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Default PotW 6: Braviary

Pokémon Sprite 628
Pokemon of the week #6 is Braviary

Overview (From Smogon) :
Like an angel swooping down to rescue its friends from the grasp of tyranny, Braviary can easily pluck matches from the jaws of defeat. With its base 123 Attack stat and numerous high-powered moves, Braviary can easily lay the hurt on the opponent. Its STAB Brave Bird is nothing to mess around with, as only Pokemon that resist it will be able to survive repeated attacks. Unlike its fellow Flying-types—Swellow and Dodrio—Braviary can take down its regular Rock- and Steel-type switch-ins with Superpower. With a Choice Band equipped, almost every Pokemon in the tier is 2HKOed by one of Braviary's moves, while a Choice Scarf lets it act as a potent revenge killer, seeking and destroying targets that could otherwise sweep whole teams. Unfortunately, Braviary's rather ordinary typing leaves it with numerous weaknesses; its weakness to Rock-type attacks also hampers it whenever it wants to switch in, as Stealth Rock is quite common. Although Braviary is reasonably bulky, the lack of Roost means that it can easily be worn down by residual damage and strong attacks. But don't think that Braviary isn't a dangerous Pokemon, not even for a second; its sheer power and precise movepool give it all the tools it needs to rain down destruction from above.

You can post as many movesets as you want. Just try to fit them into one post.
All movesets must be original. Meaning they must not be sets that are taken off a website.
Constructive Criticism is good, just no flaming or trolling.
Please try to be serious about the set and provide as much information as possible on how it works.

Base Stats:
HP: 100
Attack: 123
Defense: 75
Special Attack: 57
Special Defense: 75
Speed: 80

Form of Movesets:    
Name of Pokemon @ Item

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I do have a set i use for this guy but i dont have a real way how to tell people to use it but heres my attacks i choosed for it though.

Braviary @ Choiceband/ life orb
Ability-Sheer Force
EVs-4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Speed
Brave Bird
ShadowClaw/ Thrash

Well like i say above I dont have a good way to say how move sets i choose work i just go with it but heres what i can do best:

Now with either a choiceband or life orb this bird can destroy stuff, Brave bird for main stab (plus a 120 base power it tears through stuff that dosnt resist). For super power it gives some type coverage to steel and rock types that other wise resist the heck out of brave bird. For U-turn i use it to help scout my opponet. And for the last slot is for a filler move, Shadowclaw to hit any ghosts and psychic types that might try to think i will use super power on the switch or somthing, and for the other filler is thrash for a second stab move if i want to hit stuff for neutral damage.

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