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Default PotW 5: Cryogonal

April 21, 2012

Pokemon of the week #5 is Cryogonal

Overview (From Smogon) :
Cryogonal is at once both an amazing and a terrible defensive Pokemon. For most Pokemon, having the honor of being a defensive Ice-type Pokemon is a death knell, as Ice grants them multiple weaknesses to common attacking types and only one resistance. Cryogonal manages to rise above its deficiencies, however, with its excellent Special Defense stat helping it cement its niche as the best Rapid Spin user in NU. Although its poor Defense stat works against it, its special walling capacity is top-notch, and is supported by its high Special Attack and Speed, unusual strengths for a defensive Pokemon. Despite wielding few offensive options, Cryogonal's support movepool solidifies its reputation as an excellent defensive Pokemon, and it should always be one of the first choices when looking for a Rapid Spin user.

You can post as many movesets as you want. Just try to fit them into one post.
All movesets must be original. Meaning they must not be sets that are taken off a website.
Constructive Criticism is good, just no flaming or trolling.
Please try to be serious about the set and provide as much information as possible on how it works.

Base Stats:
HP: 70
Attack: 50
Defense: 30
Special Attack: 95
Special Defense: 135
Speed: 105

Form of Movesets:    

Name of Pokemon @ Item

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Dual Screener

Cryogonal @Light Clay
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Spe / 4 SpAtk
Ability: Levitate
Light Screen
Rapid Spin/Recover
Ice Beam

This Cryogonal works best as a lead. It can set up both screens easily and quickly, given you invest in Speed EVs. If your opponent sets up Stealth Rock or other entry hazards, then Cryogonal can just spin them away with Rapid Spin. As a last move, you have a few options, but I think Ice Beam would be the best choice as to give Cryogonal some kind of attacking move.

Special Sweeper

Cryogonal @Choice Specs
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 SpAtk / 252 Spe / 4HP
Ability: Levitate
Ice Beam/Blizzard
Hidden Power [Fighting]/[Fire]
Flash Cannon
Frost Breath/Solarbeam

Cryogonal has a shallow move pool, but exceptionally good offensive moves such as Ice Beam or Hidden Power. It is your choice whether to Ice Beam or Blizzard on Cryogonal; Blizzard is recommended for Hail teams. Cryogonal's special attack stat is also quite good, where it can easily 2HKO most pokemon that don't resist Ice, given that it is faster. Solarbeam is a good move to have if you plan to put Cryogonal on a Sun team, otherwise use Frost breath. Hidden Power [Fire] is also preferable if you are going to put Cryogonal on a Sun team, as the sun powers up fire typed moves.
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