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View Poll Results: What should I build?
Nether Tower 1 10.00%
Lighthouse 0 0%
Replication of my IRL House 3 30.00%
Treehouse 6 60.00%
Voters: 10. You may not vote on this poll

Old February 9, 2013, 04:37:42 PM
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Default Building Project: Treehouse

So, I've decided to start a Minecraft project since I've been playing on Singleplayer for a while the past few days. Instead of coming up with a project myself, I'm going to leave it up to you guys on what I should build. There will be 4 choices:
  • Nether Tower
  • Lighthouse
  • Replication of my IRL House
  • Treehouse
I will include a poll at the top of this post, so do not forget to vote! I'll go ahead and explain some of the details of each choice.

The Nether Tower will be a tall tower consisting of only Nether blocks such as Nether Brick, Soul Sand, Glowstone, Nether Brick Fences and Stairs, Netherrack, and Lava (lots and lots of lava :0)

The Lighthouse will be a tower next to a large body of water. I'm considering to use a ton of dyed wool for this one since lighthouses generally have white, black, and red colors. For a light source, I'm planning to use either Glowstone or Lava in a glass casing. If I can get enough Diamonds, I might even make a beacon or two.

The Replication of my own IRL house is pretty self explanatory. I attempt to build the very house I live in IRL. This will probably be the most tricky one to accomplish since I would need a lot of different materials. The location will be tricky too since my world has a lot of hills.

The Treehouse will probably be more interesting than you think right now. I'm not planning to just use leaves and wood since that would be boring. However, I have a mod installed on my game called the Twilight Forest, which gives me a ton of new materials to use for this type of project such as different colored woods/leaves, cicadas and luminescent bugs, different flowers and plants, and different kinds of trees to choose from overall.

This poll will be closed in 24 hours, and I might sound like a broken record, but do not forget to vote!

The poll will close tomorrow at:
8:40 PM (EST)
5:40 PM (PST)

Once the voting process is done, I'll be uploading pictures every once in a while as an update on my progress. Feedback will be recommended and appreciated. :3

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Old February 9, 2013, 07:18:23 PM
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Tree house because those things are difficult to stably build.
Old February 10, 2013, 04:43:20 PM
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Alrighty, with the polls now closed, I can announce that my building project will be a Treehouse!

There were 10 voters in all; 1 was for the Nether Tower, 3 were for my house replication, and 6 were for a Treehouse.

Thank you guys for voting, and I'll get started on this project in due time. I'll post updates every once in a while with pictures to show you my progress. ^^
Old February 15, 2013, 02:47:52 PM
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I started building the base of the treehouse using canopy wood.
Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-02-12_21.41.01.png
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Size:	149.6 KB
ID:	4552
Now I need to add all of the leaves to make look like an actual tree.

I'm also building it in this sort of environment.
Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-02-11_00.14.43.png
Views:	369
Size:	200.0 KB
ID:	4553
It's a plains biome for the most part with a taiga nearby.
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