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Default AdminCmd 5.8.1

This thread is for AdminCmd

AdminCmd is a plugin that provide a lot of command some for Administration like ban, other for fun like Strike (using the thunder to strike a player). You can manage inventories (add items, empty inventory), use it to teleport (to an another player, or to teleport a player to you), etc ...
Unleash the power of Bukkit!

Time Commands    
/timeday night dusk dawn <raw> pause unpauseto set the time of the world the player is in. If launched by the console, all the worlds are set to the time provided
/DayNo Paramsshortcut to /time day. To set the day.
Item Commands    
/iid:data amount playerTo give an item to a player or yourself/item
/dropid:data amount playerTo drop an item nearby the player or yourself/d

Drop and Give(/i) command parameter explanation:
idNoThe material ID, alias or name
:dataYesThe data value assigned to the block, if any. Needed for e.g.: wools
amountYesThe amount you want to get/drop, default is 1
playerYesThe player who should get the item, defaults to command sender

/addblacklistidAdds an item to the blacklist/abl
rmblacklistidRemoves and item from the blacklist/rbl
/moreamountAdds the given amount to yout currently held item, or if none given restocks it to 64 
/repair Repairs the item currently held/rep
/repairallplayerRepairs all items in the players or your inventory/repa
/colorcolornameChanges the color of the current item in hand (only for wool, dye, etc ...). Use '/color ?' to see available colours./c
/aliasalias idAdds an alias for an item/aa
/rmaliasaliasRemoves the given alias/ra
/kit<kit> playerAdds the wanted kit to the players or your inventory. Kit names are defined in kits.yml in the plugin folder./k
Player Commands    
/playerlist Lists all online players/plist /who
/locationplayerShows the location of the player or yours if no name is provided/loc
/healplayerHeals the player or yourself if no name is provided/pheal
/killplayerKills the player or yourself if no name is provided/pkill
/clearplayer material amountRemoves the given amount of the material from the players inventory 
or all items if none given. If no player is given it clears your   
complete inventory!/pclear  
/kickplayer messageKicks the wanted player and shows him the message if one was issued./kp
/kickallmessageKicks all players and shows them the message if one was issued./kall
/msgplayer massageSends a private message to the given player/message
/spy You receive every private message being sent./smsg
/ipplayerShows the IP of the player or yours if no name is provided 
/muteplayerMutes the given player so he can not chat anymore! 
/unmuteplayer time(in mins)Unmutes the given muted player. If time is set the mute is temporary and the player will be unmuted afterwards. 
/banplayer message time(in mins)Kick and ban the given player. A custom ban message can be gicen and a temporary ban be made if a time is given.pban
/unbanplayerUnbans the given banned player./ub
/freezeplayerFreeze the given player so he can't move and interact with the world around him anymore, but he can use the chat/fp
/invisibleplayerSet the given player or command sender invisible. No message when joining the server, message leaving the server when entering invisible mode. Other players can't interact with the invisible person./inv
/nopickupplayerEn-/Disables 'NoPickUp-mode'. The given player or command sender if none given can't pickup things
/afkreasonSets yourself AFK, a custom reason can be set 
/rolldiceRoll a x-sided dice, where x is the number you gave, default is 6 
/godplayerEn-/Disables God mode. Makes the player or command sender invulnerable./g
/flypower playerYou or the given player can now fly when keep pressing the sneaking key (SHIFT). Press and hold the sneaking key, Jump, your are flying. The power is the velocity default is 1.75 
/fireballpower playerMakes you or the given player like a Ghast, granting the ability to cast fireballs at the points you look at. Power can be set, deafult is 1, normal Ghast fireball. Type again to disable it./fb
/vulcanpower playerEn-/Disables Vulcan-mode. Effects are like fireball but the power used is TNT instead of fireball, default is 4.0x TNT power/fire
// En-/Disables Super Breaker-mode. When you have the SuperBreaker item in hand, every block you touch is instantly break/break
/playedplayerHow many time the player have played on the server/ptime
Teleport & Home Commands    
Teleportation Commands
/tpplayerNameTeleports you to the given player. 
/tphereplayerNameTeleports a player to your location./s
/tp2pplayer1 player2Teleports player1 to player2/t2p
/tplocx y z Teleports you to the given location/tl
/tpsee Dis-/Enables the 'Teleport at see' mode. Left click , and you are teleported where you are looking at./tps
/tptoggleyesEn-/Disables the Teleport request System. If enabled you have to acknowledge a teleport to you with /tptoggle yes/tpt
/back Return to the location you before your last teleport. 

