?
Akihabara Shopping District - This is the best place for animé shopping, and it's also highly focused on electronics, so this is a dream area for me. You can find cosplayers here, and I'll be sure to have many pictures! We're spending the entire afternoon here.
Shibuya District - If you've ever seen Tokyo Drift, they drive through the famous pedestrian intersection in this area. We're going in the evening, which means all of the neon signs will be beautiful and blinding.

March 31st
Bullet train to Kyoto. If it's a clear day, we will have a beautiful view as we race by Mt. Fuji in the distance at 290 km/h.
We'll check into our new hotel.
Nijo Castle - Beautiful castle, but not much to say.
Kiyomizu Temple - Buddhist temple with some beautiful views.

April 1st
Gion geisha district - We'll learn about what it's like to be a geisha!
Jinjya shrine - Another Shinto shrine, I believe.
Maruyama Park - This place is SUPER well-known for it's cherry blossoms, and because it'll be cherry blossoms season, this'll be a crowded place.
Kinkakuji Temple - Do you have an Apple OS X computer operating system? This is the temple used for the desktop picture art "Golden Palace". The top two stories are made of pure gold leaf.

April 2nd
Kyoto handicraft center - This place is really special. It's a duty-free shopping center. Now, for those of you who unlike me aren't familier with traveling, everything you buy while in a foreign country has duty on it, and depending how long you stay there's a limit to how much you're allowed to spend (which varies from country to country). If you go over that limit, you have to pay duty, which can be a LOT of money. The good part about this is that it only counts things you're bringing back, from clothing to jewelry to souvenirs. So back to the shopping. This place has traditional Japanese cultural items, and modern cultural items. I'm gonna buy a few samurai swords, and since it's duty-free, I get the paperwork and everything to be able to bring it back with me.
Teramachi Dori - We'll walk along the Shimogamo river to this shopping arcade. Like the others, it's a place for plenty of shopping and exploring. On one side are all the shops, and directly on the other side are many historical temples. Cool, right?

April 3rd
Bullet train to Hiroshima.
Peace Memorial Park - A park littered with origami paper cranes. A beautiful park too.
Peace Memorial Museum - The museum with details of the impact of the atomic bomb. It's also geared towards the abolishment of nuclear weapons around the world. The museum collects and displays belongings left by the victims, photos, and other materials that convey the horror of that event.
A-dome - Basically the "ground zero" of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. The bank it blew up above was the only thing left standing in the entire area.
Statue of Sadako chan - Yes, that Sadako. The one who was told that if she folded 1000 paper cranes the gods would grant her a wish and make her leukemia go away. She died before that happened. Read the entire story if you haven't, it's a classic.
Travel by bullet train all the way back to Tokyo and check into the hotel once again.

April 4th
Ueno Park - This is probably one of the most beautiful places in all of Japan for cherry blossoms. They're like a blanket able your head, and people often have picnics there and party all day long.
The last thing we're doing is splitting into two groups. One of them will go to the Ueno Park Zoo, and the other will go tie up any loose ends of shopping they may have.

April 5th
Back to Narita airport and return to Canada.
The funniest part of returning home is that the trip over all will take about 13 hours plus or minus. Now, what's so funny about that, Hillary/Lux? Well, because where I live is 13 hours behind, I'll be returning home and it'll be nearly the exact same time at home as it was in Japan when I left Japan! I'M A REAL TIME TRAVELER, WOW.

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