Home Commands
/homenameTeleports you the given home or to the your current worlds home if not set/h
/sethomenameSet your home in the current world where you can teleport to later. If no name is given it defaults to the current worlds name/sh
/listhomes Lists all of your homes/lh
/rmhomenameLists all of your homes/rh
Weather Commands    
/wclear Clears the weather. 
/wstormdurationMakes the weather stormy for the given amount of time, default is 10 minutes./storm
/raindurationLet it rain for the given amount of time, default is 10 minutes. 
/wfreeze Freeze the weather to it's currente state, type again to unfreeze./wf

Other Commands
/thorplayerNameYou gain the power of thor, when you click a block it's striked by the thunder. Type it again to disable the power./t
/strikeplayerNameMake the thunder fall on the player/light
Warp Commands    
/lwp List all warp points./lwarp
/cwpPointNameCreate a warp point using your current position and the given name. CAREFUL if the warp point already exist/cwarp
/rwpPointNameDELETE the given warp point./rwarp
/twpPointName playerNameTeleport yourself or another player(if a name is given) to the warp point./twarp
Mob Commands    
/mobmobName number(#)Spawn the given # of the given mob at your location, defaults to 1 
/mobmobName:mountedMob number(#)Spawn the given # of the given mob mounted with another mob at your location, defaults to 1. 
/mobkillTypeKill the wanted mob. Applicable types: all  
/moblimitWorld LimitSet the mob spawn limit for the chosen world. If you have space in your World's name, tape the world's name between double (Enter none as a number to disable the limit) 
Server Commands    
/memory List all worlds, the memory used, the maximum memory and number of chuncks and entities sorted by worlds./mem
/extinguishrangeExtinguish the fire in the given range, default radius 20, max 50./ex
/airBlockType rangeReplace the wanted block by air, default radius 10/melt
/undo Undo the /air or /ex done before (retain every change made)/past
/areloadPluginreload the wanted plugin OR AdminCmd if none given. (Name is CaseSensitive!)/ar
/reloadall Reloads the server./arall
/repeat Repeat the last command you issued with the same parameters./rp 
/uptime Shows the server uptime./up
/aversionPluginDisplays the version of the wanted plugin OR AdminCmd if none given. (Again plugin name is CaseSensitive!)/av
/infotypeDisplays all possible option to list (fly,god, etc ...), with option displays the content (for fly, all the user having fly mode, etc ...) 
/setspawnradiusSet the spawn to where you are with the given radius/ss
/spawn Teleports you to the spawn point of your current world/ts
/helpPlugin PageTo get the help of the plugin (or other plugins) 
/lockdown Lock the server, kick every connected user that doesn't have the perm admincmd.server.lockdown and disallow them to connect to the locked server/lock
Commands and Permissions    
/motd Shows the current MotD
/news Shows the current News
/rules Shows the current Rules
/set-n or -m or -r messageEdits the r(ules),m(otd) or n(ews)
Complete Node List    
Time Permissions

- admincmd.time.set

Item Permissions

- admincmd.kit.<YOUR KIT NAME>
- admincmd.kit.*
- admincmd.item.add
- admincmd.item.add.other
- admincmd.item.alias
- admincmd.item.more
- admincmd.item.blacklist

Player Permissions

- admincmd.player.list
- admincmd.player.loc
- admincmd.player.loc.other
- admincmd.player.heal
- admincmd.player.heal.other
- admincmd.player.kill
- admincmd.player.kill.other
- admincmd.player.clear
- admincmd.player.clear.other
- admincmd.player.kick
- admincmd.player.msg
- admincmd.player.spy
- admincmd.player.ip
- admincmd.player.ip.other
- admincmd.player.mute
- admincmd.player.ban
- admincmd.player.freeze
- admincmd.player.invisible
- admincmd.player.invisible.other
- admincmd.player.afk
- admincmd.player.roll
- admincmd.player.god
- admincmd.player.god.other
- admincmd.player.fireball
- admincmd.player.fireball.other
- admincmd.player.vulcan
- admincmd.player.vulcan.other
- admincmd.player.superbreaker

Teleportation and Home Permissions


Weather Permissions


Warp Permissions

- admincmd.warp.create

Mob permissions

- admincmd.mob.spawn
- admincmd.mob.kill
- admincmd.mob.limit

Server Permissions

- admincmd.server.memory
- admincmd.server.extinguish
- admincmd.server.replace
- admincmd.server.reload
- admincmd.server.repeat
- admincmd.server.uptime
- admincmd.server.version
- admincmd.server.list
- admincmd.spawn.set

Motd and News permissions

- admincmd.server.motd
- admincmd.server.motd.edit

For more details look at each things nodes list the original link is at the bottom of this post

Original Bukkit dev post.

Please discuss what nodes should be allowed to used by admins, moderators, and normal members.

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